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On the thirtieth will be on other site, No more crappiest crappyass verizon, WordPress made me restart my word, New smartphone, Samsung 5G, New number,319-635-6173 New email,

Golden Globes

Hello,Hello, Gay poet here, Saw none of the movies, Only wanted to see three, For a moment was sure was watching the Tony’s! My community was out TONIGHT! Lots of beautiful drop dead gorgeous females and guys, Not poetically correct only watch certain things, Best things I saw was actress from in Meg Ryan’s MovieContinue reading “Golden Globes”

Laura Ingles

Prairie still, Desolate White like a black and white picture, This morning time stood still, No wagon pulled by horses, My great great grand parents came from PA and VA to settle in Iowa before it was a state, Humidity from air crusted wires and trees, Cristal’s covered every trig, Lovely and dangerous,

My work


For me is determined by being happy, I just was reclining with two kittens and a main coon, I was beyond pleased, Tomorrow my happiness increases, Money isn’t the means to my happiness, A baby was found Little orange boy, My heart always has room, So same cold out, Nother stretch of cold heading forContinue reading “Wealth”

As am empath

When others are sad, I’m blown away, I go into hiding, Not a coward mind you, Even though I’m sitting in the bathroom of STUFF in Cedar Rapids,Iowa, Never seen Penny so hurt,devastated and angry! First time we went to the food bank one of Penny’s dog died that morning. This morning I was unableContinue reading “As am empath”


People say thanks, People see me dragging crap, Just don’t grab the huge metal door from me! Bronchitis getting worse, Got a ticket I guess Christmas eve, No shuttle from uptown parking lot for cripples, I had only one glove, It was ten below, Second holiday Penny was made to work all of, As CatholicContinue reading “Appreciation”