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Dead Sea and Red Sea

The other night I saw a documentary the issue was to save the dead sea by a canel slowly putting parts per million into the Dead Sea by the red sea. It was notted that upon doing that might make the composition irrectably changed for ever. Many scientist fear this solution because the dead seeContinue reading “Dead Sea and Red Sea”

The Christian and the believer in the Great spirit

We share some revelent things but not all we are like the Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes I read it on my Youtube channle its a sci fi. But love is love. Right! As a Wicca I know love is the strongest magic! Next the written word. I will contimue but mot today. When the wordsContinue reading “The Christian and the believer in the Great spirit”

Youtube 400 internet Error on Smartphone

Don’t upgrade Don’t update! I did and forever I’m no longer allowed to place my media into my Youtube library. I can like it that’s recorded. Its annoying seeing that message everytome. There’s a dude a nice young man whi taught me how to correct error on a computer but on a smartphone I haveContinue reading “Youtube 400 internet Error on Smartphone”


Your goals are they like mine? I talk me up hills but that’s how I see me up the hills! I sleep four hours then I listen to motivational lectures or read seven books at a time. I’m sixty one I read how I believe it should be read. After I get the feel ofContinue reading “Goals”

Stupid things people say or think

Question 1 about the Soviet Union when did they get Christmas gifts? Christains had to hide their faith no bible toters. Icons were used and they were like smart rabbits never remained to long in one place for fear of being found out and destroted. Mary Elsie Collins one of the founders of Impro outContinue reading “Stupid things people say or think”

Without heart

Lies got my half sister Diana Dudley all she wanted our mom oride her from her jome after a priest came the might before! The might before! After two years of phone harrassement, ten times a day each day leaving mom in tears. Ten times a day with mom wondering out loud ‘Doesn’t she knowContinue reading “Without heart”

Calm before winter returns

With two trash bags in the pail on my little cart out we ( I and it went with a old given mop standing upside down.) I maneuvered with skill and cunning not once jabbing my head with the old nasty mop. Upon reaching the blue trash can and dump the load in. I stoodContinue reading “Calm before winter returns”

Are there any real jobsites out there?

Why partners irrational words hang in the air. Its different in Montena then Iowa! Its easier getting employment of course my Darlene is one of those people that sees no product from my time. She’s in correct! 1. No animal jobs just a lisy of other jobs Also no jobs 2. This job site inContinue reading “Are there any real jobsites out there?”