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Part 3,Synops books read–learning-how-to-build-a-story-a8c6hko


Scared briefly, I saw Tony the librarian, Dressed in her sunflower shirt, As I approached there was the older librarian Independence, Iowa, IT caught me off guard Dressed as a clown dark blue hair, Then she announced her clothes came from the children department, In an instance I thought of big Bang Theory’s Howard, HisContinue reading “IT”


I was told a sad story yesterday, It was bout a lady who had been in the military, As the military she was put in a mental ward, She met another warrior there and they had an affair, Is ranked was higher than hers, So they were court Marshall. On sure that they wanted toContinue reading “Magazines!”

No heat

Blood in Urine, Rather work to death at Catholic hospital in Waterloo then freeze at he me with no furnace, This angers this poet as much as a trailer owner tossing in a land fill a wagon of perfectly good wood!

An invitation

Today I received the second best gift this year, Not wrapped, No ribbon, No matter, No matter, I get to share a meal, With a family, Its been nine years since I had a place, At a table to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought when I brought Sherry with mom’s money to Iowa we would beContinue reading “An invitation”

Amish country

Outside of Oelwein, Iowa, One Amish store nice inside bathroom, On 150, The other Amish store portto potties, I could not with a cane climb in, 150 is best,


No option, No money for improvements for better life, Disability wasn’t my doing, Been suggested get a job but make lest then the crappy $10800 I’ve suffered to survive on with crappyass disability for fourteen years that is unsatisfactory for me, I seek full time employment to better my situation not to be more pathetic!Continue reading “Harsh”