You know its hot when?

Sitting nude is not cool,

Windows open,

Fans in,

Fan on,

Kitten is trying to break into new small fan,

And is ok with getting squirted,

You open a cat food can for mother cat,

Momma cat is chill to sharing

with kitten not hers,

Kitten of two years Keeps bothering plastic bag I brought food in,

Just to annoy you,

Fired unjustly

My baby sister worked from Allamakee County Attorney,

Mrs.Ellen Bethe Heike Mathis,

Two twelve after her two week vacation’s return,

New County attorney saud she was going fir lunch will be back shortly,

As she left County Sheriff entered,

Ellen would read when through with lunch or break and had time remaining before returning to work,

Ellen loved to read,

Was Never fired worked previously twelve year Miller Law Firm Decorah,Iowa,

Allamakee County Attorney then wanted her mom for Ellen’s job,

Didn’t care hiring family in Iowa was ,

Is illegal!

Only time Ellen Ever heard what I told her,

She went to the labor board of Iowa,

They the Labor board told the Fucking County Attorney who was Not in term to completion,

‘It’s Illegal to fire someone because she read when not on the clock!’

Ellen got her unemployment,

Ellen loved her job,

Our half sister a narcissist lied to Ellen saud she would Never find the job she wanted because I write,

I have written since 1985 it had nothing to do with Ellen not applying to another attorney assistant job,

Ellen had been kicked in the gut to,

That attorney and my half sister not allowing Ellen or me contact with our mom saw Ellen dead by fifty-nine!

I have a friend placed on temporary disability due to No fault of hers,

Bills are piling up,

Fucking doctor staff knows what an assess the nurse trained eighteen Years in the ER,

Had Covid!

The hospital staff in Waterloo were treated like Vietnam vets!

Wheres those that care when they are needed to do the Right thing!

Why is it a thing?

When I was a kid a contest was a contest,

If you want something it was given,

Receiving made it a price,

Nowadays my spam folder is filled with crap,

People telling you take a survey win $500 Walmart card,

So I did the survey,

But that’s not the end of the price,

It’s mandatory for you to select something you don’t want from a list of things they want to dump on you,

Next is price it really isn’t a prize for contest it really isn’t a contest that turns out to be a survey,

Once your credit card I ask myself why?

If it is a contest and the prize is $500 money card from Walmart,

Why in the world do they need my credit card information,

How many people fall for that and while he really really give their information for their car away to get a mythical Walmart $500 credit card?

And then a small print it usually says Walmart has nothing to do with this survey,

So Walmart has nothing to do with this fictitious card with $500 that says Walmart on it,

Anytime I see a major company on the card I naturally assume which means to make your ass out of me and an ass out of you there’s a connection between the card and the company that’s on the card or go a company such as Walmart that says Walmart on the card $500 if Walmart is not affiliated with that card how is it possible that this is not a fraudulent card,

Be one of the few don’t be one of the many who willy-nilly give away your credit card information to whoever found their way into your spam folder I didn’t give him anything I did delete their ass?,! Hashtag!



Fixed up,


Morals matter,

How animals are treated matter,

Saw a TikTok yesterday pointing out the inhuman treating babylambs all for the goddamn Fucking keching!

pound,dollar , yen,lira,

Severing baby lambs tails {{mot goving the sentient animal Anything for the pain!!!???????!!!!!

Leaving open Wounds that flies lay theitlt babies in !!??

What kind of fuckers rule the world that allow such savagery??????????

All for a God damn wool anything!

There probably the same Fuckers that…

Cage baby calves ‘veal’to you who dine upon them,

Baby pigs to those who dine on baby;back ribs! What kind of humanity is this?????

We found that oil products make shoes ,

Why do we need more oil?

Why do we mot recycle more?

Why did America stop making lasting products?

Why is crap good enough?

Why days it takes days to buy ice cream?

Hy are little Iowan rural towns big old Crack dens?

The last two I don’t care about,

Its 515am,

I’m doing what as a writer I breath to do,

I’m sharing an injustice that heats my blood to boiling!

Cruelty to the innocent!

Not a world away,

Here and in Australia!

Do we really need laws to treat people and animals like we’d like to be treated?

That would make me be full of pride,

Allow me to see others in a new light,

No more animal cruelty in advertisement on FB,TikTok, YouTube,

No more children shot as if fot sport in Chicago!

I wonder when those monsters who harm babies go to the dentist do they want Painkillers,

Its not just those fuckers that harm lambs its that pieces of cow dung that are still murdering elephants and leaving babies to die for the ivory,

In America’s Wisconsin and the annual bear slaughter goes on fir months,

Including those that murder my spirit animal wolves.

Come on Animal lovers we can stop this!

We have a voice!

Our voices together are ‘Glamorous!’

Mom and dad

Dr.L.N. and Marian D.Heike,

We’d July 1st,1956,

Mom was beautiful,

Dad Was tall and good looking,

They were married fifty-eight years,

Both born in 1927,

Dad September 1st,

Mom November 4th,

I miss you mom,

I regret not murdering the woman who destroyed you daily,

Soiled dads. Name without allow jim to beat the shit of of the lying narcississ,

I miss ellen so much too,

Happy anniversary,

Mom and Dad


Dad loved Hamms and Old Style,

Growing we Heike’s drank Rhinlander in morning and Linenkugel at night,

Theory was Rhinnies cleaned us out,

Then there was room for Linenkugel,

Dark/ light,

Perfect flavored beer Ridiculous!

Why berry beer not exactly horrible,

Just drank nearly all of Summer Shade,

For me taste like sauerkraut and beer,

Who comes up with these flavors?

Remember Strip and go naked?

Good stuff

Lemon aide,beer and vodka,

In one container,

Much better flavor for sure,

For sure!

Yellow fellow


A yellow fellow,

It was so sweet,

The sweeper I have is a workout,

A shop vac will work,

Decided a mowers less important,

Judy’s husband for fee does best job,

Get a shop vac,

I know when they die,

The bottom makes a terrific bowl,

It sucks well untill its had enough,

It’s for being automatic its like my sweeper,

Its cheaper,

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