3rd book in Mossflower by Brian Jacques

Of water and warriors Chapter 46a, https://youtu.be/IwRvNmADRaI Chapter 46b, https://youtu.be/kXYmY4LJ3zE Chapter 47a, https://youtu.be/WoXfTQg7858 Chapter 47b, https://youtu.be/-lS_y-aNjnU Chapter 47c, https://youtu.be/JrdJpKHcYWE Chapter 47d, https://youtu.be/V1VEnTm9mP0 Chapter 48a, https://youtu.be/B-uyzD7swKg Chapter 48b, https://youtu.be/RmGMNsA96Ao Chapter 48c, https://youtu.be/0CM1NFo94RA Chapter 49, https://youtu.be/0b1sPFG-eBo Chapter 50, https://youtu.be/nA8NmNYEExc Chapter 51, https://youtu.be/wL6g_x_jyGA Chapter 52, https://youtu.be/s78cHjvnkmM

Gullible Hayseed!

We care about you! I loathe that expression, It usually comes from a woman who owes me next to three grand, Today she told me the land lord cares to, Bullshit, I’m not a gullable hayseed! I have four cats, Have paid next to $10900 toward owning my trailer, This is my home, No oneContinue reading “Gullible Hayseed!”

Pidgens in Waukon,Iowa

My home town, Church steeples loaded with bird droppings, First the town leaders just at the decision to put out posin, This was in the 1990’s , Town council all jumped at the idea, Until, Until, Cat were eating, Families loved cats, Cats were dying in record numbers, See it was the poison, Pooh wasContinue reading “Pidgens in Waukon,Iowa”


Sophie’s a pill, Little grey calico kitten, Nine months, If its not for.her, Next bang will be Miss Sophie, Today it was kitty treats, And a bag of feathers, Tired out the little dear, Now she.. Sleeps. In two shakes she will rise, Follow me to the kitchen, See I brought kitty food in cans,Continue reading “Feather”

Let’s be friends

So easy sixty years ago, Cats and horses and dogs, Being friends mean goving love, Love is trust, My cats sleep on and with me, But to friend a woman any more she must: Write, Be and out Lesbian, Musician, Wiccan, Liberal Democrat, Married, Artist, Musician, Poet, Articulate Lover of the enviroment, Don’t care fromContinue reading “Let’s be friends”

I look at death from both sides now!

Murdered by sister December 3rd,2014, Struck by car on horse.1976, Once more August 2008 on bike, He was 93, Took two letters to the Editor, Lynn Morrow retired attorney, After church one Sunday, Methodist Waukon,Iowa he now 95(2010), Drove into Jean Huffy’s little red convertible Finally someone took his license, Lynn never get a ticket,Continue reading “I look at death from both sides now!”

A surprise

She walked out the front door , Into my heart, Drove her roads when I stated no cities, Longer I knew her maps weee better, Her apartment was great, Her black n white cat named Sammy, Her bed slippery, That one morning we giggled, I held her last year 2020, My lesbian, A soft butchContinue reading “A surprise”


Only knew him briefly, Black n white captured my oldest females hearr, They looked so happy, Blistfully so, A home he would have had, I often think of him down Georgia way, When he slept all curled up, Just so like a little weather house, It for told rain next day, Insisted his.human put waterContinue reading “Sammy”