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Crock or not

When its cool is best, Never crock with no pot, Don’t in a tube, In a metal tube, In Iowa’s heat, Office tree, Thaw kitchen chicken or not, Your metal home becomes extremely warm, Your face , your cheeks, grow hot, It’s entire week the weather in promised 70s, I think he thought I wasContinue reading “Crock or not”

If someone wants your personal information

Background notes, You need theirs, You want someone to love, At a distance, Always feel I gave what I knew were my desires, ‘No more!’ Together but apart is what I want, Not dependant, Not glued, Together but distant, Give love, Maybe shared loved, Trusting no longer comes easy, Animals always, Human not so much,Continue reading “If someone wants your personal information”


Not yet August, Bet that’s what August mom was thinking, Not yet August! Maybe his wife too! Ancient Rome once was young, August was a title, An award, Trumps gold star, FaceBook ‘s award that now appears like a candy ring, Not on FaceBook for candy ass awards, There to communicate with my writing community,Continue reading “Dew”


Ever wonder what’s in a name, How foolhardy false belief in human started being called ‘Gullable,’ Is it because when hungry Gulls will eat anything? Has no one ever seen turkeys, Baby turkeys are taught to drink, Water is places around marbles, Turkeys Peck ay the water They learn to drink, Then marbles are removed,Continue reading “Gull”

A small town trust

Even when it’s illegal in other places, And more likely it’s illegal and small places, I am forever seeing cars the engines running locked up all alone park, In the winter you see it all the time, People run out, Hop in the car started, Zoom back in, And now a winner in Northern Iowa,Continue reading “A small town trust”