Night in the hood!

Out there!

This side of no where!

Out there northern Iowa,

This side of the corn field,


Jumping, High five,


The hoods alive,

Yesterday I say it breathe to life,

In my head I heard ‘West Side Story’,

Cool,crisp January day,

Things are hopping,

The hoods alive,

Stopping upon my porch,

Nibble of kibble,

Quasqueton oldest,

Badess town in Buchanan County,

Ask the gang who prowl here,

Strutting their stuff they will tell you its the cats Purrr- fect hang out,

Come and join in have a sniff of cat nip,


Family murder fire starter Narcississ bully

When mom died all Diana Lee wanted,

Gaslight a most awesome friend and mom.

Not perfect that doesn’t matter,

That never matter,

I always wish she saw me like other mothers viewed their daughters of a certain age,

If mother had been able to see Diana for what she was maybe we could have stood better against the creep!

Seventy times a week Diana called to bully and demand mother leave her home and family and move to Granbury,TX.

Ten times a day mom said ‘NO!’

After every bullying my mom,

My best friend sat in tears and ask me ‘why, I’m her mom why doesn’t No mean anything to her?’

Marian D.Heike, went without things.

For what! For her children. One daughter always there for her mom lost her good name, Gay carrying for moms well bring,why!

Convienance so another could gain a piece of land,

One sister’s pain used beer to ease her burden when she lived in fear of a half older sister.

I did my best to get mom things that might make her smile.

After diana’s set fire that diana drove from Granbury,Texas December 3rd,2014 in a white SUV borrowed from herson Robert J.Cook.Walked in to 405 2nd st N.E. laundry room started a fire in the electric drier.{footnote 1}

Of the five smoke alarms only one had a battery.{the fire was not started due to lint that was cleaned daily.My sister Ellen used it in starting fires. Ellen testifide to that. After I was returned to the Waukon,Iowa after four days in intensive care I was taken by my God son Daniel Eric Mathis not to see mom the one I worried so about! I was taken to the Waukon Fire Department to be accused of the fire!

Their locations were as follows:1) laundry room,2)moms bedroom next to laundry room mom’s bedroom was in garage due to moms bad knee. 3.) Top of steps,4) den,5) cellar stairway opposite crawl space under bathroom next to laundry room.

I had last washed and dried at eight am. Then I got busy ask any caretaker who was paid forit theur jobs.Mother and I were preparing to go to moms lawyer to change power of atterney.Father Jo had suggested that and employing weekly assistance for me. Then Diana made her morning call.

I had witness Diana’s method if intimindation first hand to have done it to mom and Ellen was Criminal! Diana use to brag how it took just eight hours to drive to a Waukon what a GD liar.

If you ever see your mom go from years of saying. Val and I or someone and I to We did this or that it means they are being manipulated.

For a period mom could not talk after the fire whose smoke took my life twice. Diana had lie about me to all in my home town hospital. Lying saying I beat our mom. Ellen stood back and watched knowing it to be a lie.

Ellen told me January 2015 that she had told Diana she was not allowed to lie about me in her home. Ellen refused to stand up to our family bully or tell my cousins or my nephews.After the two codines a week packs Diana bought over the counter placing on mom who I was no longer allowed due to lies to protect from my families bully,

A bully mom NEVER EVER WANTED TO LIVE WITH, mom had come to me in August 2014. Mom was crying buckets. Please don’t return to Luther College.Diana had toldmom that if I returned in September to Luther College, Diana would drive to Waukon and either force our non invalid mother into a nursing home or force mom{Marian Delorus Bittenger Heike to live with Diana on Granbury Texas.}

So I did not return to Luther College.

I stayed with mom.

Mom ws even to afraid of Diana Lee Dudley to have me gone long shopping for grocceries so mom started buying meat from Omaha Steaks.{Their meats include more then steaks. The last shipment we had gotten was recieved December 2nd,2014, only to spoil in a refrigerator without electricity. I fed most of it to the cats I was trying to capture who were not murdered from Diana’s fire.}

In October 2014 when Diana on her annual visit of bullying and narcississtic terror Diana shoved her fist in our moms face. Yelling at out then eighty-six year old mom,

‘You have no right to have doors that lock! You have Nothing of Value!’

But after the fire Diana did her best at ransacking mom and my home to strip it bear of all our valuables.

Then allowing mom to believe the myth that she would let mom return to see to her belongings told mom that Ellen was keeping things for mom.

Diana had moms home sold for $13000 less its value to Mike Ferring whom Diana believe would simply bulldoze her crime.Mike had told mom all valuables Mike found would be returned to mom{lie}. Mike’s daughter found my dad’s moms engagement ring dad gave to mom.Mike Ferring of Waukon found and then tried to resell it to mom . There were many times I was proud of mom this was one of them.Mike returned moms ring. Ellens two boys are the only grand children in this family. Diana loves $$$.

Mom’s wedding ring should have with moms death been sent to Ellen boys for first don to marry. Wish I had it I would give it to my wife. Then pass it to one of Ellen’s sons children.

Mom was frugal. With dads passing in two twelve and Diana’s last year marriage desolving om became Diana’s target Diana assumed easy prey. Mom often talked of her body resting with her mom and dad.

Sadly as with moms last five years of life a bully stopped that from occuring.

Mom had said in January 2015 she would never allow anyone her power of attorney or sign away her rights. By December 2015 Diana had convinced om that I write horrible lies about mom and so I deserve to be out of mom’s will, however that was a lie.

