Why do script writers,

Why do they never shut doors! If I were a PI, I’d know sneaking into a building, Covertly, No intelligent individual, Wanting to remain in business, And alive, Would want others not thinking! Is there some one sneaking around? Or suspect of themself so foolish to not having shut a door, Have those script writersContinue reading “Why do script writers,”

Coconut oil

Really not hard, They don’t car to be greasy, Sophie still not have any on her, It appears to have few flees on hair left, Chester is no longer fluffy, He didn’t care for the oil ‘At All!’ Mr.Black loved the taste, Lady looks at me like I’m awful now. Bear blanket needs a goodContinue reading “Coconut oil”

With a green glint in his eye

Contently eating, Then he washes briefly others dine, Quick he thinks no one watches, Up on the counter he bounds, Then like magic he is off the counter, Mr.Black, My oldest cat, Peed on the plate others had ate off , He is never an innocent by stander, Only one other cat Imagine Blacks aContinue reading “With a green glint in his eye”


Four o nine, No bugle, All in my head, One friend wants coffee, I’m going alone, Why is it when I’m going for me and sharing with Penny Judy gets a PO reference, Judy has Brent, Brent”s Judies husband, They always made more then me, They aren’t one, I told her I’d try, The teaContinue reading “Rising”

Not dollar tree Anymore

Lady working register, Outside On break, Said heats returning to upper Iowa, Wanted to say if that’s a joke try again! She said not a joke, Not funny it is true, For we have had our fill, Truly unnormal summer starting in May, No fall just more GD heat, Is this hear from Ivan’s disruption?Continue reading “Not dollar tree Anymore”


I like games that allow me to think, I have never liked game that is pre-programmed to tell me what to think, When you play a game like that you’re like a rat in a trap following their dictation whoever read the game, Press this press that build this build that, There’s this new gameContinue reading “Games”

Cats don’t learn

Cats are button pushers, They will at least two be the death of me, Black is like Seymour, ‘Feed me!’ Sophie sneaks where told not to go! Over and over! Sadie nudges further up, I awoke this morning like I had a cat muff on, Now Sadie is the second car to give the babyContinue reading “Cats don’t learn”

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