Prince my grey stray

We always chatted, Pete’s son’s gonna ketch him and take him to the farm he works on. I think Prince us highly intelligent, I know he will survive a farm, I always try to save and protect life, Its the Pagan way,

Come a long way

There was a time, Wanted to be liked so, When stranges said that’s nice I’d simply say ‘want it!’ Then bingo Bango, A perfect stranger would have what I loved, No one ever appreciated what I gave freely was from my heart I had gotten because I lived it, That had not occured for sometime,Continue reading “Come a long way”

Vintage Mustang

No judge of ancient car flesh, Looked like at least sixty something, Picking up paper work for heating assistance, I wanted to ask, She was white with black trim, These are expensive collector cars to maintain, I thought it was weird that a newer model followed me from Independence,Iowa to Quasqueton,Iowa, Two In one day,Continue reading “Vintage Mustang”

Twenty-eight to go

Suck that Pat, If any old friend tell you not to write, Write! Right now Write, Their view on who you are is Fucked up! If you like me are at peace when you write, Write often, Write! Peace Eternal beats the hell out of others opinions all the time! Be You! Bee U! BeContinue reading “Twenty-eight to go”

Chapter 1, Harmed more

My narcissistic half sister harmed me more and getting hit by a car. She cut my heart out she stole my family and she ruined my good name. A****** say let It go forget about it it was a long ago. It took her from 2:10 to 2:14 December 3rd to force our mother fromContinue reading “Chapter 1, Harmed more”

Coconut oil

Really not hard, They don’t car to be greasy, Sophie still not have any on her, It appears to have few flees on hair left, Chester is no longer fluffy, He didn’t care for the oil ‘At All!’ Mr.Black loved the taste, Lady looks at me like I’m awful now. Bear blanket needs a goodContinue reading “Coconut oil”

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