A comic’s Comic,Robin Williams

My age, A legend lost his fight to live, Wars, and police actions, Tonight on ABC, Honor given, Sound the trumpets bang a drum, Robin Williams, Yammer yammer, A word here and there, A tribute,ABC, His works, His roles, Mentioning without ‘Good.morning Vietnam he might never succeeded it n the business, I never saw anythingContinue reading “A comic’s Comic,Robin Williams”

FaceBook Jail,

FaceBook took offense over a garden reference, My adopted brother Paul simply said, “You should mount the biggest hoe you have in your garden to root something offensive out,’ I get offended Facebook sending men to my friend page, Over women sending me spread eagle nudes, I am offended by straight TV, Computers and phonesContinue reading “FaceBook Jail,”

A bear,piece of tape,a tail,

Upon the phone, Annoying friend, Kittens chewing on a bit of tape, Florida friend annoyed because I’m talking to my girls, Tail just a wagging, Liverpool bear on his face, Bear kitty butts on my books, All right with the world, … Florida friend hung up, Cats rule, Nice being loved, Florida friend saw myContinue reading “A bear,piece of tape,a tail,”

Worse critics

Six felines, You never know if they are pleased, Pissed, Applauding, Annoyed Only if they are hungry, If you appear to be having something they can not see in bed with you, Then they hadn’t to Reston whatever’s vibrating, I cannot lose them off, My big room has no doors, It could be worse, IContinue reading “Worse critics”

Where are the millions of jobs?

I hate starving, ……… Not living, $830/month, Student loans are no problem $79 is removed from my disability per month. I go to the library for movies, I don’t drink, Smoke, Have six cats we are all starving now, . I look and look for work at home, Need food, Need to winterizing, Car needsContinue reading “Where are the millions of jobs?”

Poor meals,

Poor Americans, Foolish assumptions, Families eat three meals, For breakfast I had tea and two slices of toast, Snacking now three fifteen pm, Four pieces fake cheese, Supper popcorn or peanuts, This is the middle of the month, Entrepreneur’s starve like American poor, There are services I could perform, But to whom and where, StarvingContinue reading “Poor meals,”