How does an entire family forget?

I remember all the time together All the heart ache Birthday Family gathering What its like no money to sue for slander How those that claim christianity took who I was, distorted it Where those people who knew me No one stood by me Or up for me Six years this December Heike’s,Dudleys and Mathis’sContinue reading “How does an entire family forget?”


Why do people presupose where others can only seek employment. I want a farm in northern Wisconsin or Minnesota. There is nothing that holdd me in the vast emptiness that is the void called Iowa. My mom’s family settled this state the number of cowards and liars tip justices scale.One in fice in Allamakee CountyContinue reading “Move”

Hello, I suffer from brain trauma a TBI.

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Over a year

Not heard my moms voice How is it that in 2019 families lies cut deeper then the sharpest knives? Lies from 2010 Took my good name Gaslight my 87 year old mom to believe a half sisters lies My birthday present in 2016 My half sister assured my soon to be 92 year old momContinue reading “Over a year”


Dr.L.N.Heike Lied about in death, what kind of coward waits until he can not defend himself? What kind of a daughter does nothing when a woman she knew lied all the time to our mom allows those lies? My halfsister daughter of a wife beater. Beating mom before, mom was prenate kicked pregnate.What a man,Continue reading “Dad”

Emotional ties

There is literally a hand ful of adopted family I have. Being with the few Im close to is like fake ice cream.See no warmth or satisfaction in the memory I find it very rmeasy to drift off. Being gay without community is the same heart sick feel. Guess you will never understand the emptinessContinue reading “Emotional ties”

Lonliness interfears

Shattering my peace Sleep Missing my family Comment my half sister Like a toxic viper Still stricks out Funny she convienced herself No one has the right to tell family secrets if they poke at her lies I want my sister I want my mom My baby nephews Sleep I can push past Lonliness LikeContinue reading “Lonliness interfears”