Young single mom

Has nothing changed, Amish or English, Male rules, Says the right things, Gets girl pregnant, Older gut, At least four other children Same MO, Marries none, English guy, English guy equals not Amish, In Amish community man marries, Doesn’t stop him from sleeping around, Wife can Never say No! That and like the Catholics inContinue reading “Young single mom”


Getting to return to work, Bigoted work place, Instead of being filled with glee, Worries concerns creeping back, Will she loose the help to get a needed furnace, She doesn’t even know if she can do the job, Breathing still weak, Week after Covid for third time, Waterloo Catholic hospital is still making ger getContinue reading “Floundering”

Jerking a chain

My friend first told she had to take a defense course t return to working as a overnight secretary at the Catholic hospital in Waterloo, Iowa. My friend who was never written up for anything worked for five years on a cane. The HR placed her on temporary disability. Her fine for after hip replacementContinue reading “Jerking a chain”

Two Octobers

My dear friend, Short time, Feels in my heart I have known her lifetimes, Two Octobers ago Penny was predicted dead by October, How dare the Fuckers, Penny worked over time for fifteen years, Had Covid twice, Worked ER Catholic hospital in Waterloo Iowa, Worked last five years on a cane, Staff knee replacements wereContinue reading “Two Octobers”

The girl in the treehouse

Full of imagination, Heart full, Friend to the Big foots, Fairy gardens a must in every forest, A dreamer, Who I will always love, A Georgia peach, I might never completely agree with, A lover of books like me, It feels sometimes like she pulled up the ladder and shucked it as far away asContinue reading “The girl in the treehouse”


Concept sucked, Worst when your friend had it twice working in Waterloo in Catholic hospital in ER, She’s the one the hospital HR is tossing out, First temporary Disability, Then test to see if shes strong enough to do her job, HR rewriting her job workerBee worked six years on a cane, Now hassled withContinue reading “Covid”


I want to tell you about a caring loving individual, Who will drive from her home to Independence to check on the well-being of another one of the goddesses creatures, The world is blessed if for no other reason than because this woman is in it, Every animal and human that come within distance ofContinue reading “Stubby”

The world

What a gift, A day with my sister Penny, Met her seems a life time ago, Rolled into less then a month, Best family adopted without paper work, Found with a Goddess blessing, Prayed for Recieved, The world, Not a friend someone who calls me sister, Penny looks forward to Saturday because she spends theContinue reading “The world”

Scars cut through

No one knows the venom narcississ inject, Lies that steal not only your good name, Lies allow you to see nothing but cowards! Its easier to follow a narcississ then stand up to them, That cowardice took my baby sister’s life, Being helpless and trapped took my mom’s life too, Are there no hero’s? IContinue reading “Scars cut through”

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