How to save money at Christmas(True based on fact not funny)

Or how to take a good person Strip family member of her good name Self respect Crush your elderly moms heart Ignite parents laundry room Use more hate vie lies then onflicted on Mathew Shepard that raped him if his life On one gay sister who assisted your mom since 9 Ask Diana Lee DudleyContinue reading “How to save money at Christmas(True based on fact not funny)”

46.Greetings{Shingles,Cellulitics,and family Caregiving}

Caretakrs are Valuable they care for you in your home.

24.Greetings :Died found dead in fire set by older half sister.

Never allow others opinions of your success to judge you

Psychology: Emotional support college student and …

Blessed by Doc Deb Fordice and Doc Jeanette Pillsbury


Why do people presupose where others can only seek employment. I want a farm in northern Wisconsin or Minnesota. There is nothing that holdd me in the vast emptiness that is the void called Iowa. My mom’s family settled this state the number of cowards and liars tip justices scale.One in fice in Allamakee CountyContinue reading “Move”

People say everyone has a choice

The people who believe statement above have been blessed not to know a narcississ. Narcississ worst real vampires they feed on your fear! Narcississ after years if instilling fear in their victims know they have the Absolute power! Nothing is as absolute as a narcississ intimindation assuring you their truth us the only truth. MyContinue reading “People say everyone has a choice”

Psychology and the salon or barbershop

Stories ours as a natoon allows us to stand up to bullies