My being upset is about me

When I am upset, Don’t cry, my inability is totally mine, Don’t get upset, Its not about you, My inability to stand from a bed low to the floor=/, Is because of the stupid asses that thinks disablied are all like them, If I grumble in the toilet thats me standing! If and when IContinue reading “My being upset is about me”

Pain is Private ‘Shut-Up!’

Cocaine prescribed ‘Hell No!’ was poisined with that! Pain the Damn broke! No one cared or said Anything! God damn tbe world! My half sister still walks! It took five years two codeine packs a week, The best person in my world! The world died of a massive stroke! Clarian her sister died inContinue reading “Pain is Private ‘Shut-Up!’”

Not Fair!

To take pain gunk, Warning on some lables”Must eat first!’ Is that Fair? For all those wuth pain in tbe morning I shout! “Not Fair! Injustice Wrong! Is the warning like those stupid tags on pillows? ‘Don’t remove tag on Penalty ‘ and in really small print like they just noticed the stupid thing theyContinue reading “Not Fair!”

Superman’s Kryptonite

Pain Women suffer most Women they say handle more pain Some say we live to suffer Today PETA sent animal lovers Not just me! I’m sure the horrors american scientist get away doing on animals rescued from other Non human abusers! A few years back Big news no more lab monkeys used Silly me IContinue reading “Superman’s Kryptonite”

The Excuse of 2020

An elerly apartment complex Macon,Georgia, manager will not allow residence to get packages Excuse might cause Virus outbreak Mailman eats in this elderly apartment community room. Sorry we are experiencing slower answering time due to Covid-19 Layoffs No work here Reason Virus Schools closed Months on end Still in October schools had teacher service dayContinue reading “The Excuse of 2020”

Bells rung!

Great moments in time Deaths Weddings Bombings Then silence Plaugue To mant deaths Prayers Cities fell In Japan bells were stollen white did not understand importants of! Newspiece,simple and true taught lesson One nation Braught to pray Ringing century symbol A bell Paid for by ancesters blood! Who towns forge each cities bell! Military leadersContinue reading “Bells rung!”


Should be personal Belong to one wronged Its our name devestaged by a narcississ lies Narcississ lies ravage you like the plague Raping you of all loved ones Narc’s lies are to bizzare so easily believed No one checks on the facts! That’s how justice should be Lengthy Bizzare Painful Cunning Stealing them of allContinue reading “Vengeance”

Can an animal like human

Be punished without talking to them? I say they can Today for the billenth time I awoke to declawes cat hand Scooping the rug My legs still swollen from cellijtice attach Did the yelling Black cat knows I’m mad I shouted Made the circle through kitchen net Twice only to watch him Slink away NotContinue reading “Can an animal like human”


Bullied kids and adults Like kicked baby animals People are kicked Abused Lied about Narcissists keep their base close Tools used against your loved ones Narcississ bullies in families are deadly The tools they use to distroy you Recalled Remembered Will be used to seal their deaths No guilt No fear Cutting you off fromContinue reading “Fragil”