Just a phone

Just a phone no longer passes muster

Just a phone with horrid color

Sound stupid

Turns itself down if playing a video

A call comes in phone lowers the sound

We have a US goverment who treats us as children

Product bought out by us

Owned by us but tells us all apps on phone

‘Can not be removed!’

We bought the phone

Rent the service

When I played a game on Facebook

Sound is tinnie!

First night had No sound

Took it back a girl added an app

‘New phone!’

Returning phone tomorrow upgrading

Paid 200 for phone that sucks

Its not progress when phone makes cans strung together seem smarter!

Favorite Chapter 5,Running to the mountain by Jon Katz

Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/uluTv4tBaqM

Chapter 5b, https://youtu.be/vU5KmIqrXrk

Chapter 5c. https://youtu.be/dgd1zFgHQ2Q

Follow through people

We all know them

We emmulate them in kind

I fall short

Tjose FT people always seem more together

I set goals an plunge in,

Only I notice my progress,

If I were a FT( Follow througher) I wish,

Then I would make a splash in the space time continuim I guess.

See as a writer I know we all maje a splash in time

I feel like a sixty two year old tadpole,

Still I try!

Maybe the splash we as writers make correlates in physics in a therum

An equation if you will,

Part imagination plus creativity,

A punch of wonder stir twice,

A teaspoon of meloncholy of a Poet,

There you have it,

What’s the it is your x.

When you solve for x you will view your impact on friends,

Those you want in my case to encourage Never to hear others will they tell you You Are Not a writer or like Diana Lee Heike Dudley told me in December two fifteen ‘ No one cares to hear the trueth, your story doesn’t matter!


Poppycock is a very polite way to say ‘Blow it out your ear!’

Writers envoke change,

We are every bit the artist sculptors are!

I’m proud of us!

Good morning!

Not made of $$$

Inherited bestowed, gift from my mom

Funny no money people still assume what one should do with it.

Paid a bill,

Needed. Vehical to further my business

Bam eight grand gone

Needed eye examine

Seven ninety exam and glasses

Owe $ four hundred

No one takes Medicare and or Medicade

Told I need new closes

Today wipers broke on used car mine two weeks Wenesday!

Woman not my mom

Not my conscious

I have a bill at Wal-Mart credit card put $ two hundred on owe three more

No idea how it went from $ three hundred limit to five

Paid the thirty a month!

Owe for four truck tires.

I’m going to contine to work on money cominy in.

So funny when I was going to loan this friend $2200 for her daughters used truck my debts mattered nothing to her.

When gay pal bought her a mechanical chair no thought was paid to those two debts.

Are people really blinded so by money?

Gosh that’s sad!

Wheres her principles?

My debts are mine,

My goals are mine,

My life I share with a black cat,

One fay a dog or two,

Potbelly pig, rabbit or two,

Fishing pole and a shelf with my books,

Maybe one day my days will be shares with a bi ped,

Maybe not but still my.bank account

My bills will be mine

Not open fur discussion by non- blood

No one do I share family.

This saddens me beyond words think I’ll….


Books written by yours truely


We, you,I,us,

Me, Emotions in everything,



Way I write,



Add another,

Then little things I do to protect me,

Backfire and unintentionally make you cry,

How very odd,

My removing, tossing my poem,

A poet creates as much as a sculptor,

Art is defined by whzt we put in or

Leave out!

People who share a poems not seeking an editor!

My poems not fiction needing heart cut out!

Passion is in the creating!



Is it fate?

Is part of a part trust?

Determination play its part.

Fiddling around with future.

What parts determination?

For my own part I bullying me into things.

Telling myself canstanly like that ant,

Yes you can,

A gone favorite singer said it best,

‘You got to have faith!’

Not referring to a deiety.

Melissa Etheridge song dead on,

God’s in us!

My determination I work on daily,

From rising from a chair to-

Immerging from my crappie on the railroad track low rent housing.

See I want better for me

I know with determination,

Always rising even when hurt,

Hard work,

I will get from point a-z,

If not theres always next go round!

I not stuck in others restricktion that limit my existance to one life.

I believe the spirit is infinite.

We bi-peds use only eight percent of our brain potential,

Gosh that’s sad.

Goodmorning Poets and Writers everywhere!

What terrific thing or horrific trauma visited your existance?

Its all apart of you and is all historic.

Legacy is the written word.

You matter!

You might touch me like I’m trying to stir you.

What did your beautiful child share with you yesterday?

What makes you sing?

Whats a zing moment?

Hace a blessed day!

How hard is it to comprehend a poem?

Shakespear wrote in Sonet

As a sensation is as important as a line in a story

People refuse the heart of a verse

People assume thought concept just run on sententence

I don’t need my feelings supper supposed.

When I write a poem it feels and breathes.

When I write a story thought lives

The writer knows whats their poems about

Time tries to decifer contense

College classes bicker

Passion of the poet controls our hearts

I’m sick to death of non poets assuming no period means I forgot!

I should write like Charlie Browns teacher #@@#%€&£??!

Sorry that was her swearing!

Not really!

Always thought nothing better then the gift of a poem

Have written hundreds

Each persons a poem

Each person’s spirit sings

Surely this is not true just for me a gay poet?


I was asked what phrasology was!

I said its my word,

Not my concept,

All poets and writers have passion

Cadence concepts beat of my heart

Feel of the words when I talk

Like making love

Not sex

Sex- thump,thump,thump

Just noise no Nuance!

A poem’s cadence as beat

Shakespeak understood that

Sonets stanza’s beat concept