When rabbits cry

For you human who think the line in Bug Bang was funny :Penny told Lenard his hands were as soft as Veal! Your stupid! Veal is the meat if a baby calf force to live its brief life in a crate then murdered! She told Leonard his hands were like meat! Where is that humorous?Continue reading “When rabbits cry”


At sixty-four pain thrives, Its not a compliment when you are told by younger women they want the be cared for! You have cared all your life, After a day of going even the fingers of your cane hand ‘THROB!’ My oldest cat screams he still feels bad as he sits in the cat box,Continue reading “SHUT UP! Say SHUT UP to PAIN!”

Putting away

How do you put family as if in a bag, Out of site, Not call, Not text, Not email, Treat as if dead, All they have are lies told by a narcissist , I the one forgotten, I the one like Elf on the shelf, I miss them, I miss hugs, Miss family, Miss caring,Continue reading “Putting away”

And the breast goes

Pop, Only lame asses see their woman Not perfect! Pop goes, Only a fool would want their woman to suffer, Weasel! Pop! Man made crap is made to Fail! Pop,pop! No lesbians cares if their woman is bigger, This out lesbian sees only the original work of art, No augmentation needed! If you want theContinue reading “And the breast goes”


Glam, Fixed up, Changed, Morals matter, How animals are treated matter, Saw a TikTok yesterday pointing out the inhuman treating babylambs all for the goddamn Fucking keching! pound,dollar , yen,lira, Severing baby lambs tails {{mot goving the sentient animal Anything for the pain!!!???????!!!!! Leaving open Wounds that flies lay theitlt babies in !!?? What kindContinue reading “Glamor”

Gas is,

Higher then ever in my life time, $479.9, Milk costs neat that, A dozen eggs $260, Where are the jobs those of us who want to work from home can do? I’m as good a shot and driver, In a cross walk with my ten speed, I shake because of a 93 year old retiredContinue reading “Gas is,”


I was a fantastic neighbor, Loaned a new apartment size refrigerator to neighbor using ice to keep food safe, Loaned tarp to cover stuff, For six months loaned my shed, Never saw a penny, Loaned my washing machine which she would fill past full, Took her to town, Loaned my car: She went into CedarContinue reading “Discrimination/Slander”

Just breathe

Moment by moment, Just breathe, Stars ignite, Tears fall, Just breathe, Eyes are full, Years flip by Heart aches, A giggle is heard, Just breathe, A puppy barks, A kitten purrs, A baby cries, I sigh, Those I love taken away, Alone stands I, One lesbian butch alone weeps, Just breathe,

Great Scott

Wanderer off, Baby kitten, Three a.m., Momma Val worried, Awoke to puling sound, Rising fast, Dizzy spin, Tossing blankets, Screaming kitten baby, Chester come to momma, Seven set of eggs, In my office stare, No one is concern, Chester’s still in the stage of, Kitten or toy or… Chew toy, Sophie taps her in theContinue reading “Great Scott”

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