Why do script writers,

Why do they never shut doors! If I were a PI, I’d know sneaking into a building, Covertly, No intelligent individual, Wanting to remain in business, And alive, Would want others not thinking! Is there some one sneaking around? Or suspect of themself so foolish to not having shut a door, Have those script writersContinue reading “Why do script writers,”

Come a long way

There was a time, Wanted to be liked so, When stranges said that’s nice I’d simply say ‘want it!’ Then bingo Bango, A perfect stranger would have what I loved, No one ever appreciated what I gave freely was from my heart I had gotten because I lived it, That had not occured for sometime,Continue reading “Come a long way”

Twenty-eight to go

Suck that Pat, If any old friend tell you not to write, Write! Right now Write, Their view on who you are is Fucked up! If you like me are at peace when you write, Write often, Write! Peace Eternal beats the hell out of others opinions all the time! Be You! Bee U! BeContinue reading “Twenty-eight to go”

Chapter 1, Harmed more

My narcissistic half sister harmed me more and getting hit by a car. She cut my heart out she stole my family and she ruined my good name. A****** say let It go forget about it it was a long ago. It took her from 2:10 to 2:14 December 3rd to force our mother fromContinue reading “Chapter 1, Harmed more”


Four o nine, No bugle, All in my head, One friend wants coffee, I’m going alone, Why is it when I’m going for me and sharing with Penny Judy gets a PO reference, Judy has Brent, Brent”s Judies husband, They always made more then me, They aren’t one, I told her I’d try, The teaContinue reading “Rising”

Not dollar tree Anymore

Lady working register, Outside On break, Said heats returning to upper Iowa, Wanted to say if that’s a joke try again! She said not a joke, Not funny it is true, For we have had our fill, Truly unnormal summer starting in May, No fall just more GD heat, Is this hear from Ivan’s disruption?Continue reading “Not dollar tree Anymore”

Oh baby its cold outside

Inside out metal tube, In the yard, In the walls, The kitties and me, But the new furnace sure looks grand, The guy set it to seventy, I can not get it off seventy, I never used a furnace at seventy, To warm for me, Unless I’m sitting infront of a roaring fire,

Saw a movie

Saw w movie at a theater, Saw it in Waterloo, A thriller, Like a step back in time, Like Stefford wives, In chairs that reclyned, Had to ask someone how to get out of the chairs, Movie ended oddly, It was like they lead their lives in virtual reality, Look eas actor better as JamesContinue reading “Saw a movie”


Never, Angels never had wings, Renaissance painters painted first angel wings, Did you know? Angel are small good deals, Done with pure love, No deity need be involved, Hurts no one to do a good deed, Or to be a good neighbor until you say no, You are the same good natured person, Sometimes youContinue reading “Angels”

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