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Just awoke to my cat peeing on my blanket.Not the first time though forst time I slept. Judy a friend says I’d kick him out for that! But then Judy just yesterday accused me of cruelty because I bathed my cat in vinigar knowing that when my skin is inflamed vinigar stings a bit but is more benifitial then just allowing the irritant of problems with my skin to continue.

{{My half sister moved to Texas in search of number three husband when ny oldest nephew Robert John Cook was 16 with Robert and Julianne her daughter and Julies long haired house cat. After hours in a xar Julies cat who never traveled in a car before peed on Dianas carpet in her new apartment. Once was all it took for the woman who hated cats to what most surely was pet murder.

In the midst of Summer in Dallas Texas she just kicked the house broke cat out to starve to death. This is who she is. After she Gaslighted mom for a year gaining Diana what she wanted for my 58th birthday gift I was removed from Marian D.Bittenger Heikes will, Diana had mom call to tell me I had been removed necause I lied about a woman mom Never wanted to live witn A woman mom came to me in August of 2014 in tears begging me not to return to my Senior year of college at Luther College because mom feared Diana!

Mother was rewarded for doing what Diana had bullied her into doing which is a trait of Gaslighting with a cat. December 3rd 2014 sneaking into our home at 405 2nd street and with an excellerate literately lit up our laundry room.Rusty moms long haired white cat mom loved to death was always first cat out any door.

Diana could not allow Rusty to be found out the front of house after she took his life. Nothing to Diana after all she did since 2011 trying to force mom from her home.

Mom got a cat that lives in a cage unless its out to sit on moms lap or potting or eatting. } Same life as moms since 2015 January.

I looked up several online people who believed they knew whats what.I got several answers including several who thought if I who only has 1 pair od crappy ass rubber Wally world shoes that will last me until all Ametican’s enemies truely get it that #43 is not bright enough to run Bedrock Construction and would be NOTHING without daddies money! So since Anerica might to rushing to another Depression rubber shoes mihht be enough foot wear.

Shorts (cut off pants that were too big long, still too to big as shorts and 3 tops.) I will not anytime soon spend a fortune on my pissong on me cat. Nor will I do what my younger sister did to my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike and me through us away because it was easier then for once in her life saying ‘No!’

In grade school through high school at my kid sister who ran in Jeneal O’Connors gang never gound her footing.Always sure her friends were better then family. When they picked on Little Markie because he carried a dollie they never cared what scars a sensitive boy might live with intil he could no longer!

In high school she Ellen nefer found hrr voice when Felicia was tied nuded in 1979 to the P.E. bench by Skip and the O’neal kid and Brenda. My kid sister who always valued friends over family.

Funny sad our older half sister did to Ellen what my cat did to me pissed on her. Told Ellen in 2012 that I was to blame for her inability to find a better job. Wonder if I was also to blame when the creep she vexame the book keepr for was brought to justice by the IRS?

Felisha still feels sick when she sees any of those classmates who imagined tying her nude to a P.E. bench and walked away. Ellen never once said ‘this is insane! This is wrong! Have a heart!

Our half sister stopped allowing me to talk to my mom last May which afforded her to up her lies to our emprisioned stockholm mom. She had done NOTHING but lie to mom since the fire she set to up the psych ganes on a better person then she Diana Lee Dudley coukd ever imagine she was.

The best I’m allowed is to tell what happened to us in Diana’s hands while my kid sister just allowed to happen!

One internet cat person suggested what I tell people already my Waukon cat who came to me abused was having an issue he remembered and the only way he could get passed it was to pee on me. My Christian family did.

My grandma who died when I was two her maiden name is Kleeman they settled in the Iowa,Wisconsin,Illinois area on crntral America its a Yiddish name means Clover man.

When I mentioned it that my grandma Agnes Kleeman Heike my adopted half sister under a false name told me my grandma a woman I never knew but I know more of then anyone who never ever spoke religion to her told me I lied!

I loved that my best friend the woman I will only hear again when I’m dead because the innocent Never get justice, not Here in America! My mom who knew of my grandma but not her heritage could walk outside look down and comeaway with four leaf clovers my the fist full!

Why would she not find a Jewish German boy son of a WWI war hero First Sargent Paul John Andrew Heike who married someone he loved with all his heart Agnes Kleeman{Leon Norbert Heike.}

Mom and dad met on a blind date. Mom once said she was forced to married dad by her mom after bulling mom and making her feel bad by saying dad might me mom’s last chance. Mom was a pinup on ships with sailors from Spencer Iowa.

Moms the complete package heart and soul the only one of her daughters that got that empathy was me. Of course mom a kid that grew up in the depression never got poverty. When mom first saw dads lack of bank account it was to late.

November 5th,1921 Paul John Andrew Heike narried Agnes Kleeman.

I find many things extremely interesting I refer to it as the Sheldon Cooper Effect:Kleeman family migrated to England around 1020 then moved to Ireland that’s not their nationality still Hebrew decent.

What’s wrong with humans? What gives them the right to lie about you and falsely accuse you of abusing someone who was never abused by me. Everything since 2010 when my older half sister started trying to force my mom to Granbury Texas is at your finger tips in writtings and videos and yet the real bully in my family made mom believe I write horrible things about mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike and deserved to be removed from moms will.

Took Diana a year to do that from Jan 2015 to. March 2016 to convience I deserve to be removed from moms will. The funny sad part of that is Ellen told me in January 2015 that mom had told Ellen if Diana ever placed me on Elder Abuse again like she did in 2012 mom would remove her from mom’s will. So Diana Gaslights mom into removing me from the will.

Family and animals are not throw aways. My adopted sister Pats bring me TP today I hated to ask but no tp for me or to clean up after Black . I hate vehicaless burden come winter no vehical will mean no food.Yeah.I will not ask my 85 year old friend to bring me food or Pat who is 74 for help.

This month I take my private account my blog to Premium it is a bold brass step someone in 2014 my confidence had been strangled out of me after having lived fifty-six years foolishly believing that people saw me as a good hearted willing to serve indivudual.With Diana’s lies I lost friends of six years I lost revenue Amish no longer trusted me to drive for them because Diana spread far abd wide that I beat my mom.

No one not even family believed that I was a good person and that the fantasy of the abuse was only a figment if a sick minded narcississ Psychopath Diana Lee Heike Dudley. Not my priest friend or other friends or her husbands 5, only 4 living. The 5 all divirced her nimber 2 tried to literately shoot Dians.She is not worth a billit.

Well I got books to read Blacks back on my lap. I would never throw my family away because my mom did not want to leave her home with its new roof and new furnace so that made it AOK to throw away the gay sister after setting the electric drier a blazed.

Well enough of this. I will continue to write my story and all she did to mom and me.I hope Duana’s migrains are as bad as her dreams and I hooe Clarian and Nana haunts her fir what she did and continues to do to mom and me.

If you my reader were hurt like I was and continues to be harmed write it down. Maybe someone will be a clue narcississas as evil as Jeffrey Dommer he ate people narcississ distroys gay family members with hate. Both evil and toxic!


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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