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Why going ballistic at three o nine am, There’s a damn cat in on my towels I have never used! I need tubs for my blankets, Or totes, Tubs for my never used new towels, Needy animals in my way, Cats all wanting loving, Tied up cupboards to keep cats out. I sit down toContinue reading “No!”

Cats go

Cats come, Its where they feel safe, Or warm, Secure in love, This morning Boots watched Chester and Molly embrassed in my arms wrapped in my bear blanket, That’s what Boots wanted, He hesitated his way near to me, The kittens rose and departed, Boots is no longer shivering, Wrapped in the warm blanket belowContinue reading “Cats go”

Worst hide and go seek player in the world

A calico cat, Last name Martin, First name I never ask fast enough to hear, Just entering the bathroom, Not near the cupboard under the sink, Like a whirling durbish, Minus the whirl, Or the durbish kitty is past me and further into my mobile home, Whirling Durbish is a man of god, They areContinue reading “Worst hide and go seek player in the world”

Humane Alliance

Cedar Rapids,Iowa, Last night after two weeks, Penny’s cat was found in the live trap with food, Checked every twenty minutes, She’s alive and well and now fixed, Penny and I will go to pick the kitty up,


One of Penny”s eldest cats, Black n white, So very sweet, Protruding tumor over right eye, She has had it drained, No one cares his thing is horrible, Dries out on top, Yesterday it was like a damn with a leak, He whipped blood all around, It finally stopped, No fluid just blood, Its stillContinue reading “Boots”

Cat mom Not preschool teacher!

Cat mom puts disobedient often in time out three days in row, No screaming, No discomfort, Forth day kitten doesn’t try once to leave the house, Lesson taught and learned, Cat mom uses old crock pot one more time before pot becomes part of garden this year, Two meats placed in small crock pot, DoubleContinue reading “Cat mom Not preschool teacher!”

Mali my baby

Molly,sounds like Mali, Mali’s missing, My littlest kitty is missing, Mali’s not under the box, In the box, On the table, Its three forty-six am, Out the door, On the porch, In a cupboard, On a book case, Mali, Molly, Crazy women needs you! Looked high, Looked low, Found her, Safe and sound by upsideContinue reading “Mali my baby”

Funniest thing during Vikings game

Was Molly, Whose Molly, Well Molly is three months old, Purrfect grey and white Main Coon, Stretched out on my PS3, Striking players on the screen with her little paw, It was a hoot, Vikings played well but not the best, Molly was cute and sweet all through the game,

Tired of my females screaming,

They never did that with little Chester, Louis makes them scream in pain, Think it was wrong of Penny to imaging I could ketch her young male and not come up four steps and ketch him herself! I don’t want my young females pregnant, That was the point of doing young males first! Got toContinue reading “Tired of my females screaming,”