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Escape from a Narcississ

Only done once,

Only done by death,

They never have a clue,

Ex-husbands jumped like rats from Diana Lee,

She as a ship sunk!

Mother Marian D. Heike trapped by filthy lies,

Diana Lee lied me onto Elder Abuse,

Lying to crappy human services Federal offense,

She did it twice,

Same lies,

I didn’t know in 2012,

Mom told my kid sister that if Diana Ever did it again she’d remove Diana Lee from her will!

Mother the presupposds invalid why?

Cause that’s how Diana the Narcissists vewed mom and easy mark,a pawn!

Mom was no patsy,

No stoodge!

Gaslight over two years by the daughter of the real bully product Diana Lee!

Dad was an alcoholic Not an abuser!

Mom prayed to die,

Then dad got dementia,

Mom remembered what it was to be alive,

Started collecting coins and loved rings,

August 2014 Diana’s financials were in disarray,

Need cash fast!

So she upped her game enlisted her son Robert Cook used sales man,

When a boy the sweetest boy till le learned his mom was a whore!

Locks went on her bedroom door,

Men came and went,

Husband 2,3,4,

All jumped to safety,

Diana told mom when I returned to Luther College she was coming to Waukon,Iowa and placing out now invalid mom in a hole,

Diana”a stunt before this September 3rd,2012 Diana sent two men to sneak into our back door,

Told Crappy Iowa Human Services if they came when I was home{Their life’s would be in peril!}

IHS didn’t knock,

Or ring doorbell,

They happy believing my self-sufficient eighty-five year old mom was a bed ridden abused woman,

I will hate this state until they all apologize time for the loss of my good name,mom and my sisters lives at her hands,

That night for first time Ever the Heike’s of Waukon Iowa locked out back door!

Mom came to me in tears,

A mom I thought I lost at forty when I came out,

Val mom said please don’t return to Luther College Diana is scaring me!

Robert called my younger sister and left four foul voice messages to try to harass Ellen Beth Heike Mathis to help slander me!

Ellen for second time in her life actually said No!

October Diana returned for her annual browbeat,slander and abuse mom and I,

This time she as always brought her black bags,this time I should have murdered her and use her black bags!

Diana Less then human Dudley of GranburyTexas mother of a wife abuser and grandmother of a girlfriend beater,

Stuck her fist in our eighty-six year old mom’s face and screamed,

‘You Have No Right For Doors that lock! ‘Youhave Nothing of Value!.

And stoled mother’s laptop given to mom 2013 when mother went for a two week stay that became a three month voyage into Hell!

Reading mom’s emails Diana found we bought our meat from Omaha,

So Diana called specially to scream at mom,

Fuck you Diana!

See Mom was enjoying her life and to scared for me to go out shopping for meat.

People no one cares!

There are no white knights on chargers coming to our rescue,

Human services are worthless trash heaps,

I gave them sixteen pages of paper work what Diana did tom and me since 2010. I got Nothing!

Night after a priest came and suggested changing power of attorney,

1003 pm exactly December third 2014,

8 pm no fire, no alarm,no smell,

Mother and I and hers and my cats watched TV,

Diana drove from Granbury Texas,Ca

Me inside,

One visit Diana was caught in mom’s bedroom digging through mom’s belongings when mom awoke from a nap!

I could hear mom crying and yelling from her room,

Diana always came my week of finales,

I went to mom’s bedroom door was told to get away this wasn’t my business,

I said anything that makes mom cry is my business!

I ask mom what Diana was doing!

Mom said she said’She needs to know what’s in my boxes,’

See everybody mom grew up in depression America .Mom bought things on sale or that were cute. She had two boxes in her bedroom {birthday and Christmas}

Theses were precious things mom found just for us, individual,

And she also got little things when she saw them,

Every year mom would tell us ‘Things are tight this year there won’t be much!’

Every year we had oranges and apples not normal in our home, The meal would be fit for Queens,

Diana had removed all the smoke alarms batteries,

The only one she missed was in the stair well. Diana knew about the four cans of old pain in the laundry room and that mom had a safe in their,

In October she had planned on taking my dad’s guns to her son but could not open the cabinet.

