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Hate to be a squirrel

Tall trees behind my mobile home, At the tippy tippy top summer homes rock, Better made then humans homes on mountain tops or California hills, Cold blustery last day November 2022, Twenty-one degrees Quasqueton,Iowa, My house is set st sixty-six perfect for kitties and poet, Tall and bendy trees, Wonder how many puke bags theyContinue reading “Hate to be a squirrel”

Mist upon the corn

Dew upon the grass, House windows are wet, Nearly all windows closed not winterized, Most Iowan main concern is to eat, So we huddle in one room, Its alot like bad weather, In winter we do it for warmth, During tornado season which we learn last December is every month, Global Warming is like aContinue reading “Mist upon the corn”

Never buy old colored Taffy

Yesterday at an Amish store for a dollar I bought what I know now is old taffy, A buy is not a deal if its taffy and soft, Peels off the paper leaving most still attached, Never and please adhear to this if you like me have an upper plate, Casey’s General store the gasContinue reading “Never buy old colored Taffy”

White ball

Sitting upon my PS3, One little, Two little, Three little balls of fur, Usually I scream Off my precious PS3, So little, So cute, Next minute I look up, One little white mostly ball sat, Mark from NCIS nose to nose, I wanted to yell , Young lady that’s way too close, But all thatContinue reading “White ball”

Sleep,no drugs,

Pleasant sleep, Deep silent sleep, Easiest to drift past sheep dead on to sleep, A cat will take up residence upon my lap, It will be the most peaceful of my day, And like my aunt Wava who always rose early, Bingo,Bammo I am sound asleep, Yeo no drugs just a Purrfect cat.

Six at least

Why do you suppose, Ladies see might attract friends, No mom or dad gave her porn star name, Yet over last week at least six, Women Not lesbians have hit me up, Friend me my name is lets say, Titalating Lollypop, Suckable Curviture, Pole Dancing C***, Why is it these women think this might attractContinue reading “Six at least”


No clue, Battery dead, No juice flowing, No money, People are better able to coop when you are broke, Last week I made a mad dash to USCelluar, Went to Manchester,Iowa which is another reason I want to to change Companies, Can’t send in mail uncase it’s slow, judy.friend says buy breakfast, Over my smartContinue reading “Grasp”


Typically I shake, Struck fifth street with my right upper lob two thousand and eight, Dr.Schortz,Waukon,Iowa ER set my wrist right was smashed to bits, I arrived that afternoon,August eleventh about five pm after laying on fifth street nearly an hour, Tied to a board, So that evening found me standing by the stove withContinue reading “Shaken”