Chapter 31a,Storm of Swords by George R.R.Martin

Book 3 Tyrone

She danced

Through her youth

Loved to twirlf

Was good at it then she married a jealous man

Told my best friend

Told best women I ever knew biggest heart

Empathic like her dear old


‘Don’t dance your horrid!’

Instead of dancing with her

He used his angry words

Hurt her pride

Crushed her heart


1967 her oldest daughter who bullied her since 1948

Told her Val’s dog goes and you take the one I brought or you

You will never hold your new grandson again

Val was 10

Casey had been home when she left him

Twinkle in his eye

Casey gave Val somethong to look for

A reason to go home

Val went through the house calling Casey

No room help her pup

S Benji terrior mix sat on the couch

Mom made dad tell Val

Casey went to live on a farm

Val learned at 10

Her heart was irrelevant

Like moms joy got dancing

Mom still had singing

Her youngest stripped that from mom

1978.2am Ellen wandered home

Ellen drunk mean bully

Dad,half sister now Ellen

Words flew out her mouth

Words cruel unthinking

Words full of averous

‘ your singer makes my ears bleed!’

Mom never sang again if Ellen was around

Mom sang First Alto to first Soprano

Sang church and Sweet adelines

For two and a half years mom said no

Diana’s seventy a week Gaslighting


Once a bully always a bully

No go

October with oldest daughters hand in moms face

86 threatening us to lock our doors

According to the woman who could not keep one husband


We had no right to

lock any doors

Mom replaced the roof and got a new furnace

Priest came to assist mom and me keep mom safe

December 3rd 9pm 2014

Very next night

By 1003 pm

Only one of five smoke alarms went off

Nothing works without a 9volt

2% of laundry room fires in US are in electric driers

Diana got what she wanted

Placed Val on Elder abuse then mom had no one to assist her

Sold moms house that her smoke had totaled for $12000 less its value

Diana moms eldest by a previous marriage to a wife beater wanted the house flattened with the proof of what she did buried

Two pain packs a week on mom

Bought over the counter

Mom had over $104000 when Diana the narcississ finally got her way

Mom to Texas Diana worked toward her goal since 2011

Removed Val shoring her base Vals family from mom’s will in 2016

Stopped mom talking to Val to her mom

May 2018

By Feb 2019 mom had been talked into believing she never wanted to see or hear from her gay daughter again

Why are there no o e to protect the innocent from


Bullies are worse in families

Did the Godfather teach nothing

I was with my mom most my life

You have no idea what it was like

Or what my half sister is sble to do.

Moms still alive captive by a F-ing


I pray someone will help me clear my name of her lies and save mom befirw she dies

Diana already has all moms valuables and bonds property and money

Most important to me is mom

And Diana held accountable for distroying

My best friend

Ne best for my best friend to die

Then Marian D.Bittenger Heike can glide across a room again

And sing praises again

Not to the god who forsaked us

To nature

I picture her in a field surrounded by horses and her family

Her great grand daughter Mila was just a year when Mrs Devil removed her from Waukon,Iowa

Our home.

Chapter 1b,On the wings of heroes by Richard Peck

Chapter 3b,Lancaster County Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Chapter 3a,A lancaster Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Ode to Jane’s Kay

Londen wives

True to form

Not straight actresses playing lesbians

Married in love

Jane a friend of this poet for many a year

Love suffering

Few good days left for Miss Kay

Comes home only to return


Kay knows Jane will always hold her heart

Jane knows Kay will always be by her side

Two hearts

We all know hearts separated

Moments stollen

No one to share awesome moments

When twighlight comes

Jane where ever you go

Think of Kay she will always be a mere thought away.

Love is not a thought

Love is the time

The looks

Her hand in yours




All days of your lives

Love enveloped you

Be with peace