Two friends

Different as night and day,

Same age,

One had more stable home in youth,

One Wisconsin girl,

Tother Iowan, not a farm girl,

One never knew want,

This one never understood my struggle with goverment free,

Wisconsin girl knows all ends of goverment free,

Both friends,

Both loved,

Both straight,

Both mothers gay sons,

Neither like each other,

If I told Judy Pats keeping my ex,

Judy will just say,

‘Well now you have no reason to go to Postville!’

Where as Pat would say ‘Oh really, ok!’

At a robbery and murder,

Pat would see it all never come forward,

Judy would jump in and protect the underdog!

Think highly of both,

If I dated me and broke up,

I’d cry,annoy then move on,

Never forgetting my missed friends,

Oh and of course Val.

So I can’t tell Pat even don’t trust,

Initials SAM,

How to loose a friend?

A friend you loved,


Spent time with,

Sought to spent time with,

Introduce her to the woman you are you think in loved with,

When after a few weeks the women you loved leaves,

You want to talk to your oldest friend,

To them the new friendship matters more,

The friend doesn’t care that you ex told you she lies to get people to like her.

You want to tell your old friend ‘Sherry lied, when she said she was interested in blogging and a future with me!’

But your old dear friend has closed her ears to the truth.

Straight women, gay women never share dating with. And they don’t share.

They hear nothing.

They tell you I don’t want to be involved?

I look to heaven,

‘how is this straight friend I loved like a sister involved?’

She hears but not from me!

How can she see the woman?

The woman who took my heart?

Pat asks me so you don’t want my friendship any more?

I think its Pat whose chose sides.

How can Pat hurt me this way?

She has knows me since 1998,

Would not come forward when I needed her,

She says ‘Val I can”t get involved!”

Its ok I get falsely accused of Elder Abuse!

Its ok mom suffers and dies in the hands of a monster!

Its not ok with me!

Its not ok I loose an old dear friend,

Its not ok!!!

It really is not,


A story that could have happened to my mom,

So many bizzarrely tremendous things and funny too took place in my moms life , then she lost the right to live in her Iowa in her home. The lying foul thing that distroyed my moms happiness was a selfish older daughter in Texas who refused for two and a half years seventy times a week to hear when mom said ‘No’I’m not leaving my home and family and moving to Texas!

Thanks for being with me. Mom’s body still kept from her Iowa home. Spirits no longer need permission or bodies.

No one knows

Yesterday a cashier I met,

A train engineer,

A pilot,

A registered nurse,

Cashiering in aisle 1,

Number 1 is how weird it is to say,

Number one the only front cashier,


Not to long ago,

A busy day,

Ten -twenty registers would be humming,

Is this progress,

One cashier,

The rest of the registers automated,

Is this progress,

Machine working humans gone,

Use to see alot of elderly trying to survive,

Working Wal-Mart,

Where’d they go?

Still they trying to survive another day!

Where did they go?

Some Walmart job all they had,

All they had!




Big foot site seeking trips,

Roads lack luster appeal,

I want to stand near the blue hills,

Blue hills are in northern Wisconsin,

See my great grand parents graves,

Touch the stone of my grandparents markers in Shawno,Wis.

Imagine her smiling,

Miss and empty word,

My eyes flood with tears,

Its not important to anyone,

My feelings are mine,

My tears,

First Schwans without my girl,

Heard her voice on my cell today,


Diary:June 1-16,2021

Take a licking, Smile,smile,smile

Iowa Human Service failed,

When children survive ,

Iowa Human Service pay No part,

Brutal father broke his daughter’s back,

Broke arms, legs, wrist all four children,

Their crime surviving,

Their dad turned in by neighbors,

His wife,

Childrens friends parents,

Beat his children bloody,

I’m not Human Service of Iowa’s friend either,

Mom was posined,brow beat to death,

Torchered kepts from her family,


Denise my neighbor told me today,

The doctor injects her artheritic joints she says nothing,

See her father beat her and her brothers until she smiled!

Her little brother hates her,

At twelve Denise ran,

Her little brother hates her for not staying,

Only daughter,

Named for her dad,

No longer could she stand the beatings for herself and her brothers,

Chased by her dad the ‘Train!’

Loaded for bear with loaded shot gun,

She ran hard,


Goal was to be free,

It wasn’t possible, to many dreams,

Its not once its over and over her baby brother jerked up,

Slammed again after plummethed,

Like a fucking punching bag,

That’s how my half sisters father beat my mom!

Diana beat mom took her rights,

Then took moms life and my sister’s.

Lied to mom ,

Iowa Human Services have a lot to pay for,

But owe Denise and her brothers, a childhood,

Free from pain,

Denise says I never quit,

Pick myself up!

Smile through the pain,

Her dad drilled that in,

The monster Iowa Human Service ,

Allow to slip through to beat,


Murder his children.

The Heike’

Took a loaded gun from my dad at fourteen,

Saved mom,Ellen,Debbie Henry, my nephew Robbie my neice Julie. In the it mattered to No one. See the Heike’s had two trains dad was sad.Diana a narcississ. In the long run my saving my family mattered to no one.

No one cared I was a good innocent person who always put othrrs first still Iowa.Human Services took my good name .


Never gave much thought,


Not pidgeons,

Robins or crows,


Woukd you believe it if I said seventy years.

The adverage dove can live seventy years,

Doesn’t seem fair,

Cats inside can live twenty five years,

Dogs some live thirty,

But a bird named Birt,

One school classroon child love this bird ,

A bird names Bert,

A young mom raising her two children alone,

Went to beg the for the bird.her son loved,

Denise spoke to the teacher Ernest about Bert,

The teacher said whose Bert?

Denis said the bird,

Yelling now ‘The bird named Bert!’

The teacher in a calm voice simle said ‘you mean the dove named Bird!’

See Denises son Brad named the dog Bart and the Dove Bert.

Bert loved ridding Upon Barts shoulder.

Its a great true story well wonder if its safe to eat my eggs now been done a long time,

Best go take a peek,

Or ‘Coo,Cooo!, Deniss says he was the worst singing bird ever,

They sing to attract the ladies,


Vets all ages now

Young kid pulls into a parking slot,

Oriental young man hopped of his bike,

African American comes over annoyed shouting,

A tussle ensues,

All over a Military Vet’s parking slot,

The boy,

The young Chinese American,

Freshly home from his second tour,

The fight was all about disrespect,

See older Americans are not being sent to serve,

Our heroes are boys and girls,

Gay and straight!

The police arrive,

In perfect world the anger would have been stowed,

The truth would have out,

Hand shake maybe a hug,

I don’t know how this ended,

This is a Denise story,

But as an empath who find substance in her stories I had to share,

Don’t forget our heroes are babues now,

June 16,2021