Chapter 14,15,16,17,18,19, Teddy & Co. Cynthia Voigt

Heart warming tale of thrown away toys on an Island. I often feel books give me a home.

Chapter 18,19,20,21,22a,End Chapter 22,23,24,Aliens in Disguise by Clete Barrett Smith,3rd book,Alien series Walt Disney books

What’s the Hell is wrong with people?

Turn off your assinine robot calls No one wants your God Damn calls No one wants you Texting them Only calls or Text we want is ‘Hi I’m ok! Hi I miss you! Love you! I don’t want to be lied to ‘Sorry missed you yesterday want to buy your home! Or being called ValContinue reading “What’s the Hell is wrong with people?”

Money Pit

Best Tom Hanks movie 1986 Bought it like new Theg advertise even with Google now How cool is that My product arrives in my email Four to eight days later Bam in my mail. Yeah! The money Pit, Best fun in thearter Theater better at home Also one of the German crooks Bruce WillisContinue reading “Money Pit”