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Hello, The picture is Ellen at 3 and me 5 going on 6. Back when family gatherings were mostly hugs,laughter then toward the end gathering was not done till sensative Val was in tears. Crying I recall the person I use to dream of my sister Ellen my best friend. (Thomas unsure if this isContinue reading “Abused”

Watch “Iowa Human Service Department Elder Abuse” on YouTube

Goes with todays post about America. I seek justice for mom and me. Before we mom and I are dead and Diana Lee Heike Dudley walk and Ellen Heike Mathis then will never have to again fear the trueth. If in Texas call this number just see if the narcississ lets my mom answer theContinue reading “Watch “Iowa Human Service Department Elder Abuse” on YouTube”

America today

Shealtered the America of today knows Nothing of truth,loyalty , how to be a comrad. People still run to our shores believing the old rhetoric, propaganda ‘Innocent before ‘Proven guilty!’ Words, when I was a kid I believed every one of the lies that puts colored glasses upon the dead like ‘Weekend at Bernies.’ IfContinue reading “America today”

Watch “My stunt or gimmick is not deft defining ,I read” on YouTube

I hope I help others be as proud of their accomplishment on literacy as I am to be a decendant of : Marian D.Heike( my mom),Clarian A.Lovitt( my favorite aunt,moms only sister),Agnes Kleeman Heike ( my dad’s mom),Lottie Henrietta Starkey Bittenger( mom’s mom), Gertrude Heike Rohr( my dad’s sister,teacher and mom of 5),Wava Heike (Continue reading “Watch “My stunt or gimmick is not deft defining ,I read” on YouTube”

Watch “Marslow Theory and a narcississ” on YouTube

Narcississ are the best at getting what they want. My half sister rocked selling property because she knew when to wonk, bend over and flirt. Anything and everything to get what the narcississ needs. If my half sister was a survivor of a holicaust shes the one and only person I know who would neverContinue reading “Watch “Marslow Theory and a narcississ” on YouTube”

Watch “Part 2 Tourette’s Syndrome” on YouTube

Wheres lawyers for innocent Gay Americans! This is a HATE CRIME of our now 91 year old mom to rape mom of her finances and me of my life. Call this number just see if the narcississ lets my mom answer the phone that is suppose to be mother.Maybe then you will hear my momsContinue reading “Watch “Part 2 Tourette’s Syndrome” on YouTube”

Watch “Part 1 Tourette’s Syndrome” on YouTube

Thanks to a sainted writer my spelling of the term has been corrected.