Mom was cunning vopinish{cunning as a fox} her gay daughter was shared in Life insurance policies and Banker’s trust{{Decorah Iowa}} and Annuity.

Diana Dudley wrote ‘Valerie Heike and All her decendants will Never share on the property called Cub Lake in Sawyer County in northern Wisconsin. Funny I’m moms voice as I have been since Diana stared lying about me and harrassing mom and me in twenty ten .

My descendants in my will and on my life insurance policy Daniel Eric and Craig Ryan Mathis and my wife Sherry. BrokeDiana Dudleys wevil will she beat lies into mom to obtain. As for seeing Cub Lake again I will as long as its in the goverment program that deminishes the taxes.

Funny sad that an eight year old girl work so hard lying about grandpa Heike being a profile in 1956 wanted my family legacy.


Footnote: 1. U.S.home laundry room fires are responsible for 2% of all laundry room fires in US Homes.

One way email

Ever notice its the one way emsil you way to respond to?

Like theives in the night,

Send a post,

Scurry away,

Like FedEx delivering for Walmart,

Walmart does it!,

Leaving no one to respond to when the mail man has stollen your parcel!


Instead you were sent a vibrating pacifier!

When with shipping email on your smartphone in hand,

Back to Walmart you go wanting your funds back!

Customer service stand there boldly going,

I said boldly going to tell you one of three things all most likely lies,

We don’t sell that!

We can not refund you, that’s not our product!

Then you show them it came from them!

Last time I was there,

I had ordered a cat kennle,

A large one,

I got charged thirty dollars,

Recieved dammaged botton of a large kennle,

Also an intact smaller two shells of a smaller kennle.

I took back the large half I was charged.

Customer service took it refunded me which I will look at the bank statement on Friday.

Would Not take money for tge one I wanted to pay for!

If Wal-Mart was a working,


Sanctioned being I believe she is mot running on all cylinders.

Pity will not even respond to customers.

Customer service is the heart of every successful endeavour in business.

A business must not fear the one on one business with customer.

Walmart at least are not using the assinine excuse for not having staff.

You know the one!

Do to Covid-19 our staff is small!

Or the email service is not at this time being monitored!

Still we are being sent sales,

As well as their ideas in what we might be interested in.

Poppy Cock!

A new day

trumps hate fueled flames

Fuel untruths,

Years of white trash mean lies about Obama’s birth,

Narcississ lies,

Killer of truth,

Obama Was Never born in Africa,

The Election was Not stollen,

First president who last two weeks in office did Nothing!

A failure,

Incited haters,

Guilty as if he trump had broke glass,

Marched with crowd in spirit,

Narcississ lie,

Thats their one tool,

One art!


Tomorrow January 20th,2021 a new day,

A new goverment,


I hope,

Biden/ Harris,

New tomorrow,

Black and white

Black n white

Theodore Thomas Benjamin Heike,

Escape kitten!,

How not a clue,

Doggie kennle once cat lennle now,

His sister Sophie still stuck,

Theodore came back just now to say Hey!

Two hours we waited Judy adopted by me sister,

Teddy had enough,

Out he comes,


Black n white,

Black and white,

Unity in cat form!


Terrific sounding word,

Old as time,

Well older then me,

Trepadation, consern,





Cadence of ones thoughts,

Viewing Saint Loius Arch,

Manifest Destiny,


Georgia here I come,




Moments spent in her eyes,

Her hand envelooed in mine,







When worried

When I say I’m worried,

Made to feel I miss spoke,



Would not sit away from draft,




Nothing else,

All are entitled their emotions,


Seven fifty-four a.m. Blacks his old cranky self,

I love and worry for him

Blacks nit just any cat,

I’m his human.

Blowing wind

Bullyies shove verbally,

People can be roots,

I was below roots,

I trusted people saw I was innocent of my half sisters lies,

No one cared to stand to her,

Lies encircled me in two fifteen,

Narcississ use peoples desire to believe lies,

Truth escape them,

Living on fear,

Down through time fear leads only to the grave,

Lambs people are,

Its easier for humanity to wash and allow cruelty to to Stop it!

Time has proven not all sheep are pushable,

Some lambs lie with lions,

My younger sister was a lamb,

The lion my narcississ sister is,


Ellen drank herself to death,

Fear is fear,

Wind blows,

Knees bend,

Strength inner fears naught!

Heros are within,

People need to face fear,

Stand to bullies,

Funny standing to our bullyies never done,

Bullies know we never will simple load a gun and blow there heads off!

They thrive on fear,

They fear us!

Demons should be put out of our misery,

They never are,

I know I wear my sisters bloody cuts deep ,

Her weapon lies about me and dad,

Social services of Iowa murdered mom,Ellen but first me,

I know there uselessness,

My nephews did nothing,

No one did anything,

Humanity did nothing,

Someone I love is tormented too,

Her family and a manager where she lives,

This is not how and person should live. Stressed out! Worried!

Whether your family feel they still can threaten you and they are ninety three and eighty- eight because you are queer with institutionalizing you!

Trust me they will not like me!

Are people in Macon Geogia hiding their heads in the dirt while abuse of white and black elders continue! Clan like intimindation goes on at a apartment for retired individials! This is worse a president spoiled baby inciting others to harm US Congress!

Apartment Manager at 478 Monroe Hill
Macon, GA 31204