A nominal or free

Judy says just use lights, Her husband put in my lights, LTD nominal means: Pay,pay,pay or, $$$$$!!!!!!$$$$$, Till you die, Guving more and more money to Aliant Energy who over charges and gets away with it! Or, Buy solar lights with LTD, Charge in sun, Pay onely once, My June electric gas bill was $77,Continue reading “A nominal or free”

3rd book in Mossflower by Brian Jacques

Of water and warriors Chapter 46a, https://youtu.be/IwRvNmADRaI Chapter 46b, https://youtu.be/kXYmY4LJ3zE Chapter 47a, https://youtu.be/WoXfTQg7858 Chapter 47b, https://youtu.be/-lS_y-aNjnU Chapter 47c, https://youtu.be/JrdJpKHcYWE Chapter 47d, https://youtu.be/V1VEnTm9mP0 Chapter 48a, https://youtu.be/B-uyzD7swKg Chapter 48b, https://youtu.be/RmGMNsA96Ao Chapter 48c, https://youtu.be/0CM1NFo94RA Chapter 49, https://youtu.be/0b1sPFG-eBo Chapter 50, https://youtu.be/nA8NmNYEExc Chapter 51, https://youtu.be/wL6g_x_jyGA Chapter 52, https://youtu.be/s78cHjvnkmM

Do you think its easy?

Do we assist others to make a fool of us? If we practice forgetting they will not let us done, If we believe that if those act out friend are we opening the gate, Letting proverbial cows out, Are dogs escaping, Will people always let us down? Today I grabbed popcycles thought I’d give themContinue reading “Do you think its easy?”

Just me wondering

Why do people who know nothing of me friend me? If they friend you simply to keep track of their buds why friend me, I read and write and wait to load all day, Not exciting, Have to do, in hope to get subscribers to monitize, No slacking off here, I’m not appealing, I’m aContinue reading “Just me wondering”

Quasqueton, Iowa,me sends

Rain blessing to all those in need, Today I awoke to rain fall, It causes me to ponder, We have the technology, Why can we not stimulate clouds, Rain needs to fall, Cleans the air, Stimulates growth, allows farmers to water animals, plants to grow and mature, No one needs seven showers a day, CarsContinue reading “Quasqueton, Iowa,me sends”

Great concept

Heard last night before shutting off, Sleep causes me to tune out, Turn off, Slip away, I have a friend in a bad way, People Never really know you, Never understand why they refuse to comprehend, My time is utilized until the sandman creeps in, Doesn’t mean I waste my time, Not accomplishing, Or writingContinue reading “Great concept”

Two friends

Different as night and day, Same age, One had more stable home in youth, One Wisconsin girl, Tother Iowan, not a farm girl, One never knew want, This one never understood my struggle with goverment free, Wisconsin girl knows all ends of goverment free, Both friends, Both loved, Both straight, Both mothers gay sons, NeitherContinue reading “Two friends”

How to loose a friend?

A friend you loved, Cared, Spent time with, Sought to spent time with, Introduce her to the woman you are you think in loved with, When after a few weeks the women you loved leaves, You want to talk to your oldest friend, To them the new friendship matters more, The friend doesn’t care thatContinue reading “How to loose a friend?”