Days are hardest alone

pain is better with shingles

Deep pain

Often wondered do others Think! When people send no card Call to hear a voice Do they wonder as I do Were those feelings, gatherings real I was there, I felt Gave of myself asked for nothing in return but to be inclued in your life Still no one cared last year when my favoriteContinue reading “Deep pain”

Smells I will never forget

Nana’s dressing room off her den The old Spice of my grand dads Alquavelva my dad wore Florence Fitzgeralds kitchen come Saturday morning when her bread making filled thw house Convent at Saint Patricks catholic church Waukon,Iowa Room after love making Mom, my best friend taken so older half sister could bully and financially rapeContinue reading “Smells I will never forget”

Chapter 72a,We’ll meet again! by Mary Whitewolf Media

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube. Channle

Ellen Mathis

Little blue dress Playing chinese jumprope Singing playing player piano Blackbird,blackbird Ridolph the reindeer coming from the cabin Cub Lake I in my canoe middle of lake Ellen in her blue jeans Blue eyed orange tee shirt Jingle bells My blood sister Pals with the monster in our family Val’s good for a laugh atContinue reading “Ellen Mathis”

Closeness of red

People say when they know you hurt Don’t look at me, I can’t tak to them Them my blood and kin You need to let thrm go They your kid dont get it They your kid don’t see your pain I picture the old movie ‘Godfather’ I just learnedmy godson got married 19 miles awayContinue reading “Closeness of red”

End of Chapter 32,Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

Book 2,Sana Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Lost soul’s

Striped us of pride Stripped us of home and belongings so Diana get her way I will see Diana pays for starting the house on fire after removing the front door lock and four batteries of smoke alarms and murder of moms cat Rusty! Lied me into non existance Why was it so easy? RemovingContinue reading “Lost soul’s”