Wonders I got it open right after she left with her stollen booty! Moved all dads guns and saved two for my youngest nephews upstairs in a tote,

The fire nuked the laundry room looked like Heroshima!

Took out the case that was dad’s gun cabinet,

SeeI figured when fellons did a home invasion they have to shoot us with guns they brought,

Never in a million years thought Diana would sneak in and set us on fire.

She murdered me,

I found the fire got burnt lungs was aire life’s to Iowa City University’s burn unit,

I left after four days,

That time alone only my two youngest nephews came to see me,

Not even my only sister was allowed to come see me,

I had never been hospitalized in my life.

Diana like a posing pen had convinced all but two nurses in my home town I beat and abused the sweetest greatest mostly mom in the world.

I had a red headed male nurse threaten me!

I should have taken every last fine that hospital had twice in my life!

I was not allowed to be alone with mom.

Because if mrs white trash Satan,

Father Jo from Saint Patrick’s Catholic church went to see mom,

Diana tried to toss him out of mom’s hospital room,

A nurse and my friend’s niece Mrs. Tom Regan asked mom if Father could stay mom said yes.

Diana took the nursing home bill ok very $800 to Scot Houg to pay it,

Wish I was on the wall as a fly,

State Farm said they would put mom and me up in an apartment for two years while my devices what to do. Never said they would pay for a nursing home mother was not ready for,

Every day when mom wanted to come home her Elder Financier abuser would say Ellen doesn’t want you,

You can’t be with Val she’s on Elder Abuse,{if you are placed on Elders Abuse and not told for three years, and mom was Never moved from her home,There was no Elder Abuse!

Diana would tell mom so you stay with me or it’s a nursing home where you know no one!

Funny thing Diana would Never do that mo. Was there to live off of untill mom died

After a year Diana forced mom with a reward of a cat to replace the one Diana murdered when she walked into our home and lit our laundry room on fire.

Electric driers are only responsible for 20% of laundry room fires in the US,

Don’t contact your cousin Mike Roger lawyer Waukesha,Wisconsin. Tell him you need help. He will tell you Val you did nothing wrong they can not charge you!

Well that might be but no attorney will defend you and there are No work from home jobs. jobs at home there aren’t any probono attorneys!

In case your unsure this is abuse and topping it off with

It took Diana a day of Hovering to convince mom Father should have been kicked out because he had called Diana a Fucking daughter,

Funny she is!

Mother was placed in hospital first weekend in Granbuty Texas.Diana’s furnace wasn’t working and never asked her son to check.

Diana with no thought to our eighty plus mom took her from a nursing home January sixth a at twenty-six below zero. Mom was hospitalized with pnemonia.

Mom told me as soon as she was down there Diana told mom if she wanted to buy a TV or get dish she could only use the magic jack!

Magic jack allows her Diana to control who talks to mom.

Pell grant had refunded me $1500 so I bought things I lost in Diana’s fire,

The recipes had to go to mom so I could get my money back,

Diana told mom to keep it All,

Mom sent me every dime of it back.

Funny Diana called mom for two and a half years ten times a day. I was barely allowed to talk to mom.

I did two wellness checks on my,

Diana stopped me being able to talk to mom May 2018we had a chat I asked if Diana was still doing the two codeine packs a week mom said yes,

Mom had Diana send me $30 Wallmark card, card came,

I took it to customer service card dad nothing on it,

After I told mom that was the last time I was allowed to talk to my mom.

June 3, 2019 I Blogg I was going to Ellen and see her this was insane that a Narcississ liar kept all my family from me when I was innocent of Any Elder Abuse,

Wallah who was there? Roberts Motor home,mom her cat,I barely stepped down from the truck and took the box if books to Ellen’s door to her garage when a sheriff if Allamakee followed by another one,

Not one if my bloodline came out to help me Christians suck. Murders and thieves. I left I wasn”t about to be falsely accused again. Falsifying a report Diana is as against the law as setting a house on fire to get your way.

Mom escaped June 3rd 2020,Massive Stroke exactly what I said,Ellen drank herself to death because of the Narcississ Diana Lee,

All through eternity you will drain these chained you made Diana Lee,

That is not enough, stealing my food name and my family curse you and all you love, my descendants are Dan and Craig and Mela.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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