On Gossamer Wings

Sailing bye Threw space and time Up threw the ozone Rebounding to.earth No Clarence vell rang Still Marian got her figurative wings She briefly ponders Blue box drifting bye One door She stops Knocks Yells ‘You Who!’ Figures no one home Unlike Iowa’s Human Services September third twenty twelve flies away Floats a bit toContinue reading “On Gossamer Wings”

I take my stand!Write Your Story!

What happen to Marian Heike and her middle daughter Val, of 405 2nd street N.E.Waukon,Iiwa 52172? Pity these are different things A legend tells direction Location Distance Family trees show nothing! Its not enough to know who you came from Parentage does not define you That’s why you writing your story matters You know howContinue reading “I take my stand!Write Your Story!”


Waits like that one sock hides Hate lies Hate dormant waits Like a pot to be stirred We are seeing history repeat Those of us meek Meek tucked away Hide and seek Hate wielded like unwanted feen Meek Innocent go first I did No one seeks others Meek will do Coward sits Big white homeContinue reading “Hate”


Writers,I write because its essential Air intake a must Writing a need We drive or walk Swim ir stroll Smell the rose Love Things some are nice Trust may never occur again Humans some animals me , broken Kicked Bullied Writers refuge Pen, paper Devestated Thats why our stories matter See a need is fullfillingContinue reading “Writers,I”

What fun

Old movies Old emotions Rise forth Like first time Excitement Thrill Tears Always new Like great cup of tea Womans smile Like Our Declaration of Independence Two movies Cage’s best There’s one more about a wizard Can’t think of its name Cage is equal to John Wayne,Jimmy Steward Henry Fonda,Bing Cosby, Tom Berenger Young TomContinue reading “What fun”

Remember the Outbreak!

Aids they saw as Justice Aids seen as an inconvenience! They believed it was ok! They believed God was vindictive toward Gays Aides was Justice Mean spirited deity approved of Aids Aids after all made Queers suffer In time people caught on not only Gays died. For one week thought to change sex on TVContinue reading “Remember the Outbreak!”

Lonely Still the night

Nearly unbearable to pass the night Only eith moms demiss do I hope see my baby sister Is a woman worth my time when It was within her power to have saved Mom and me? So cold the lonliness around eight pm Mom and I watched TV About 8pm we would drift to sleep OnlyContinue reading “Lonely Still the night”

James and Jill Keesaw and Deb Fordice and Phil and Jeanette Pillsbury,Pat Zidlicky,Judy Wents,Jean Huffy,WordPress and YouTube

Goodness touches deep unseen scars Liars abused years Cowards never are visable Beaten Murdered These people rose Like the Phoenix out of ashes Soars over All my family jumped like flees Those above will always In memory bring a smile to me I was a victim My classmate when young I thought invisible to andContinue reading “James and Jill Keesaw and Deb Fordice and Phil and Jeanette Pillsbury,Pat Zidlicky,Judy Wents,Jean Huffy,WordPress and YouTube”

Breathing out

Not easy when where heart was hole How can people you ran to hold stop Caring my heart beats. Gay people hsve no horns We are not like hat racks We adorn no walls Not to be used for hate to adorn Hate and lives used How do we turn those that we still loveContinue reading “Breathing out”