A fathers thoughts

My dad always said before I tried ‘Doesn’t matter what you do you’re going to fail!’ Mean advice! Told my cousins I was retarded, That way no one wondered why at eighteen I was not married, and pumping out young. At fourty told a cousin who thought I was slow, Not slow Gay! Other fathersContinue reading “A fathers thoughts”

Cold World

World is cold by degrees. Last year this time had a mom and sister, By June third my family struck by deadly Virus in form of narcississ seve years before, Narcississ like worms in your gut, Digest, Corrupt, Erode,Desolve the good, Some deal differently with these caustic enities. My mom slept to death poisined byContinue reading “Cold World”

Chapter 5,What’s a Ghoul to do? by Victoria Laurie

A Ghost Mystery Chapter 1a, https://youtu.be/X_kpMZgS1Ms Chapter 1b, https://youtu.be/DHjAI6Elj98 Chapter 1c, https://youtu.be/eZqLRo_ixv8 Chapter 1d, https://youtu.be/XMDU5y8NuP4 Chapter 2a, https://youtu.be/l0Z2CsyzvbU Chapter 2b, https://youtu.be/Wjji9zb8PSk Chapter 2c, https://youtu.be/nmdvJj_01s0 cheu Chapter 3a, https://youtu.be/XH3h4cibL-A Chapter 3b, https://youtu.be/cU7ynXQ1Yuw Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/Bmf9Bwhq9R0 Chapter 4b, https://youtu.be/asacavdh9Ys Chapter 4c, https://youtu.be/ykXerykppSs Chapter 4d, https://youtu.be/3NZrScAFAG0 Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/ivVv5kEFnzY

Chapter 23,Feast of Crows by George R.R.Martin

Battle with the Mummers Chapter 20a, https://youtu.be/3H0_B54t3Ws Chapter 20b, https://youtu.be/Pa2SxPQ2keU Chapter 20c, https://youtu.be/aksFLuwmSPU Chapter 21a, https://youtu.be/JjOogXYmWYI Chapter 21b, https://youtu.be/14LSwjqU2Zs Chapter 21c, https://youtu.be/KfG1Ka5rcqU Chapter 21d, https://youtu.be/PEmyP4OfGYU Chapter 22a https://youtu.be/EuoqEjwwlYM Chapter 22b, https://youtu.be/QvZpA8yP3Cs Chapter 22c, https://youtu.be/3UdndFClNMc Chapter 23a, https://youtu.be/NuHLBvwvnAg Chapter 23b, https://youtu.be/n3hgZFb6VVA Chapter 23c, https://youtu.be/d-qbbYp-P-I Chapter 23d, https://youtu.be/rUx8HTta6g0 Chapter 23e, https://youtu.be/IEkzprJhy70 Chapter 23f, https://youtu.be/NCR73jdd4LI

Bells rung!

Great moments in time Deaths Weddings Bombings Then silence Plaugue To mant deaths Prayers Cities fell In Japan bells were stollen white did not understand importants of! Newspiece,simple and true taught lesson One nation Braught to pray Ringing century symbol A bell Paid for by ancesters blood! Who towns forge each cities bell! Military leadersContinue reading “Bells rung!”

Chapter 16,39 clues,Vipers Nest, Peter Lerangis, book 7

Chapter 6, https://youtu.be/x7_bxsaTiWw Chapter 7a, https://youtu.be/NzqPuc34834 Chapter 7b, https://youtu.be/tbHlQUZtg80 Chapter 14a, https://youtu.be/Hv1r3rJtw3A Chapter 14b, https://youtu.be/B_p60fO5Fr4 Favorite chapter 15, https://youtu.be/7Ibe6-ZtI5o Chapter 16, https://youtu.be/EDa2tYfDm_Y

Chapter 1,Book 4,Agatha Raisin and the of Wyckhadden by M.C.Beaton

Chapter 1a, https://youtu.be/J3XTjrUtS9M Chapter 1b, https://youtu.be/gWTi85rANKI Chapter 1c, https://youtu.be/r0Cjnf1l-sM Chapter 1d, https://youtu.be/82N8JfEPdaM Chapter 1e, https://youtu.be/bQ7d2PDL_wQ Chapter 1f, https://youtu.be/ruVBunbQYOM

Chapter 16,Feast of Crows by George R.R.Martin

Chapter 14a, https://youtu.be/p4I1-cbxfcg Chapter 14b, https://youtu.be/JmM4OiapgVU Chapter 14c, https://youtu.be/h1r-dz1BuOc Chapter 14d, https://youtu.be/2OGXJYWfTaY Chapter 14e, https://youtu.be/PhSwnOV7wVI Chapter 14f, https://youtu.be/I9fCsh5ALMY Chapter 14g, https://youtu.be/CvGhq5YnR-w Chapter 14h, https://youtu.be/-fkhTEGn9DM Chapter 14i, https://youtu.be/1vuoFwOIQ1o Chapter 15a, https://youtu.be/eu7q5kKGNk8 Chapter 15b, https://youtu.be/Cp1nsWmrCxY Chapter 16a, https://youtu.be/pUgLfOSdTfU Chapter 16b, https://youtu.be/quLyTOysPjw Chapter 16c, https://youtu.be/ob9Z8XdWnZs

Chapter18- 25 ,Jinxed by Carol Higgens Clark

Chapter 18, https://youtu.be/qs_cLQuyUzs Chapter 19, https://youtu.be/qbQVpGlxZ_0 Chapter 20a, https://youtu.be/kDnHhaupAhA Chapter 20b, https://youtu.be/cOeutVAVzEk End Chapter 20, https://youtu.be/wEJ66tDQqY4 Chapter 21, https://youtu.be/RVt1bgbsE9c Chapter 22, https://youtu.be/t2tMGb-9RNc Chapter 23, https://youtu.be/H-SBoERR1VA Chapter 24, https://youtu.be/mzAT6OSHMp4

Will, bullied to change her under lies of that I wrote horrible things about my mom.