My home

Haven for old pets Give them a chance for extra life A friend told me A neighbor died her firpeople outright exterminated Thats wrong Give a life of love Thrown away My family christians did that to me with hate My mom knew I Never harmed anyone Mom Never removed me from her policies orContinue reading “My home”

Hawksong,End of Chapter 1,Chapter 2,Chapter 4a,End of Chapter 5-6a,End of Chapter 6 and Chapter 8a,Chapter 9a,end Chapter 10,end of Chapter 11,end of Chapter 14,Chapter 20,Chapter 21,Chapter 13,Hawksong by Amelia Atwater Rhodes

End of Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 4a, End of Chapter 5-6a, Chapter 6 end, Chapter 8a, Chapter 9a, End Chapter 10, End of Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 20, Chapter 21,

First week August

Last night felt like first October My cat and I slept like logs Tucked under two blankets You know quilt and throw! Until I yelled get off me cramped! Drank some water Took a stroll Recovered me and of course cat Garsh darn if it were not fifty-three this morn A week past not aContinue reading “First week August”

Chapter 4,Falcondance,vol.3,Ameilia Rhodes Atwater(Hawksong)

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Movies in Parks

Ossian Iowa a fly speck on the map of America is preparing for its second night at the movies.That might not be the official name but as an American YouTube media contribitor it pisses me off. What small town officials are doing is illigal. I mentioned to someone that its illigal I was told IContinue reading “Movies in Parks”

Chapter1,Black Company by Glenn Cook

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Favorite chapter 24,goddess of the night Lynne Ewing, book 1,Daughters of the moon

Chapter 21-24a, Chapter 24b,

Chapter 13,Jinxed by Carol Higgens Clark

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Chapter 12,Informative,Message in the bottle Nicholas Sparks

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