Took cocoa to a friend, Drove to stop sign, Looked back neighbor! Who in their right mind follows someone, She drove behind me for a bit then turned off, Stomachs still queasy, Will go early to Walmart in morning, To crowed now,

Young single mom

Has nothing changed, Amish or English, Male rules, Says the right things, Gets girl pregnant, Older gut, At least four other children Same MO, Marries none, English guy, English guy equals not Amish, In Amish community man marries, Doesn’t stop him from sleeping around, Wife can Never say No! That and like the Catholics inContinue reading “Young single mom”


When life hurts, When those you love believe lies, When you loose those that made your heart sing, Bearing the beating of your heart daily, Knowing they will never know how they still make you bleed internally, Silent tears, Lonliness, Emptiness is worse, There is no time limit on loss love, Loss of your goodContinue reading “Damaged,abused,left”

Secret of life

You are not responsible for others, Say it with me, ‘We are only responsible for what’s in our skin.’ There are those that act like our life is determined by how they are, Trust me on this it is not! If our day sticks its up to us to change our mood, Our outlook, OurContinue reading “Secret of life”

Five O two

Dun roman through dream land, Time to rise, Stalkers Waiting to know my thoughts, Never says a thing, She knows if she did her neck is caught, Then I’ll know the creeps email and she will be blocked from all my writing and video sites, One day I will win over this Iowa slug, NoContinue reading “Five O two”

Where is compassion?

The Christian church supposedly based on Christ, Let’s look at what Got people into those churches, The gospels got people into the churches, Written by four men who knew how to use propaganda, The first at first churches or big rooms without chairs no candles no stained glass naked, My favorite Church in Decorah isContinue reading “Where is compassion?”


August twenty-six, Four twenty-one a.m., Had just got up switched off fans, Blanket time, Feels like late September normally, Love smells of fall, Hate that its still officially summer, Things have been changing color right along, A tinge of orange here and there, Its becoming a thing, No spring all at once Summer, Are wellContinue reading “Sixty-one,”

Scars cut through

No one knows the venom narcississ inject, Lies that steal not only your good name, Lies allow you to see nothing but cowards! Its easier to follow a narcississ then stand up to them, That cowardice took my baby sister’s life, Being helpless and trapped took my mom’s life too, Are there no hero’s? IContinue reading “Scars cut through”


My Florida depressed friend calls me nightly, I always stop! What ever I’m doing and answer the phone, I know it will just be all about her pain, Then if I try to share anything instantly she us to tired to talk abd must rest, Before she goes whether its ten pm or one thirtyContinue reading “Guilt”

Fake Aleve

Never will I ever, Have you ever played this game before? You play it in an oval circle, You take turns, Every one starts with, ‘Never will I ever!’ Never will I ever again take two fake Aleve”s, Never will I ever take four vitamin C’s, Same effect quizzy gut, Hoping feeling leaves with food,Continue reading “Fake Aleve”

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