Loop hole, As an author I find this appauling, These people take the ideas of nonfiction writers, Find ghost writers to write what they want written, Make covers for then fake Picasso’s, Ram them to the buying public then profit! These people ram it into the viewer of the infomercial in pidgeon talk, What’s that?Continue reading “Audible”


I know there’s nothing wrong in my humor, When I look at people’s pages that friend me I go that’s not funny! You might look cool or be on my birthday sign that’s not a selling point, I want to see how people think, I want to see what they think is funny, I wantContinue reading “Stunned”

When rabbits cry

For you human who think the line in Bug Bang was funny :Penny told Lenard his hands were as soft as Veal! Your stupid! Veal is the meat if a baby calf force to live its brief life in a crate then murdered! She told Leonard his hands were like meat! Where is that humorous?Continue reading “When rabbits cry”

I hate holidays

I hate holidays, They’re filled with memories and minutes that are empty, They’re not exciting, All those you love are dead, They are lonely holes, Holes were once was laughter, They consume nothing, The only joy I can’t remember I spent in northern Wisconsin, Shutting my eyes won’t get me there, Your imagination folly, IContinue reading “I hate holidays”

Where is compassion?

The Christian church supposedly based on Christ, Let’s look at what Got people into those churches, The gospels got people into the churches, Written by four men who knew how to use propaganda, The first at first churches or big rooms without chairs no candles no stained glass naked, My favorite Church in Decorah isContinue reading “Where is compassion?”

Scars cut through

No one knows the venom narcississ inject, Lies that steal not only your good name, Lies allow you to see nothing but cowards! Its easier to follow a narcississ then stand up to them, That cowardice took my baby sister’s life, Being helpless and trapped took my mom’s life too, Are there no hero’s? IContinue reading “Scars cut through”


No sirrey Bob! 64 is not two people to go wherever, No I don’t care if someone thinks you’re coming to my home to take my blood pressure, And it doesn’t matter to me if it’s free, I wasn’t brought up thinking they were God’s, No will I allow them in, I have been gettingContinue reading “Feeble”

A little information makes no one informed

The other day a sister remarked, Science says: In a few years the normal, Midwest speaking, Dealing with Global Warming will be, One hundred and twenty, What will the little trump naysayers with their oil rigs then say? Probably that the heat is a fluke, Daily! Since May northern Iowa had over thirty days everContinue reading “A little information makes no one informed”

Which number

Agorthems, A series of equastions, A matrix, A geno, A puzzle, No life is more then that, Life is more complex then old fuddy duddies imagining and equation, Life is unequatable, that why life hurts, Life is people like Penny Martin met in Walmart’s parking lot, Penny’s a person in just a bit of timeContinue reading “Which number”

It was an old song

It went like this, Sitting on the end of the Bay, It’s not my song but it was a good one, Buy it a song at 5:14 a.m. see in the dark on my porch it might be ‘Sitting in the dark!’ I had everything ready bags in front of me got dressed, Left myContinue reading “It was an old song”

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