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Never had a

Never had a sister who thought I was cooler them a friend, Never had a sister who thought spending time with me mattered, Never had a sister who told others ‘she’s my sister or called across a store ‘Sis!’ Made me proud she included time with me was special!’ Wanted to share with what IContinue reading “Never had a”


That’s how a full day with my adopted sister feels like, It was a dampish day, My bronchitis tires the hell out of me, Took something for pain, I out our saved frozen white kitten from the Amish in a red Kwik Star bag, My mind was on inside, Had the new Charlene Harris SookiContinue reading “Crumpled”

Humans say stupidous things

Penny had no heat for over two years, No furnace, Day after Christmas part of her ceiling fell, Water pipes busted in her one hundred twenty year old home, She has worked since fourteen, Lost two baby twins seventeen years ago, Raised a son and a daughter, Her husband miss diagnostic with HIV,she held hisContinue reading “Humans say stupidous things”

Warmest December Iowa day in my sixty four years

Temperature will rise to forty-seven today, Tons of snow is scheduled to fall, More will melt, Global warming is fooling mother nature, Causing flooding, Killing life, Eroding land,

Horrible things

Happen all the time, Today Penny’s kitchen ceiling fell in, Val to the rescue, Penny’s eighty-seven year old mom there when I arrived looked worried, Water half way into the dinning room, Pipes burst! Above ceiling fan could be seen second floor rafters, Penny on tears, It was three then, Tamran and the young manContinue reading “Horrible things”

Doesn’t she have friends,

What an assinine thing for a christian to say to anyone! Do they think before they talk? A friend asked a question doesn’t she have other friends, I have always asked Penny can I help you all the time finally she asked Val could you come and help me I was honored beyond words, IContinue reading “Doesn’t she have friends,”

Did I tell you,

After two trips up into the dead of winter of the ‘Day After’,without Dennis Quad, First trip sixty-five in March climbed like a mountain goat up vertical steps void handrail to hook up an electric heated to thaw out the bathroom frozen pipes, Then the landing full of shoes bought to sell but sit thereContinue reading “Did I tell you,”

Long winter’s eve

At Penny’s I sit on couch covered with an electric blanked and afghans and two older kitties, In all my clothes, Buried on a ground level couch, Little people would hate! I always wonder why people give crap, This applies to hand me down clothes stretched out,food bought on trips tripled,not loved donated to theContinue reading “Long winter’s eve”

Sarcastically not all way through!

Many in the mobile home park I reside waters froze, Not mine yeah! Heat wave two below zero, Funny because cold is cold, Blizzard warnings still in effect, Penny says even if driving to work as a secretary in the ER late on dangerous roads According to Catholic Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa not an excuseContinue reading “Sarcastically not all way through!”

Writings of a poet

Had left a poem bout two women I loved, Unfinished gone now, That’s pissy, My mom was so angry at something I wrote about my concussion about liking but not able to have when thirteen she kept that one letter forever until forced to Texas in 2015, Jean Huffy had my writings, Poems I sentContinue reading “Writings of a poet”