Chapter 6,The Diamond in the window by Jane Langton

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Going home

Next Saturday going home Drive old haunts It will be my reward Friends who thought they knew my heart Christians Believers families were as worthless as moldy breas Pasteur saw worth in moldy bread I like most moldy bread believed use passay Miss the five years stole from me Miss the people who came toContinue reading “Going home”

Better christian than family

Funny friends Christian say dump your family Dumping loved ones easy for them Easy for advice givers with family they can call up I love and miss nephews and my sister I did No wrong My kid sister knows our half sister lies more then breathes Listen to know one follow heart Protect your backContinue reading “Better christian than family”

Wheres Customer service?

Products ordered Emails sent out No return email! When you email the company you are dealing with like Schwans- Email sent to you Email option has been removed! For every connection to companies customers service The company brandishes claim Covick-19 to blame! Deal with Spend $43.00 Bike helmut,mask and bike lock Took two monthsContinue reading “Wheres Customer service?”