The girl who ran

Hometown girl,

Oldest of four children,

Father not a drinker,

Crazy son of a bitch the girl’s father,

One night,

Like many nights,

The child,

The girl,


Her father with shot gun,

Hunted her,

Her younger brothers blames her,

Her brothers lived through hell..?

But the girls life was in jeopardy,

Twelve being mom to three brothers,

Mom had run off years ago,

A child needs her childhood,

In adulthood the girl was force to care for her abuser,

Her youngest brother lusted after the home seeing $$$,

After finding Jesus the girl accepted her families burden,

Now mean and alcoholic,

No home would accept the her dad,

Her dad!

None of her abused brothers would step up,

A deal was made in exchange for a home,

Now a woman,

Had her own cleaning business,

Raised two children,


Her ex druggie husband paid No child support,

Giving up her business,

She took the monster in hand,

We will call the girl Friday,

Friday gave up her home,

Frankies business,

Moved lot,stock and barrel,

Youngsters as well ,

Remodled monsters house,

All Friday’s money earned by her,

Upstairs and down after monster signed the house of Friday’s horrific youth over to her.

Younger son successful traider,

Now in debt in big way,

Like in poker chips were being called in,

Tally up!

Only younger son knew worth of home,


A house father lived in,

Like my half sister who saw family as expendable,

See all stories matter,

We are all linked ,

Not by carbon footprints,

Not by finger prints,

But by our stories,

Friday say wow isn’t this intersting,

Then little creep saw $$$ in dads house,

Went to dad wanted to lease rooms in his home,

Dad was profit in home refurbished,

Dad totally forgot home no longer his,

See little creep thought possession of those rooms would show dad’s mently unwell,

Still money men wanted their pounds of flesh,

Little creep keep shouting ‘Its all good just a little more time!’

Like what Diana Lee did to me in 2012 and 2014 in they came,

Brain dead of Iowa,

Never look for the truth,


Truth what a foul empty thing goverment checks into Nothing!

My mom died in Granbury Texas in the hands of my families bully,

Toxic individuals Diana NPD and Little Creep and Iowa uneducatef Human Services,

No longer needed even a masters degreee to do cases,




Friday opens door strangers demanding to see Dennis’s home,

Fathers name,

Funny no one came a knocking when the mobster was raising children,

Funny no one cared the sixteen pages of horrors Diana L Dudley did to her Gay sister and her mom!

Now their demanding to see dad’s home,

Can hear it trumpet’s,

House is immaculet,

Friday had a cleaning company,

Like me she was the company!

Funny when I say I blogg I get blank stares.

When someone says writer(me) I get same but not all are the multi rich,

Born with a silver spoon,

They said we need to see Dennis,

This is his house Right!

Friday said no!

This is my home!

They said you live here,

Friday said I own the house,

Then Friday brought out the deed,

Friday wanted to know their business they demanded to see her father again.

Commical shit,

All in social services need to loose their jobs,

Friday asked what is this pertaining to?


Then they said -We have had reports!’ What reports Friday asked!

Well then the guy said we aren’t to say,

He said we usually see abuse in the home,

But I could eat off your floors,

When they snuck into our home 405 2nd st.Ne Waukon,Iowa, moms home I was a fulltime college student,

Returned at fifty to get my BA, disabilied due to in 2008 being struck in a cross walk in Waukon with muy bike. When not in school drove Amish for money to drive to college.

The lies my half sister told were that I with held food from my mom,

I beat her,

My dad beat mom( it was her dad that beat mom up to Diana’s year and a half name day, then mom divorced her ass wipe dad.)

My dad never struck mom,

Dad an alcolholics weapon was verbal.

Mom was never an invalid in 2012 or 2014.Mom was never Ever Bedridden.

The crap from Human services that Diana fed from her tet to my family was garbage. A bunch of fucking cowards.

The HS dude confessed it was Fridays little brother,

Her fathers big problenm with his.rldest I guess was that sehe was a girl.

Now that same girl not long ago living in crappy low rent housing,

Now fifty-one, an Iowan pioneer of sort,

Stood up to low life family and assinie Iowa Human Services,

I still want my half sisters ast word to be ‘Val’, as her neck’s bones crack,

Diana and human services distroyed my good name, murdered mom with 2 psin packs a week and forced my baby sister to forget what she allowed to be done to me by drinking herself to death,

Friday’s blessing was Covid in a way,

The Stimulus check or part of it bought her home,

Five hundred dollars,

Infested with mice,ants, rotten wood,

Years of dead cat killed bodies,

This morning June 9th, 2021 up on top she will be found,

Purpose to remove peel back the tin like a can lay new wood,

Yesterday mostly she sprayed to kill the aunts,

Every night they filled her bed,

Such a warrior,

A fighter,

Equal to the women who were Americans home front throughout the pages of the real American history,

On disability what Human service of Iowa and her brother did she says they broke her brain.

Like me she has PSTD,

Ones family is not a blessing,

Not blood,

The girl who ran saced her life,

The American dream we both share,

Ownership of our own homes.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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