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A door closing shutting others out is …

Like a lie Lies are festering Oozing Infection Puss emitted fort Narcississit cause others trusted – Loved Kneeling Back against the door Unaware of the injury Pain Death caused by the words of the habitial liar Like flies to honey Buzzing around liars Liars take trust of those they spread the infection like passing theContinue reading “A door closing shutting others out is …”

Watch “Youtube Content Providers ‘thought on music on a video'” on YouTube

Experience shared is like free education.

Why is it when I ask on Goggle where to seek a mature lebian friend Goggle Twists friendship to sex or porn!

We are like men who just seek other people they can feel comfortable with.Someone to hang with. We all seem to talk our own jargon. Im seeking Judith Dench. Intelligent non smoker learned goal oriented to spend time with. Why is that the thing that appears make men wet. Women should have the right toContinue reading “Why is it when I ask on Goggle where to seek a mature lebian friend Goggle Twists friendship to sex or porn!”

Are people just for filling holes in others life?

I feel without a vehical my worth is invisible. Judy puts it this way I have reserved athe day for you. Pat says What was it you needed today? See the difference its not very big. Where are those seeking a smile and a heart . I miss my mom. Lied a out of herContinue reading “Are people just for filling holes in others life?”

Attention span, Youtube content providers

Dr.Erness who I had for Religion and Russian history in college smart now retired professor in northern Iowa attention span of a human usually is 5 to 10 minutes. The good Doctor if history filled his classes with tons of information in 5 to 10 minute segments. Im trying to keep my segments of videoingContinue reading “Attention span, Youtube content providers”

Earthly remains

Ellen Heike Mathis Heike My remains ashen and burned lied to with out voice to set mom or me free I want poured in to Cub Lake in Sawyer County your owe me this.Could not stand for your innocent sister.You allowed mom to be bullied and lied to.You Ellen allowed Diana to stop me fromContinue reading “Earthly remains”