Darndess Stupidest things said!

People, People

Churches must open

People must gather together

People must isolate

Wear your mask!

Not me!

Not me!

Drug will be administered to all

President meets with world leaders

Like where is Waldo/trump?

Video of world leaders room met

Waldo/ trump only leader unmasked!

Like my dad thought rules of saftey were for others

My dad thought rules were irrelevant

Now he tells America churches must open!

Recent US news church photo

Several with mask

Many got Virus

Several died!

Still trump mets,gathers,golfs

No mask!

Great idea taught managers in resorts

Others will follow

Lead by example!

Agatha Raisin and the terrible Tourist by M.C.Beaton

Chapter 1a, https://youtu.be/uLOwmm8cnXQ

Chapter 1b, https://youtu.be/G8-F-ajHqkk

Chapter 1c, https://youtu.be/v4uC1wwBcNA

Chapter 1d, https://youtu.be/i3Fxoeu48cM

Chapter 1e, https://youtu.be/bKicVch_QDQ

Chapter 2a, https://youtu.be/F__svJnUf_4

Chapter 2b, https://youtu.be/zA_Kqy3y45Y

Chapter 2c, https://youtu.be/T_o55URgDSI

Chapter 2d, https://youtu.be/yemELbdFBHE

Chapter 3a. https://youtu.be/vaD_bvEFAPc

Chapter 3b, https://youtu.be/35sfs0I0iUE

Chapter 3c, https://youtu.be/u2EnpJoO3Sc

Chapter 3d, https://youtu.be/iSLWOBjPJvQ

Chapter 3e, https://youtu.be/HF5f3iUoNuI

Chapter 4,

Chapter 5,

Chapter 6,

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Chapter 8,

‘Socks’,Beverly Cleary,What a treasure.

Wonderful story of a cat. Chapter 2,6,8,

Other chapters go to my YouTube or any YouTube Channle and type in the namw of book I’m sure others read it.I’m also sure I’m the only sensative,empath with a TBI that reads books to assist writers like myself become a better writer.