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Deep Red

Laying off the starboard bow, Set of strataverious clouds tut in directly on top, Deep Red’s warning, Sailor take warning, Over Buchanan County, The vista viewed I, Driving through sleet coming home, Been gone just twelve hours, Gone long enough to feel the pain of the day, A friend whose disabled asked me yesterday howContinue reading “Deep Red”

Less snow Buchanan County

Winneshiek County heck a lot more, No deer only trip to Calmar Iowa, A car stopped at a stop sign, Brights on and I didn’t realize the closeness of the stop sign, I missed it seemed to find myself across the T section in an instant, I was pleased beyond words that no other carsContinue reading “Less snow Buchanan County”

Three months injuries shoulder

Yesterday I was told could take all food, Refrigerator’s electricity will be turned off soon, Her two loved guinea pigs rest in her freezer awaiting cremation, I didn’t remove them, Took meat and butter,cheese, Two unknowns marked June and July, In fridge didn’t take crap meat was surprised she still had some of that afterContinue reading “Three months injuries shoulder”

Doctor Dolittlewolf

Howl as she creeps concealed within the darkness, Howl nothing so sinister, Dr. Doolittle Woof collecting all animals in need, Day or must have been night, Pitch black I arrived about three O’Clock on the afternoon, Plenty of time to gather animal and go home, Not in my world a young couple came, They caughtContinue reading “Doctor Dolittlewolf”

Life is like a speech

One of my favorite movies, The American President, MJF(Michael J. Fox) lived his movies, Doc Hollywood, American President, Secret to my success, There was another something Adams, My TBI will not allow me to recall, Michael Douglas and Warren Beatty’s wife and Dustin Huffman, Its a romantic comedy with ‘Guts and plenty of heart!’ OneContinue reading “Life is like a speech”

Synapse 4,and audio thoughts of a gay Iowa Poet Will add to until Valentines day 2023 and Synopsis and thoughts and poems.

Historic,Educational, English history ‘Year 1000’ by Lacey and Danziget

Life without

Four months without home after oldest half sister Diana Lee torched our laundry room at 405 2nd street N.E. Waukon,Iowa 52327, Three years stuck in low rent housing government style which is worse then living in a room at a dying rat trap of a hotel,trains all night long, One pair of shoes two pairsContinue reading “Life without”