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Second accident ,car striking me

Awesome I’m very sorry. Didn’t graduate have a TBI could not test out of statistics cost me $60000 for what the world sees as nothing without that one piece of paper. I returned to college at fifty was struck in a criss walk by a ninety three year old retired attorney who got no ticket.Continue reading “Second accident ,car striking me”


Good natured fun, Darn right silliness, Recalling family who died we in Dachau, A young man in winters northern cold last night missed a signal, No matter how far he goes on his career he will forever be that guy who missed his quarterback rubbing his forearm, At the time Walmart’s camera shot that nuanceContinue reading “Remembered”

Pain is traumatic

Everyone has it to a degree, Someone I loves is suffering and has no furnace so she is freezing, She days I got understand if she dies and then no more pain, I don’t understand I think she should allow me to be of assistance, Her adult son I think should know she has noContinue reading “Pain is traumatic”


My little girl, Found she was a girl, Took to have her fixed, The name suited her, I will seek another black n white, She left me heart broken, You should never do that to an empath it eats us up!

Everybody screams

Point of death, From littlest rabbit to large horse to human, No spirit releases willingly, I have in sixty five nearly have held my little loves when they would leave me, The pain is incredible, They latch out, They bite, Things they would never do, They look at you in such pain, I hope theyContinue reading “Everybody screams”

No plastic bag

No money, No wormer, Death scream, We lost out Theodora ‘Teddi’ this morning, She ate turkey, Slept two nights in cupboard, I knew she felt bad, I tried, No plastic bag to place my little girl in, She like so many others will roam within the walls of my heart for eternity, Tears splashing fromContinue reading “No plastic bag”

When a friend vanishes

How do you talk, How do you find our why? How do you know they are well? Were you just being played? Say you knew them for months, They made your life worth, You sleep one night on their couch, That’s it was it real? Did I imagine belonging, Is that the last time IContinue reading “When a friend vanishes”

Heating pad

Mom’s was very old and blue, I used it several times during my youth, Used it right, Used it stupidly, Did a police only chest, I was unclear about a mustard plaster, Did you know it doesn’t go on your chest, The plaster goes on a bit of wool then on your chest, Without theContinue reading “Heating pad”