Twinkle,twinkle,driving into Independence,Iowa,

Past a yard,

Fifty if not a million,

Shifting from side to side,


Winters birds,

Saw one crow,

Most yards no birds,

No cows,

Or horses neigh a field,

Just one yard,

Not a spot to stir,

Flutter, flutter,

Hungry winter Iowan’s birds,

A plenty,


Little bird,

Cause a poet to thunk,

Of a poem my mothers’s favorite,

The verse played merrily within my heart,

I breathe out of habit,

I miss you so my Dear friend & best mom.

Is doing your Best OK?

You try to dot all the i’s,

Correct your deficient,

I try to be a good person,

Last year this time thought the world was gonna be ok,

I was going to have better,

Happier days,

A lady asked me to be hers,

No one ever cared to ask me,

I was beyond happy,

That was the problem I guess,

My mornings and dusk saw me on cloud nine,

Felt happier then since two ten when Diana decided mom wasn’t allowed to finally be happy,

After three years of torment,

You know me looking in on others lives really see nothing,

Those of us on the situation find life hard to believe what others get away with.

All that is like a ghost attach to us,

All I can say,

If others think I accomplished nothing today,

My babies are warm and fed,

Kitty box cleaned,

A bit of gas put in the car,

My insurance company sent me a card for healthy food worth $50/month,

Had tea and three cookies,

Bought a bag of sliced ham for supper.

I always share what I have,

Miss sharing my day with lady friends,

Miss my Virginia Gay community,

Miss driveling for others,

I thank all who liked my idea for Rural Ride Share,

I never found money for it.

So well I’m gonna continue to read,

Most people are under the assumption everybody reads,

Many words curtail more in a story then just dangling in that spot as decor,

Couldn’t get my degree to teach,

Have a TBI.could not test out of Statistics,

My credits screwed on disability since two o eight when a ninety-three year old retired attorney chose to drive through the cross walk my ten speed and then this fifty year old who had just return to college to get two degrees one in history and one in psychology.

That’s life,

As a writer and yet after being a published writer since nineteen eighty five friends rather see me as disabled,

I’m a poet,

Sometimes way to wordy,

Luther College failed me out it was easier then acknowledging that a student had a disability in math simply because at fifty she survived a car ramming her ten speed bike causing her to penetrate his window on my elbow then like a rag doll this Iowan was plummethed into a concrete road,

At Northern Iowa Community College one of my classes was in exceptional learners.

A math disability effects six percent of the population that are not fifty,

Who are not scooped of their ten speed after a car tried to drive through the six foot tall Norwegian,Prussian,German, Welch,Jew’s knee cap simply biking home after her final in Cultural Diversity August eleventh at four pm two thousand and eight.

Maybe one day I’ll find that someone who wants to help me start my book store.

Who knows it could happen,

I will never share the possibilities of deep happiness again.

Oh and I got eggs today $108 at Wally World at Kwik Star same eggs are $1.29, nothing I enjoy more then a good deal or a book, or a a a few other things,

And will always recall with deep foundness fun times shared with Sherry.

Blessings to all poets,writers,Wisconsin and Minnesota and Virginia lovers and those blessed by firpeople.

Scratch,pad,pad, pad,


My senior cat,

Is knocking on the door,

His human me,

Haunted with P.T.S.D,

Gift from older narcississitic half sister,

Black manager to push the door in,

Runs and before I know it stinky butts on my lap,

I scream bloody murder,

Poor guy,

Erroneous of what sitting in cat box does,

Notices nothing wrong with his cologne,

I scream because before I trusted yet was thrown away by older half sisters lies,

Tomorrow Black will get another bath,

Black can once again adorn my lap,

I do love him,

But have deep seated trust issues,

And not having a cat that smells like pooh on my chest or lap.

Where are older lesbians/women?

When I look for older friends,

The kind you share life’s trails with,

If I do it with Goggle they send me to lesbian porn,

Every lesbian in the world knows,

Lesbian do it better,

Fuck porn sites!

I want fun loving women,

Interested in bonding,

Building a thirty year friendship,

Women that haven’t hang-ups about lesbians,

Life”s better not alone,

Better to the tenth power,

Open minded,

The kind of women who understand animals are special,

Kind of females who understand what makes life meaningful.

Green Bay Packers

More then a Quarter back,

Been a fan since I could walk,

Dad laid carpet when we lived in Howard,Wisconsin for Bart Star

The Green Bay Packer,

Good players come and go,

Thats life !

But for me nothings gonna shake me,

As mom and Dad and Norm dad’s brother and his wife the Green Bay Packers are home,

Wisconsin,where one day I will breath my last,

Even in death I will always root for the Green Bay Packers,

The Bears,L.A.Rams and the Browns,

That’s life,

Love Wisconsin,

The Green and Gold for ever!

Quarter’s will come and go!

Christmas with Tucker by Greg Kincaid

Story about a Christmas written by Greg Kincaid,warm,traumatic,family and loss. Terrific book read by an empath named Val.


Cousins all,

Youngest of three families perrished,

One family eldest died cancer,

Becky fought a good fight,

Becky fought husband Peter found comfort in another women’s arms.

I heard my say flippidly Becky lost Peter with cancer,

Aunt who said that lost the fight with cancer before Becky,

Becky sat beside me at aunt Wava’s husband Uncle Norm dad’s only brothers furneral,

Then the sweetest cousin,

Mother of two was gone Becky Rohr Clark,

In a blink of an eye,

Charles (Cubby lost his wife Ann first),

Ann had,had gall stone surgery,

Died of a blood clot while Cub was hunting at our family cabin,

Wava,Norm and Becky died of Cancer,

Gary, Winton’s son(youngest) mom’s brother’s youngest son over dosed,

There was Karen,Holly,Mark,Eric and Gary they lived in Arizona,

Mark was a year older then me,

Mark died of a heart attack after a family dinner,

Wava and Norm had five children their youngest two are gone,

Karen died in twenty twenty(Texas),

Laurie died I think in Twenty nineteen,(Montana,with cancer her husband Bob a lawyer only son of a millionaire had cancer),

Laurie was beautiful inside and out,

Norm and Wava had five children{Renea,LeeAnn,Charles,Laurie and Karen},

My heart aches to see them all again,

My half sister killed mom with Codine and Ellen in twenty twenty,

My mom finally escaped her eldest June third twenty twenty after years of mental abuse by her narcissistic eldest daughter.Ellen hid from the bully as best she could and died October twenty-seven twenty-twenty,

Dad Dr.L.N.Heike died of dementia twenty twelve I’m his last child,

Ann,dad and Ellen are in Cub Lake,

Only when I sleep are they reach able,

My wonderful cousins and my baby sister,

Enjoy your families,

Be thankful you have no narcissistic vipers in n your fold.

Funny and sad the monsters of a family live to torment,

I will never understand that.


I no longer walk or run from a fight,

I never understand people trying to cause a dispute,

The other day on PBS I saw the darndess thing high school girls wrestling at a match,

Do their parents nit get how harmful wrestling is on humans?

Football,basket ball,golf,

Why can’t women compete for heads of companies and leave some sports alone,

No I’m nit a feminist,

Yes I’m a soft butch lesbian,

No feminist and being gay do not go together!

Im not a person that cares to dispute with anyone unless I can do it with a loaded gun and the woman’s my half sister.

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