Do you know doubters?

Are those doubters friends? After chatting are you like me Do you wonder Why? I just shared with a friend I bought a brand new typewriter You know what the old friend said? That’s a surprise your spelling sucks! Your punctuation is crap! Then adding insult to already injury, Pat says does the type writerContinue reading “Do you know doubters?”


A good Wisconsin beer Women with great legs Your moms cooking{ if she cooked like my mom} A good running vehical And Stay Calm Gonna blow Your mind! Are you ready? Are you old enough? A full Pantry! That’s right my goberment check Spent on shoes mine were tossed by an old women because myContinue reading “Decadent”

Shouting in writers head

Heard by all who read Wandering into line of thought Readers Would share till to tuckered to decifer When dead tired words become spots Blindness sets in My excuse it tiredness sleepy to tenth power Whats the worlds excuse five times since August 8th 2008 walked outside n about no cane! I have to drawContinue reading “Shouting in writers head”


Is once it? Love once then Emptiness Betrayal Treachery Zoom,zoom Loss of self Death Narcississ believe humans are their toys Greek gods Beneigh beings Zoom,zoom Lie,_liars,lay Death is innocence weapon Blank,dark eyes shed no tears Freedom comes only with Narcississist death Death eyes of followers clear The truth lies under Transparent lies Blinders held inContinue reading “Zoom,zoom”

Brotherhood of man

Religion when I was young spouted Love thy brother Rodenberry wrote Spock Spock preached ‘One is less important then the good of many’ When push comes to shove US goverment steps in dictates Shutdown Still people have live Saw a YouTube video Wisconsin upset about goverment They cry ‘Foul!’ Stimulous package will not: Pay rent,feedContinue reading “Brotherhood of man”

Crossing lines

Not like shooting crossing hairs Arget sited,found Peoples emotions Peoples heart strings Not others affairs Its not your place to repremand others Your hearts not theirs You control No one! You might forget loosing loved ones You might Stop being angry Stop keeping a grudge Its not your place,who ever you are! There are thingsContinue reading “Crossing lines”

Army Green

Red head Company D My company 1978,July Fort Jackson S.C took an Iowa farm girl called her friend Never before called Bigot Tall beautiful red headed black woman spoke for me! I was nineteen Jan Gooseberry like rest of us girl hide oranges and Baby Ruths Nineteen seventy eight this Iowan second time from homeContinue reading “Army Green”

Piddle,patter tin vent

Low rent housing Iowa Vents tinnie Feel the breeze Hear breeze howl Thunder within your heart Sky grows dark Piddle, piddle Tap,tapping,Tap Ooooooo draft breezing through Sky is cloudy Clouds threatening Shush! Piddle,piddle, Patter Silent! Wait for it Chirp,chirp,chirp, Picture the old Warner Brothers cartoon’s end That’s all Folks!


Waits like that one sock hides Hate lies Hate dormant waits Like a pot to be stirred We are seeing history repeat Those of us meek Meek tucked away Hide and seek Hate wielded like unwanted feen Meek Innocent go first I did No one seeks others Meek will do Coward sits Big white homeContinue reading “Hate”