‘Socks’,Beverly Cleary,What a treasure.

Wonderful story of a cat. Chapter 2,6,8, Other chapters go to my YouTube or any YouTube Channle and type in the namw of book I’m sure others read it.I’m also sure I’m the only sensative,empath with a TBI that reads books to assist writers like myself become a better writer.

How is it possible?

Never would post nudity or porn YouTube sees nothing No real eyes A video was pulled tonight Said I had nudity and porn in a video My videos hold None of that All that one views Books All they hears me reading and MPR. I’m angry. Goggle how do we done wrong get justice? WhenContinue reading “How is it possible?”

Why is it so hard to just register your business.

I look in my screen and see I exist When I post a video location listed nit me I own my debts I own what I produce Never fit square holes When I post my property where WP ir YT I want my address I’m a tool in a good way My goal is toContinue reading “Why is it so hard to just register your business.”

Dickens does not hold a candle

Use to love Great expection until June two thousand eighteen. My narcississ half sister stopped me from talking to my mom.My best friend.Diana Gaslight , Stockholm syndrome my mom after vie torched electric drier I thought Diana had already took my life. I had started reading outside in the back in of my dad’s oldContinue reading “Dickens does not hold a candle”

Shouting in writers head

Heard by all who read Wandering into line of thought Readers Would share till to tuckered to decifer When dead tired words become spots Blindness sets in My excuse it tiredness sleepy to tenth power Whats the worlds excuse five times since August 8th 2008 walked outside n about no cane! I have to drawContinue reading “Shouting in writers head”


Is once it? Love once then Emptiness Betrayal Treachery Zoom,zoom Loss of self Death Narcississ believe humans are their toys Greek gods Beneigh beings Zoom,zoom Lie,_liars,lay Death is innocence weapon Blank,dark eyes shed no tears Freedom comes only with Narcississist death Death eyes of followers clear The truth lies under Transparent lies Blinders held inContinue reading “Zoom,zoom”

Like favorite things

Essays or books begin Beginning has a shape A look Dr.Robert Christman Luther College History dept. We were taught a paper Qualitative and Quanative Shape Essays papers or book Think ice cream cones I start with things I love Favorite books and authors: Harry Potter(all 7 books) All Richard Peck Books All 39 clues AliensContinue reading “Like favorite things”