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Some people never get old men are always the children they were when mom and dad named them Ronald; friends and brothers and sisters who grew to know him with love in their heart changed the nane to “Ronny.’ Now in early eighties still that boy. As I sit here after reading two chapters ofContinue reading “Ronny”


Just awoke to my cat peeing on my blanket.Not the first time though forst time I slept. Judy a friend says I’d kick him out for that! But then Judy just yesterday accused me of cruelty because I bathed my cat in vinigar knowing that when my skin is inflamed vinigar stings a bit butContinue reading “Best”

Val’s Whitewolf Media

Media company will cover all forms of that gendra creating jobs encouraging growth within the arts building a stronger community. (When one has no paper best way to make mentle notes that will not be tossed out by your too smart smart phone.) I had saved all my passwords only to find the other dayContinue reading “Val’s Whitewolf Media”