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My little girl,

Found she was a girl,

Took to have her fixed,

The name suited her,

I will seek another black n white,

She left me heart broken,

You should never do that to an empath it eats us up!


On the thirtieth will be on other site,

No more crappiest crappyass verizon,

WordPress made me restart my word,

New smartphone, Samsung 5G,

New number,319-635-6173

New email,


Why going ballistic at three o nine am,

There’s a damn cat in on my towels I have never used!

I need tubs for my blankets,

Or totes,

Tubs for my never used new towels,

Needy animals in my way,

Cats all wanting loving,

Tied up cupboards to keep cats out.

I sit down to write kittens all being needy,

No lap for Boots only true kitty who needs my lap,

I have one chair,

Penny telling me I need a cat box and a half per cat, funny most I ever counted at her how were six,

Six always full,

This is my first home I have always hated Iowa,

Peace comes to my spirit in the Dakota’s,

And the Blue hills of northern Wisconsin,

And my Virginia,

Young kitties of which I have five are like us humans for the first time about two in a grocery cart,All hands and arms,

I can’t breathe,

Some cashier is asking mom,

Mrs Heike what are you gonna make with six bags of marshmallows,one potato and one egg!

Mom a young woman with second baby in cart,

Looking behind us mom sees a trail of my devastation,

Now Theodore is chewing on Molly’s head and stepping on Mr. Boots,

Walmart is so inconsiderate not opening until six am,

There’s a reason older cats sleep as high up as they can get,

No babies!

Mother cats are done raising young when babies are two months old,

I’m sure the reason Goodall studied the great Apes was kittens,

Now I have two kittens and the oldest on my lap,

Shit its only ten to four am,

You will find at moments like this WordPress is not a writers friend!

Pay attention dear poet!


No comfort

I first discovered this as fact in 2001,

I was working for Aramark,

Skyland Lodge in the Shenandoah National Park,

The mountain room got hard straight back chair,

The dinning room should be enjoyed,

The clientele few are locals,

Most are tourist,

Tourist pay a pretty penny to eat and stay at Skyland Lodge,

I think since a business’s goal is the enjoyment of the clientele,

Word of mouth is the best advertising,

Pissed customers are not an assist,

People will return for warmth and comfort,

What do you think?

Have you changed?

Email or cell number,

It doesn’t change you,

But for a writer to loose all they wrote by where they wrote,

That’s murder,

For a writer what we wrote its loved like children,

New better phone,

WordPress is acting like now I can’t possibly be me,


Guess what

Pissed beyond words,

I’m the only Valerie K Heike,

Who writes under Val Whitewolf Books,

Val Whitewolf that’s me,

On god damn piece of shit,

Yes verizon no problems took forever to load,

Been writing on wordpress for years,

Now I’m to looses everything I have had a new email since this summer,

I no longer have the email address used for this free wordpress,

Written over 381 days,

Will not miss the stupid ass awards for no matter how much I write for a day,

I will miss you all when at the end if this month I run over this piece if crap

New phones

What the F?

New phone but word press will not allow me back into my Blogg!

The new phones a Samsung!

Its great I loose my Anchor podcast,

Just hit 1001 followers I loose that too!

As a writer I care very little for most things except writing and selling books and my cats.