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One of Penny”s eldest cats, Black n white, So very sweet, Protruding tumor over right eye, She has had it drained, No one cares his thing is horrible, Dries out on top, Yesterday it was like a damn with a leak, He whipped blood all around, It finally stopped, No fluid just blood, Its stillContinue reading “Boots”

Three months injuries shoulder

Yesterday I was told could take all food, Refrigerator’s electricity will be turned off soon, Her two loved guinea pigs rest in her freezer awaiting cremation, I didn’t remove them, Took meat and butter,cheese, Two unknowns marked June and July, In fridge didn’t take crap meat was surprised she still had some of that afterContinue reading “Three months injuries shoulder”

Do you a jibber Jabber?

Did you come out late in life? Did you date the wrong sex to please those near and dear to you? Was that toxic to you? People will never get born Gay it wasn’t a choice like what Cologne you wanted to wear to fit in! Have you always tried to please those you loved?Continue reading “Do you a jibber Jabber?”

Even christians

They claim they believe, They say they follow, Don’t share with them, They make me cry, A dear friend of mine, In no way perfect, Husband is an ass hole, When I go to Independence Iowa’s food bank only allows most gotten once a month, I love apples but can not live on them, WentContinue reading “Even christians”

Everybody screams

Point of death, From littlest rabbit to large horse to human, No spirit releases willingly, I have in sixty five nearly have held my little loves when they would leave me, The pain is incredible, They latch out, They bite, Things they would never do, They look at you in such pain, I hope theyContinue reading “Everybody screams”

All Tuckered out

Like a kitten who run around until fell asleep, To tired to pass go and collect two hundred dollars, Rammed left elbow into the side of my screen door, Same elbow I went threw car windshield with August two o eight , I’m wheezing from Sitting in the car in the country, This sixty-four yearContinue reading “All Tuckered out”

Nine Twenty-nine am

Finally reached thirty-two again, November twenty-third, Day before sounds from the past meant memories made, Smells and aroma’s, The table set, Smell of turkey and ham in the oven, Potatoes simmering white and candied, Black olives,green and beet pickles in fancy dishes, Champaign bottles to be opened, Dad bossing because though he spent no timeContinue reading “Nine Twenty-nine am”


After supper, My friend was bushed, Worked all night seven to three night before, Went and went like the energizer bunny, Eleven thirty my adopted little sister of fifty-night to tired to go on, Went to sleep in her chair, I on her low ass couch, A couch as low as my grandma’s, I wasContinue reading “Sleepover”


I think, While I was gone after food, I promised myself years ago I’d never be gone if.someone was ill, Finding someone dead when I return is worse then holding while they die, It’s like a light going out, Black is dragging his back legs now, He looked at me like, ‘I didn’t doContinue reading “Stroke”

Severe Trauma

Witnessing it, Living it, In WWI it was a joke, Called shell shock, In other wars it was a shooting offence, People were called coward! My baby sister was a coward, Ellen paid with her life, Couldn’t stand up for me to our half sister, You’d never call a fireman a coward, Its identified nowContinue reading “Severe Trauma”