I hate holidays

I hate holidays, They’re filled with memories and minutes that are empty, They’re not exciting, All those you love are dead, They are lonely holes, Holes were once was laughter, They consume nothing, The only joy I can’t remember I spent in northern Wisconsin, Shutting my eyes won’t get me there, Your imagination folly, IContinue reading “I hate holidays”

Where is compassion?

The Christian church supposedly based on Christ, Let’s look at what Got people into those churches, The gospels got people into the churches, Written by four men who knew how to use propaganda, The first at first churches or big rooms without chairs no candles no stained glass naked, My favorite Church in Decorah isContinue reading “Where is compassion?”

Tippy tippy top girl

Ellen Beth Heike was that girl, Ellen where’s my kid sister, I was always a kid in the ground looking up, Proud my baby sister reach the top, Until you reach the time without me, Sisters are supposed to grow old together, How do you grow old together what is gone, Species life alone leavesContinue reading “Tippy tippy top girl”

Last night blankets

Lovely sleeping weather, Sixty-four degrees northern Iowa, Suppose to rain today, Since Well we will Goggle it, Acid rain has fallen due to the pollution in Wisconsin, Acid rain- https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/document/statutesindex/2001/acid%20rain https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/1991/related/index/_32 https://www.jstor.org/stable/3984725 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2000/08/000814021041.htm https://uwshop.com/wisconsin-badgers-hats/wisconsin-badgers-top-of-the-world-black-acid-rain-cuffed-pom-knit https://www.wxpr.org/natural-resources/2019-06-11/how-acid-rain-research-at-little-rock-lake-improved-our-air-quality https://www.starlake.org/topic/acid https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2923489/ https://m.carolina.com/wisconsin-fast-plants-environmental-science/wisconsin-fast-plants-acid-precipitation-classroom-kit/158745.pr https://nadp.slh.wisc.edu/ Bet your courious about Iowa well lets see the info: https://www.axios.com/local/des-moines/2022/05/13/iowa-air-quality-pollution-dips-electricity https://scholarworks.uni.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1199&context=pias#:~:text=In%20Iowa%2C%20very%20little%20is,6%20(3%2C%204). https://pubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/70168897 This is interestingContinue reading “Last night blankets”

Heat n eyes

Too hot, Sixty-four,no air, Sweat distorts in eyes, They your actually eyes swell, I feel fir those poor cows trapped in milking barns their entire life, Faers are to goddam lazy to fetch cows fir milking, From day one of milking no longer fo cows roam, That’s fucked up, Human prisoners have more Rights thenContinue reading “Heat n eyes”


More wind, Ok leaves roll, Underbellies are seen, Air heavy, Thirteenth day in northern Iowa over ninety, August second, What the hell, No air in I’m northern Iowa, Bet Whitehouse has gas and electric, Bet they have Solar Too funny the white house doesn’t own their land, White House land is own by people pikeContinue reading “Quickie”

Severe Trauma

Witnessing it, Living it, In WWI it was a joke, Called shell shock, In other wars it was a shooting offence, People were called coward! My baby sister was a coward, Ellen paid with her life, Couldn’t stand up for me to our half sister, You’d never call a fireman a coward, Its identified nowContinue reading “Severe Trauma”

Business is business

First I thought, Can’t change prices if you people liked a book, Then thought ‘What a stupid notion!’ If customer liked the book more they would have purchased it, Until a sale the books inventory, Product like your child to see to its well being, Might be incorrect anology but “Every book or products wellContinue reading “Business is business”


When you’re in a moment do you ever expect that moment to end? Is your heart anticipated because it’s just too perfect and it can’t possibly happen to you. Do sometimes you wonder if you will ever be in that moment again, When people want to be with you cuz they think you’re cool, AndContinue reading “Me”

Seeing through walls

A gift I was not giving, I had heard from a friend the neighbor who did not talk to me accused me of sitting on my deck just to listen to her on the phone, I have Never found straight women that appealing or interesting, She told the land lord I was sleeping, That womanContinue reading “Seeing through walls”

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