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Game names

Loved 39clues, Told exactly what it was of sorts, Once into books, And I love a game that comes with books, It was a family treasure hunt, Like a real family, Blood thirsty, Do or die, Come what may, Most puzzles found, Answered points were given, Some died, Name just heard was ‘Crazy Balls!’ DoneContinue reading “Game names”

One game come on!

People with weekly salary of six hundred, Thats $2400 still more then the $899I draw on disability, Then they suggest that those people, Need to download their game! I ‘m from rural Iowa, But six hundred by four is two thousand and four hundred by twelve =$28000 Thats a fortune, Americans poor, Elderly, And disabiled,Continue reading “One game come on!”


Come along way from Egypt, Some wealthy person, Cool while a poor.person sweats, Waving large palm limbs to keep a cool breeze blowing, I have three electric fans, A neighbor says turn on your. Central air, Why! Central air means cooled by gas, My central air is connected to the furnace, I’m only in oneContinue reading “Fans”

Sexiest thing

Might surprise you, Two months ago I wish I had not bought Hot Pockets, Eighteen for a reasonable amount Their nothing sauce and air in a pocket, Starving this week, Just found one I had not ate, Was delicious, Like Red Skelton in his bum skit, Ketchup soup, Women are lovely, Women are great, ButContinue reading “Sexiest thing”

Three things ehh!

Ehh refers to maybe more, Went to Wal-Mart I was thinking five dollars, Now what was is no more, Not progress highway robbery, Now what I need told the cashier I had five dollars and change, When I got to no cashier counter, I still had what I came in with, Joke or insanity! Wal-MartContinue reading “Three things ehh!”

White Asian commercials geared to

Object marketing, Whites in equation, Equate to gullable saps, Easy Pissy,Lemon Squeezy, Take white man, Tall in suit, Speaking not English but American, Put two females who appear lesser white boss also shorter and Asian, This is the equation that prods whites to play gambling games, Take cute Russian who speaks American, And Asian femaleContinue reading “White Asian commercials geared to”

Most fun ever Culvers

Sherry my girl, Sherry one of a kind, Sherry driving in Prairie du Chien,Wisconsin, My favorite town in Iowa, Is in Wisconsin, Big Ass sidewalk all around their store, Close your eyes, Think Yellow brick road, We were Off! That’s fo sure! Sherry’s a Georgia peach, I do was very pleased we were arrested, NeverContinue reading “Most fun ever Culvers”

Always loyal

Always faithful, Just saw best video TikToc today, Old soldier from past war, Standing at parade rest, Then snapping into a salute, Recalling in heart and spirit, Falling K9 friend, Honor, Faith, Duty, Country, My grand dad Paul John Andrew Heike was in France, WWI,at Flanders First Sargent Medical Corp. Grand dad’s detail was toContinue reading “Always loyal”