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Why going ballistic at three o nine am, There’s a damn cat in on my towels I have never used! I need tubs for my blankets, Or totes, Tubs for my never used new towels, Needy animals in my way, Cats all wanting loving, Tied up cupboards to keep cats out. I sit down toContinue reading “No!”

No comfort

I first discovered this as fact in 2001, I was working for Aramark, Skyland Lodge in the Shenandoah National Park, The mountain room got hard straight back chair, The dinning room should be enjoyed, The clientele few are locals, Most are tourist, Tourist pay a pretty penny to eat and stay at Skyland Lodge, IContinue reading “No comfort”

Have you changed?

Email or cell number, It doesn’t change you, But for a writer to loose all they wrote by where they wrote, That’s murder, For a writer what we wrote its loved like children, New better phone, WordPress is acting like now I can’t possibly be me, Bullshit,

Guess what

Pissed beyond words, I’m the only Valerie K Heike, Who writes under Val Whitewolf Books, Val Whitewolf that’s me, On god damn piece of shit, Yes verizon no problems took forever to load, Been writing on wordpress for years, Now I’m to looses everything I have had a new email since this summer, I noContinue reading “Guess what”

Get this

Going on five crappyass months no phone service! One mad phone call cheek lammated to front window, Once in front of my trailer new front window, Once driving round park(mobile home that is trailer allows reader the assumption mobile homes move! There are no wheels in Iowa by law removes wheels.) One night in theContinue reading “Get this”

Amish teach

First baby can come anytime, Other babies after that one, Amish girls are not dumb, Or are they, Sex is a loaded gun, Playing with a loaded gun, Knocked up stupid ass term, In Amish community when male leaves marriage bed not like unAmish, Women can’t divorce, Until they die if he still lives theyContinue reading “Amish teach”

I miss YouTube

I miss British comedies, I miss Time Team, I’m from the generation where streaming was just rewatching repeats, Unfortunately this generation imagine new TV is reworked good TV with crappy new actors, During Christmas the CW out or Waterloo took a great TV show the Walton’s TV movies, Crappy actors in roles not theirs, AdvertisedContinue reading “I miss YouTube”


National Weather service, I open it, I expect, Foul or lovely, Weather not the service ideas on other foul crap someone is paying the service to pump to clients! How’s that not Phishing! I open for just weather, Not to hear what food will kill us, Or what republican was arrested for what! I amContinue reading “Notification”

Qualify for low rent

Be Disabilied, Homeless, And no age limit, Still the assisted living,low rent housing on third street in Oelwein,Iowa in December 2022, When my friend Penny’s ceiling fell in, Penny was told staying there, Where her eighty-seven year old mom lives, Penny was told she was too young, Penny’s homeless, It cost $300/a week to stayContinue reading “Qualify for low rent”