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Hate to be a squirrel

Tall trees behind my mobile home, At the tippy tippy top summer homes rock, Better made then humans homes on mountain tops or California hills, Cold blustery last day November 2022, Twenty-one degrees Quasqueton,Iowa, My house is set st sixty-six perfect for kitties and poet, Tall and bendy trees, Wonder how many puke bags theyContinue reading “Hate to be a squirrel”

Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,

One lies for votes, One lies and call it prediction’s, Snow predicted in Quasqueton never fell here that is! Narcississist family members soil other family members good names just to be the the Belle of the ball, Only the weather person with the science advancing has potential in the long run to be of assistance,Continue reading “Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,”

Ten more

No one would have, Could have imagined, A friend I thought more before said WordPress ‘who would read you?’ Jokes on her evidently and thankyou all from the bottom of a simply poets heart nine hundred and ninety people read me, Meek and mild, Innocent of a bully family members lies, My Jewishness is showing,Continue reading “Ten more”

Morning writers of WordPress

Howdy, Need your opinion I’m reading a book by Victoria Laurie and chapter two is twenty-nine pages long. Sorry but to me just a beginner in fiction that seems really long. Can maybe someone weigh in and give me your opinion, I know I’m the queen of long ass thoughts for a poet but puttingContinue reading “Morning writers of WordPress”

Sold three books

Hardest part of selling books is finding them in extremely heavy totes not reinjuring auntie Val, That’s me in case your wondering, Of course with a narcississist for a half sister gifted liar blood family christians don’t talk to me, I want all they stood from me, So I write and sell books, And safeContinue reading “Sold three books”

Black as ink

Use to be able to say it, Black as ink, Now ink is no longer always black, Storm is here At five pm. like deep into winter, Out my office window, Only heard herald in was the strong wind bending the walnut trees to and fro, The cold blows through the glass in my uninsulatedContinue reading “Black as ink”

$25/through FB

I started off, Off to Pennies, Vie the gas station, It was misting but I figure she’s worth it if I died again, I was told at Kwik Star go home Penny was hating her eighty-nine year old mom watching her in so much pain death would he great in a home without heat, TheContinue reading “$25/through FB”

Thoughts from a gay poor poet entrepreneur writer

Boy howdy That’s a mouthful! This is from my podcast, and my online bookshop address, My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valheikewhitewolf | And chapter 16 of Jacqueline Night Walker by V.K.Heike Whitewolf, reading “Thoughts from a gay poor poet entrepreneur writer”