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Dad loved Hamms and Old Style, Growing we Heike’s drank Rhinlander in morning and Linenkugel at night, Theory was Rhinnies cleaned us out, Then there was room for Linenkugel, Dark/ light, Perfect flavored beer Ridiculous! Why berry beer not exactly horrible, Just drank nearly all of Summer Shade, For me taste like sauerkraut and beer,Continue reading “Beer”

Yellow fellow

Borrowed, A yellow fellow, It was so sweet, The sweeper I have is a workout, A shop vac will work, Decided a mowers less important, Judy’s husband for fee does best job, Get a shop vac, I know when they die, The bottom makes a terrific bowl, It sucks well untill its had enough, It’sContinue reading “Yellow fellow”


Stay inquisitive, Couriosity’s the bees knees, Sometimes the answer will come, May take years May never come, Not all questions are audible, Some are not, Like people, Some answers are stupid, Always question, That’s what I know after sixty-four years, Just ask, Right or wrong people, Curiosity like imagination. Priceless?

Hot lesbian in metal tube

Sixth day in nineties, Not yet July, What the hell, Two fans working all the can, Three cats to lazy to move, No breeze by me, Ants every where, Hate them, Hate heat, Flies are the clever ones, Land creep people out, Well I’m up now, Fly away, Guess go find food, Milk was sour,Continue reading “Hot lesbian in metal tube”


Store second hand, Stuff name of store, Books to pricie, Only found one hard cover, Hard cover sells, Best shop, My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valwhitewolf |

Eighteen years in the ER

Catholic hospital,Waterloo,IA, Can’t give out drugs to stop , Err abstain from pregnancy , Can placed disabled hard working nurse who worked eighteen years in ER on temporary disability, Nurse Atta we will call her, Worked sixteen hour days, Nurses use to stay in rooms not used so short on staff, Can’t now,now they stayContinue reading “Eighteen years in the ER”

The Lusitania

Funny strange, Sometimes equal, Both true, Both wrong, In two twelve my half sister had worked for two years destroying the truth and my family, That accomplish she set out to destroy separate those that held my confidence, She failed, Those I trusted and loved goodness withstood her, So I find the one I thoughtContinue reading “The Lusitania”

Few words

Angry female neighbor imagined wronged, Like toxic volcano spews, Viciously using conversation told to unworthy female imagined friend, In reality using neighbor, Never imagine you have a friend, Never share thoughts with assassins, For females users invent and spin, Rumplestilskin, Venom pour from narcississ, Hurt, kill, cripple, Bitch neighbor will not win, I learn atContinue reading “Few words”