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Sad all I have to give is me,

Was mentioned to me today, Have you ever noticed, In Quasqueton trailer park theres never a yard sale! No I said, First I thought that statement might have merrit, Then knew it did not, I’m from Waukon, Iowa, Sales all the time in the parks. Were not lazy here , I liked my sisters answer,Continue reading “Sad all I have to give is me,”


Fruit trees, Riding the wind, Rural America, People will never get no wheels no go! Let me help you out, Northern Iowa, Buchanain County, Drive to, Drive you home Five dollars cash/ mole. Drive six days, Only drive two, Over two hundred miles. Part of fee hotel room for night, Will drive into cities, WillContinue reading “Bloom”

Chapter 48,Dance with dragons by George R.R.Martin

Book 5,Game of Thornes,Tyrone Chapter 48a, Chapter 48b, Chapter 48c,

Hey What’s that?

A head! No not ahead! That, That there, That there huh? No not that there, their, Maid or made, No there! On your hand! This hand? “Yes that hand!’ Oh, Well, That’s a horse of a Different color, Whats it do! Peck”, Pecks a little here, Pecks a little there, Peck a litte, cheap,cheap,cheap, PeckContinue reading “Hey What’s that?”

Not text generation

Poet through and through, When hurting, Only want tea, See people eye to eye, Of you read me only for grammer don’t waste your time, I care nothing for perfection. I care about sharing my day, YouTube or WordPress, If I love you my love is the best kind of perfection , Pure, Innocent, True,Continue reading “Not text generation”

Chapter 1-11, From the mixed up files Mrs.Basil E.Frankweiler by E.L.Konigsburd

Introduction letter: Chapter 1a, Chapter 1b, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4a, Chapter 4b, Chapter 5, Chapter 6a, Chapter 6b, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9a, Chapter 9b, Chapter 9c, Chapter 10,