Walk I shall always recall

Strolling to Bear Lake through our woods, In fall Lee Ann removing my slivers, Uncle Norm made the best sling shots, Always used saved inner tubes that no longer floated, The tree house built by cousins and one short time brother in law, John Cook,Robbie and Julie’s dad, How the meadow changed from huge withContinue reading “Walk I shall always recall”

We have become

The country of people who want, Not Marslow’s Theory country, That would be need fulfilled by want, Now need is replaced with human activity, Where to see Facebook as warning as many bodies to market to not to friend to market to whatever we get a company to believe we’re settling, It might be forContinue reading “We have become”

Scars cut through

No one knows the venom narcississ inject, Lies that steal not only your good name, Lies allow you to see nothing but cowards! Its easier to follow a narcississ then stand up to them, That cowardice took my baby sister’s life, Being helpless and trapped took my mom’s life too, Are there no hero’s? IContinue reading “Scars cut through”


No sirrey Bob! 64 is not two people to go wherever, No I don’t care if someone thinks you’re coming to my home to take my blood pressure, And it doesn’t matter to me if it’s free, I wasn’t brought up thinking they were God’s, No will I allow them in, I have been gettingContinue reading “Feeble”

The knees have it in spades

I knew it I knew what I knew what I knew where I knew it! If you had a car try to drive through your left knee cap and you have bad arthrit is You are a better predictor of rain coming than any weatherman of easier hot woman or just regular dude, It’s 118Continue reading “The knees have it in spades”

Beware of it

Tell him silly I know, Beware, Of, The unknown! I am notorious for sticking things in the refrigerator then I use once with only food, Not wash it because it was just food, Tonight I was having a blueberry smoothie, I knew I’d use this old yogurt container for applesauce yesterday, Totally forgot that IContinue reading “Beware of it”

Tumble weed

Life happens, No one gets out of it alive, Its painful, Full of deciet, Stop fooling yourself that sorrow and pain created who you are, There will be those that tell you put those feelings away, They will tell you its done, They will say move on, Screw them they will never know what itContinue reading “Tumble weed”

Tippy tippy top girl

Ellen Beth Heike was that girl, Ellen where’s my kid sister, I was always a kid in the ground looking up, Proud my baby sister reach the top, Until you reach the time without me, Sisters are supposed to grow old together, How do you grow old together what is gone, Species life alone leavesContinue reading “Tippy tippy top girl”

Why is it the last thing family want to do for loved ones is stay with them or invite them into your home? Our elderly gave up everything for us!

When I was in Junior High school three older sisters adopted dad, Dr.L.N.Heike, dad would make house calls, Dad was a Chiropractor for forty years, Non of the sisters had children or married , Mory Hart was dad and mom’s and the sisters attorney, One day the sisters,Sofia,Clara and the youngest Minnie put it inContinue reading “Why is it the last thing family want to do for loved ones is stay with them or invite them into your home? Our elderly gave up everything for us!”

Best name ever for a TV show

‘Funny things people do!’ There are many layers of humor, Slapstick is one, Humor is priceless, Today I was told that because of someone I befriended, A friend told me I had pasted along that the friend had suggested to me I was being used, I am no dummy, I know when I’m being taken,Continue reading “Best name ever for a TV show”

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