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No ceiling

Why is there no government agency that monitor what owners of mobile homes sell? Why is selling mobile homes that should be pulled away and distroyed allowed? We have homes for non citizens but American poor are allowed to be sold mobile homes with black mold to old to be lived in simply because theyContinue reading “No ceiling”


Player down,

All hearts with family of falling, Twenty-four years old, Fell at work, Maybe with this ambulance upon the field players all age will see the games true dangers, Bengals and Bills, Historic game, Health takes president, Parent think, All school sports are hard on children, Dad use to say wrestling is hardest sport in schoolContinue reading “Player down,”

Chapter 5, Jolly Holly

Coldest Christmas Eve in my history, Colder then after my half sister torched our laundry room December third twenty fourteen after removing all but one smoke alarm battery, Christmas early evening I spent in dad’s red Dodge pickup truck with my four kitties that survived Diana’s fire in our electric drier, Electric driers cause twoContinue reading “Chapter 5, Jolly Holly”

That’s a crock

Funny plastic shoes, What’s in a word , Once rubber was said, Now no one says rubber shoes, Everything’s plastic, A form of rubber, Stiffer no longer black, Frying pans use to be all black, I have two hand me downs red and one blue, No better, Had no tools after Diana nuked our laundryContinue reading “That’s a crock”

Drizzle in Buchanan,County

Just starting eight hours from when those in science said it would begin thanks a lot, Is this the precision that has those in the south believing America is going to finally have that internal revolution that those of us who studied history knew was coming? I had a friend tell me last week inContinue reading “Drizzle in Buchanan,County”

Dinner on plastic

Do you eat on plastic? Do you eat well? Seeking work I can do without crippling pain, See I can’t eat on government plastic if $2.19, Poverty level in Iowa is above $28,000, I never in nearly sixty-five years made that, Went back to chase my degree at fifty, Was struck by a ninety-three yearContinue reading “Dinner on plastic”

Whipping,Whipping, Whipping Trees

You might travel the world to find, A February day colder then this, But this you might think is not even Thanksgiving, Puts me in mind of movie with Denise Quad, You know the one when mother earth got fed up and reacted to our fucking with mother earth causing Global warming, Mother earth goesContinue reading “Whipping,Whipping, Whipping Trees”

Stand on to star

Happens all the time, Know your part, Stand ready, My Green Bay Packers lead, New players are standing Up, Looking Tall, NFL Are over seas like USO, As an Empath that touches my heart deeply, Can hardly wait for the half, I love that NFL is over seas with our heroes, Dallas nearly touchdown, Punt,Continue reading “Stand on to star”

The Souix Scout

Beautiful Bronze Sculpture, Rest looking down on Kansas City, The statue stands in memberance, Native Americans, Funny, American Indians crossed the Bering Straits some five thousand years ago, True American is the American Buffalo, Still outstanding job to the artist!

Not all

Most cats are not deviant, Most cats taught once learn, Not my grey calico, Teddi and Emily were only ones who sat Sherry’s bed, Lady and Smuggler like the front window, Mr. Black did too, Chester loves my bear blanket and my lap, Sophie struts upon my books, All my yelling telling her that’s merchandiseContinue reading “Not all”