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She walked with purpose

Steamy tall black jacket long legged ridding hat sat flat upon her luxous mystical black hair. Spanish hat like. Short black hair. Small curls next to both ear.No earring Vampire Vixen out in broad daylight mystical,Yum! In an instant I had slammed her in my head against a wall.Small hands locked in mine.Brown leggins curvedContinue reading “She walked with purpose”

Where’s the gypsies?

Tomorrow it will be eleven months since I was allowed to talk to my mom. It was December when my mom had my half sister contact Dr.Jeanette Pillsbury of Luther College with Diana knowing my phone number to find out my phone number because mom wanted to talk to me. By February Diana the expertContinue reading “Where’s the gypsies?”


I try being the only gay woman of sixty-one and pieces in Ossian Iowa(really anywhere I have ever lived) to over think and over plan everything. I am always amazed when people since my narcississtic half sister left my bleeding beating empty heart for dead under expect humanity because if I could so easily behatedContinue reading “Wow”

Rural Rideshare

Eighty five dollars for a ten mile trip to Walmart and home to STUPID! As Val’s Rideshare a dollar a mile,first hour shopping free. After first hour every additional hour two dollars to four hours then five dollars an hoyr.Time is money.People like myself stuck on $680 a month on crappy disability you charge toContinue reading “Rural Rideshare”


Use to love, Walking! Now since August 11th at 4pm,2008,Waukon,Iowa I was strick by a 93 year old retired attoring in Waukon,Iowa. Walking is Wobbling. How do I get people to understand with my own service up and running I can work out of poverty.Have face.Regain confidence.Have heat. Place non tradiinal women who are strugglingContinue reading “Walking”

Social Security mail

Just recieved a letter stating this is your second letter asking for information. Its the only one I recieved.Question one : Have you work this Year? My question for them is if I was working would they not know it? No but that’s not correct because I work all the time I make no money.Continue reading “Social Security mail”


People who have no idea how hard it is finding money to not be poverty stricken, to build a business maybe a ride share or a delivery service. Just got off the phone talking to a friend who was never poor no concept of wanting not to be without transportation. Jean just said why notContinue reading “Amazing!!!!”