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No car,no family

Do you ever pause to imagine How hard it is to be abandoned By family Like being stuck without a car That’s like being without a birthday card Family nineteen miles away Not a soul comes to see you Its a lonly existance Its like already in the grave No flowers No tears No oneContinue reading “No car,no family”

Andrew Yang

Better vista No other canadate grasp diversity Being an Out lesbian Rural America I get it Who better to pull Americans old and new together Then an immigrant Like my forefathers A man non white who might see my community makes up the full spectrum LGBTQ Red,Green, and oh why not Blue! Andrew Yang TheContinue reading “Andrew Yang”


Justify your wants not with a crowd Justify your desires Only you know you best Wise thought though I fear others Demands, desires if at no other time Follow through when nearing sixty-two If not now,Never! Still afraid of questing others Shot down like a huge bird Thats what hate/ discrimination does Shell shock StillContinue reading “Justify”

Introduction;A dog year by Jon Katz

Dogs and Jon Katz

All those we love need

Be loved Human n animal Fured sensioned being or nor When in my home My cat Thomas loved kittens Like people they strive harder Some of best humans this poet knew Loved Spoke critter Not like English Their love pure not contrite Not asking you for more then yout heart Freely giving theirs Moments spentContinue reading “All those we love need”

Chapter 25,Katie up and down the hall by Glenn Plaskin