Baby just

Died in my arms, Many times I have lost a kitten, Created, Born outside, Lousy with flees, The other two will get nice warm baths with soap soon as its light, Sold five more books, Have to track down three more and get them all in the post tomorrow, The ones name was Dakota, MyContinue reading “Baby just”

Diamond cutting cries

What precision, Ear piercing cries, No they are no danger, Still with every cry, Blood oozes from my ears, All babies are the same Survival is upmost, Whine, Whine, Whine Three little kittens, No one gets I’m using vegetable Shorting can not find , Must keep the paper towel of sticking to healing tissue, WeContinue reading “Diamond cutting cries”

Baby orange

Just a baby, Was hungry had to pee, Edged toward side of chair, Like a Green Bay Packer I blocked him, Or her, Sex is irrelevant to her name, Or his, Why because I have named the baby Chester, Sex never plays a part in my kitty or dog naming feel, Finally Chester fell, OkContinue reading “Baby orange”


Not Flon, Phlem pussie crap thats snot good, Huge bunch of crap in back of throat, This morning as my orange kitten watched me drink milk and make me feel sorry for her, Found myself lecturing how bad milk was for her , But I paid for it I’m going to drink, Knowing the toneContinue reading “Phlem”

Long hall surprise,

Like life all new things are to surprises as, As long pooh stepped on in hall is to.. Stupidity of human, Me, I know better still infallable, Still blindly wandering alone through life, Did you know what? IOWA stands for? Idiot out wandering around, I can say that, My family been here since before itContinue reading “Long hall surprise,”

With a clatter

Nope not old Saint Nick, Nowhere near winters deep freeze, As I sat a reading, From the bathroom I heard, Scurry,scurry of kitty feet, Then thump and clatter,the thump was kitties falling, Into the bathtub, The clatter was the whole rig that made up the shower curtain, Which no longer hangs in my bathroom, IContinue reading “With a clatter”

Did you know?

A cat was the model for the ? Thinker that’s right, Little known facts throughout history, Its a tail of a different color, Pun intended, If there is any space outside is visible, We at the Heike Ranch in Quasqueton,Iowa, home for wayward cats we know for certain the veracity of that cognitive thought, SophieContinue reading “Did you know?”


Terror, Blood runs cold, Ice, Ice in your veins, May something, Day after yesterday ‘Whatsit?’ After leaving bathroom, Deciding to ducktape mt window before I feed the kittens, It took stepping out of the bathroom, Turning the corner, Eyes and brain coming into sink! Like a time Warp! Knowing there is No shelf in myContinue reading “Terror”

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