Chaotr 35&36a, Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

To many answers are worse then one

Human of choice

Like abused animal I am I share what I have with those who allow it Abused animals trust few I too Humanity is not limited to those that Stand upon two limbs Crushed,beaten I Humanity lack many Humanity I stand distant away Ready to hoble Out of reach My goodness was used Like Fagot inContinue reading “Human of choice”

Don Angle,Waukon,Iowa

Labling me

Chapter 9,Sir Robin by. Julia LestarJette Glover

Lost boy(09/30/2019)

Chapter 14,15,16b,39 clues,Shatterproof by Roland Smith

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

I wonder

Do you ever ponder what others do at night. Why your existance is a snore? Wheres the excitement? Is there excitement? How to get a life? Is this all there is. I had Cellitice and lay comatose yesterday. My biggest chore was to remain here. It would have made my half sisters life if IContinue reading “I wonder”

Nothing lonier then lonliness

A pit open where once a heart warmed No one to share feelings with Moments Stories Thoughts A place is not a home Standing on a screen in porch Gazing across a bay Cool breeze that cuts through A fishing pole in hand Bundled up Cousins all around 1940 old red pickup Player piano EllenContinue reading “Nothing lonier then lonliness”