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Do you a jibber Jabber?

Did you come out late in life? Did you date the wrong sex to please those near and dear to you? Was that toxic to you? People will never get born Gay it wasn’t a choice like what Cologne you wanted to wear to fit in! Have you always tried to please those you loved?Continue reading “Do you a jibber Jabber?”

Sounds and signals

Can yawns get people to hang up? I”m guessing no! Been sighing, ‘Nothing!’ It always amazes me when people call and I’m eating they will rudely say ‘What’s that noise!’ And I always think a stupid but brave question needs a response so I’ll say I’m eating! I hate this response ‘Well when will youContinue reading “Sounds and signals”

Everybody screams

Point of death, From littlest rabbit to large horse to human, No spirit releases willingly, I have in sixty five nearly have held my little loves when they would leave me, The pain is incredible, They latch out, They bite, Things they would never do, They look at you in such pain, I hope theyContinue reading “Everybody screams”

Mighty fine

Thirty-nine degrees, A sauna from yesterday, Last night it was ten degrees, That is irregular, If it warms I shall move the turkey in a day early, All meat from food bank is like froze three fold, But I need a pan too, Bless my dear mom who lost control of her life thanks toContinue reading “Mighty fine”


Really wanted mittens, Searched in box between seats, Found socks, Literately found one, One sock was not helpful, I put it back, Fingers froze, Just found my dads then mine cross country ski mit’s, WordPress can be so dumb, I write mit’s, They change it to MIT, Not the same, Was is to warm yourContinue reading “Yesterday,”

Whipping,Whipping, Whipping Trees

You might travel the world to find, A February day colder then this, But this you might think is not even Thanksgiving, Puts me in mind of movie with Denise Quad, You know the one when mother earth got fed up and reacted to our fucking with mother earth causing Global warming, Mother earth goesContinue reading “Whipping,Whipping, Whipping Trees”


You think Santa’s elf’s have attitude, Well! At the Heike’s house in Quasqueton,Iowa that’s where real Attitude hangs! Without further adui, Pomp or circumstance, Drum roll please Mistro, Ta,da! Meow,Meow,Wow! For the first time ever allow me to introduce, The cat burgled with Extra Meow, The last and youngest Heike who purrs, Miss Molly EllenContinue reading “Meow,meow,”

Thank you!

Were good! Its the coldest night in November ever, Seventeen degrees, Kittens in and cocky, I feel blessed and pleased, I can not save all the baby animals just those I find, Thank you mother Earth,

Verizon’s first

First smartphone dumb as dirt, Every time I return home have to rest WIFI and Bluetooth and still get Nothing! Night before last night I got for three minutes five lines it remember it was in Quasqueton Iowa and went back to Nothing! I grew up with phones on the table, Phones on the wall,Continue reading “Verizon’s first”


Outside, Seventy inside, New furnace imagines I want fan, Air blows in, Dampness felt in my bones, I want nothing but heat from the furnace, My friend Penny who couldn’t find an Iowa attorney to stand up for her against the I’ll treatment the Catholic hospital in Waterloo dished her! She prays they will notContinue reading “Forty-four,”