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Not dollar tree Anymore

Lady working register, Outside On break, Said heats returning to upper Iowa, Wanted to say if that’s a joke try again! She said not a joke, Not funny it is true, For we have had our fill, Truly unnormal summer starting in May, No fall just more GD heat, Is this hear from Ivan’s disruption?Continue reading “Not dollar tree Anymore”

Oh baby its cold outside

Inside out metal tube, In the yard, In the walls, The kitties and me, But the new furnace sure looks grand, The guy set it to seventy, I can not get it off seventy, I never used a furnace at seventy, To warm for me, Unless I’m sitting infront of a roaring fire,


I met the friend I prayed for , For years, Its so very hard to be alone, Straight women married will never understand the lonliness lesbians experience, Penny my friend makes me warmer, Her friendship rejuvenates me, Penny is better then a fountain of youth, Penny a rare unique straight married lady, Time with myContinue reading “Joy”


Not big wheels, Not long hauls, Picking up pets, Taking them home, Tired of human needy, Animals are appreciative, Show trust, Have heart,


I like games that allow me to think, I have never liked game that is pre-programmed to tell me what to think, When you play a game like that you’re like a rat in a trap following their dictation whoever read the game, Press this press that build this build that, There’s this new gameContinue reading “Games”

Cats don’t learn

Cats are button pushers, They will at least two be the death of me, Black is like Seymour, ‘Feed me!’ Sophie sneaks where told not to go! Over and over! Sadie nudges further up, I awoke this morning like I had a cat muff on, Now Sadie is the second car to give the babyContinue reading “Cats don’t learn”

Decided for a time

I’ll return to a cheaper cell phone, For a number of years I used Smart Talk, I think that was the name, Its $45-61/month, But it will be my phone, One of my phones not on, And this phone will eventually stop, The phone has a gapping hole in it’s side, I will pay aContinue reading “Decided for a time”


Like wallets irreplaceable, But living on a dime irrational, What to do, Funny sad to pay as you go Verizon you supply the phone, With one if there plans they supply the phone, Smart talk you own your phone, You pay monthly, Guess tomorrow thats what I will do, I will still owe US celluar,Continue reading “Phones”

Not in forty-five years

Not in thirty-seven years have I worn a skirt, Not in a year loaned my car to an ungrateful sod Not in two years have I seen my youngest nephews Dan and Craig Mathis of Waukon Iowa, Not in twelve years has a dog been a part of my family, Not ever did I dateContinue reading “Not in forty-five years”