When nothing was known of medication leeches were used,

Leeches were to suck out bad blood

My neighbor is a leech,

She called me last night,

Needed to get her potato’s which are in my bottom of my freezer out,

Then before night was over,

Harry Potter’s music was heard again,

What, it’s my ring tone,

Surely you knew by now,

I’m, a nerd,

She asked if was going to Independence could she go with me,

I said ok,

She gets food stamps,

I scarf money away to pay my rent and utilities,

Utilities cost me $17/ for four weeks I put out trash and recycles once a month.

Do trash once and recycle once,

And pay cell phone,

Eat pop corn and salmon and an apple,

No apples until the third,

She asked me on way to town if I had $20 I could loan her,

My said no,

She he as a doctor’s appointment on Friday,

I went into Walmart sh did she,

She got nothing no money,

When I came out I said Al I have in the word until the third is $7.00.

She took that

Leaving Independence she has to go to Caseys,

Course she did she had smoking money now,

I so hate that xhristian neighbor,

The female leech.

Tippy,tippy top,

From my.office,

From my chair,

Electric a must,


Ensconced(pretty sure spellings off,)

Thingie of Superman in his big ice thingy,

Books to port,

Books at kiel,

Books to stern,

Books in my wake,

When I peer up,

At the tippy,tippy,top,

With Sheldon Cooper and my little eye,

I spy yellow,

Last night second night in row,

Temperature in Quasqueton,Iowa,reached fifty-five,

This morning I removed the fan,

Removed the clear duck tape that held in my fan,

Look toward next year and a real screen on window,

No longer fear of youngest kitten finding hole and leaping out,

So I guess with the closing of the outer storm window I near falls door,

Red leaves cover trees,

Refuse to close inside window until,

Just now those yellow leaves,

Releasing their grip,

Their summers gone,

It saddens me profoundly,

I look around,

In parking lots,

It’s Ellen’s face I see,

Walking my way,

Tears ketch in my throat,

Halloween will never be the same,

Ellen loved dressing up,

Going out,

Hanging with her friends,

Like Cheers ‘Norm!,

Home town bars knew her name,

My heart rips from my chest,

The twenty-ninth October,

Like with mom’s passing,

June 3rd twenty-twenty,

No family knocked on my door,

The narcississ piece of white trash sent a cop,

Words of my baby sister’s

Premature death,

Only fifty-nine,

The greens will never be as green,

I waited five years for Ellen’s apology,

I”m sorry Val I did nothing when Diana was lying about you but tell her Not to do it in my home!

I’m sorry Val You never told the boys or the family Diana Lee’s a God Damn Liar!

I’m sorry Val I never told Dennis Headington what a A-Hole our half sister is or that Mom,

Marian D Heike lived in fear No of Val but of Diana Lee Dudley!

I’m sorry Val I let Diana assure me you were responsible for me Not getting the jobs I wanted!

I’m sorry I didn’t come to your defense after Diana lite the laundry room on fire while you and mom watched TV,

I’m sorry I never asked Melinda to take me to see my only blood sister in Intensive care!

I’m sorry I never heard mom when she was afraid if Diana!

I never once heard her say ‘Val forgive me!’

Diana hid her head in disgrace murder mom and Ellen and didn’t. Come to Ellen’s rememberance!

Conception prize Diana’s ashes will never rest in Cub Lake!

Nor will her henchmen Randy Andy Lovitt , Spencer Iowa or Michael Rohr, Wakasha,Wisconsin, who told me no one would ever believe the lies that ever harmed in mom! Makes me wonder if the cousin were also between Diana’s…,

Ellen sold Mary Kate as my Aunt and cousins,

Thought Ellen hid best from Diana in a bottle,

Now I know how toxic Mary Kate is to the liver,

All I know for certain the riff one Narcississitic piece of white trash the daughter of a wife beater can do to one gay sybling,and a younger half sister,

We die!


Where are the single Saphros gone,

In my heart I here the old song from the sixties,

All around me thunder rumbles in the sky,

Seeking friends,

Of my community,

Not dalliances,

Not men,

Seeking quiet times,


Driving roads not traveled,

Horse play,


Game of gin,

Gentlemen Jack but not like the straight actresses,


Calling the softer sex,

Where for art thou!

In my head I heard,

Not violins but,

‘Where gave all the young men gone’

However since always a dyke,

Only Ever into chicks,

See nothing worth my interest in males.


You are a universe but not universal,

You are an Island not eater but things encompass you,

Your,my sense of emotional reality is a variant,

Like an equation,

Numeral in depth,

Nomical in discription,

As an Empath I pick up emotions,

Like the old expression on bad apple ruins my temper,

Like an anvil I can only work when tempered.

Try to stay clear negativity,

At times,

Like a rush of water from a water fall,

I tell myself don’t part with temper,

CPSD nervous,can not be too close,

Inside I run and hide,

I do nothing well,

Fear consume me,

…My half sister did that to mom and me,

When I’m fearful,

Escape mode,

I surround myself with me,

No radio or YouTube on,

Sit in my chair,

More lop,

And write,

Pity those who flood my realm with negativity,

I mentally hang a sign,

Poets out,

Come again another day!

Purrfectly happy



Exclamation mark,


Exclamation mark,

My black cats pissed,

Me,Black feels crappy,

The bitch from Waukon Iowa,

Mr.Black”s first human,

Blacks tormentor gave him issues,

Tore my patients before my narcississ half sister distroyed mom and me,

When Mr.Black fell into my life 2015,

Just moved above a roller rink,

He used one corner always to pee in,

Would use no box,

See no front claws,

That apartment had nice,bugs,flies,

Four kitties and me,

He would open the below kitchen sink cupboards where black mold ran rampet,

Low rent housing Mr.Black and I had o bugs,

Train noise all day and all night,

Government build fifty feet from track,

My precious best friends,

Thomas,Schnuggler(1) and Emily(2) with me and mom survived Diana lees set laundry room fire,

Died within three years,

Fire’s smoke full of contaminants killed them,

Murdered me shortly after I found the fire,

So when I hear after a tiring frightfully night,





I know my old pissed friend needs my assistance opening a cupboard so he can isolate himself from others,

Funny could always read animals,

A friend gave me a number to call,

There’s a woman who rents,

Talking to animals out,

I write it down I’m not calling it,

I’m carring fir six family members in my home and a young mom and her three kittens outside,

Animals people both have needs,

Hear with your heart,

That’s what I do,

Well teas getting cold,


Art before your eyes

Cats or dogs,

Lopping on floor or counter tops,



Love you,

In their eyes you are perfect,

Even when I’m wanting them upon the floor,

I admit they are devine,