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82.Greetings:To Walse,England,Scotland, Tasmania,France, Germany,Russia,America,Mexico the world Happier New Year then last.

82.Greetings and love to all who have the kind of families who would actually lay your life down for those you love.I was one of those. Lies are stronger then the truth.

Chapter 36,The cat, mill and murder by LeAnn Sweeney

I grabbed a bottle of water

Chapter 35,The cat,the mill,murder by LeAnn Sweeney

Scared cats out of shelter

Chapter 34,The cat,The mill and the murder by LeAnn Sweeney

Why do it,add a room?

End of Chapter 32,The cat the mill and the mill by LeAnn Sweeney

Old friend

Chapter 32a,The cat,mill and murder by LeAnn Sweeney

Creepers more then one sounded like shift chanhe.