Half truths

Will school children ever be taught the truth? Fourteen ninety two Columbus sailed, True! Viking thousand years early discovered north America, True, Pepers build blood cells, True, Also in time.acid of pepers will eat holes in your stomach, True, Causing sever problems for stomach owner, True, Only native America the Americsn bison, True, Those calledContinue reading “Half truths”

So much,So little

Moving’s tiring Seventy two miles each way Last week made the trip six times Foward and back Back and forward To tired Load all I can Do it over and over Today, tired Thats one hundred fifty four round trip Time six 154 x 6 =9 24 miles never escaping Iowa Tomorrow I do itContinue reading “So much,So little”

Laws are not suggestions!

I asked a friend why People walk by notices to fon mask No one says anything to customers Friend says becayse urs not a law! Ciry council voted on it and bill passed In govermentvuts law So why is a governing body that monitors a town passed by majority seen as a suggestion? So seatbeltContinue reading “Laws are not suggestions!”

Decorah Iowa

Its the law! Wearing mask on the streets Wearing mask in stores What governs that? No one repremanded customers.with no mask at Kwik Star! Bikers no mask Amish at Farmers market No mask! Is a law just empty words! Brainless thoughts! Are all mew laws up for interpertation? Are all laws just words? Then letsContinue reading “Decorah Iowa”

Canary in the coal mine

Yesterday’s PBS news Stokes professor Santa Babara evicted from her home Fire everywhere Nothing hotter then an intelligent woman Not once dumbing facts about fires Climate change predominate in Stokes dissertation Love PBS news Intellect rocks and rolls Leaving Americans informaned and knowledgeable about what’s what Yeah! Thank you Public Broadcasting!


Twenty year man Harsh parent Rules with firm hand Now blind Still loves comanding Ninety three married seventt years Others cannot imagine calling father Daddy But this man of Macon Georgia Three daughters all call still Daddy Wife eighty eight He no longer drives Together they still live at home Sherry Daddy’s eldest girl recallsContinue reading “Daddy”

Planting derrision

Like annoying bugs Buzz,buzz Spunning webs Slandering neighbors Telling me who to trust Who not to Oh my Oh my My little neighbor by a years a narcississ Only once should any life be fallen upon by my half sister Diana Lee Heike Dudley Trust is dependent upon your gut dear reader No one hasContinue reading “Planting derrision”

Blue eyes

Storms silently kept Lost in an Abyst missing lost smiles Sitting with loved ones Laughing Being in the moment I will miss those I love past their deaths How can those you love believe lies? How can loved ones forget times shared? Blue eyes Deep oceans tears flow Lonliness Unconsolable Labor day use to beContinue reading “Blue eyes”

A home an old memory,

A lifetime Shared moments Unfortunately comes price no one can afford! Why is that ponder I? Even fixer uppers those selling image priceless A dump at 120,000.00 still a dump! Forclosed dump outrageous in price, Why no farm communities? We all have purpises, Our gifts are varied Why are people valued less then fixer uppers?Continue reading “A home an old memory,”