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Why is it? Why do people treat family like friends? Why do divorce half sisters whose only skill set was being divorced by husbands imagine that’s how one treats Gay family? We , family are not your’e mates. Families Not your buddies. You can not get off slandering us, Gaslighting our moms into believing liesContinue reading “Family”

Is it true?

Hello its 537 am Saturday morning Ossian Iowa lesbian and black cat awake. Person less awake Black . Mr. Black is feeling under the weather so has peed on a blanket and poohed by the door. I spend nearly all wake hours doing content for my You tube channle Val Whitewolf Media. Very little timeContinue reading “Is it true?”

Which is stronger love or hate? Both kill.

Almost ten whole months since I heard my mom say Hi Val how are you. I miss you. In heart it  weeps . Missing mom until my heart stops beating time . Diana will be completely clear of every one of her sins of hate and all her lies. Tears burn trails down my cheeks.Continue reading “Which is stronger love or hate? Both kill.”

Watch “My stunt or gimmick is not deft defining I read” on YouTube

Teaching being a credit to those I loved crushed by people who I knew all my life but who I found out never cared to see that I feel everything and when I give I give with all I am and have only to be thrown out by hate from lies.So alone without family IContinue reading “Watch “My stunt or gimmick is not deft defining I read” on YouTube”


If you have been wronged and your 91 year old mother is living with a mental abusive person how can you do nothing? I was just told that since mom has been not knowing that she had rights. Been mentally bullyied for for years after harrassed and bullied long distance now that shes in TexasContinue reading “Wronged”

America Family insurance and Alliance Energy

I’m old school if I have not paid for it I have not got it. Telling me they will take payment for something a month after I had not had it( sounds like Big Bang figuring.) I will not pay for a horse not in my barn a month after killed!!! Today I got anContinue reading “America Family insurance and Alliance Energy”

Bet you in general are unaware what ‘Social Entrepreneur’ is?

I’m it for six years from 2008 to August 2014 I drove Amisn and a few tourist.I was in Allamakee County in northern Iowa Val’s Rural Rideshare. What is that ? Welllllll! It is pretty much as many Amish as can get into the vehical and one gullable good hearted fool(me.) I was under theContinue reading “Bet you in general are unaware what ‘Social Entrepreneur’ is?”

Why is there No help to save your elderly mother from a narcississ?

My goodness there are no You Tube video about saving your 91 year old mom from a narcississ Diana Lee , moms daughter from an abusive husband. Diana a control freak told mom ( Marian D. Heike, mom) over and over you stays with me or? Marian would be placed in Texas in a nursingContinue reading “Why is there No help to save your elderly mother from a narcississ?”

Watch “Lesbian caretakers are Not bullies or monsters.We. are the children with Empathy.” on YouTube

Gat family members who care all their lives for their folks.We are not stupid. We are not tools.We are not go be lied about made monsters sk our stupid group commonly refered to as family. Help me save mom.