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Why going ballistic at three o nine am, There’s a damn cat in on my towels I have never used! I need tubs for my blankets, Or totes, Tubs for my never used new towels, Needy animals in my way, Cats all wanting loving, Tied up cupboards to keep cats out. I sit down toContinue reading “No!”

As am empath

When others are sad, I’m blown away, I go into hiding, Not a coward mind you, Even though I’m sitting in the bathroom of STUFF in Cedar Rapids,Iowa, Never seen Penny so hurt,devastated and angry! First time we went to the food bank one of Penny’s dog died that morning. This morning I was unableContinue reading “As am empath”

Sleepie Head

Wow I was warn out, Saw a marvelous, True, sensational, Movie at my little sister’s last night, It was gay, Tremendous, From the eighties Kinky , That’s right I saw ‘Kinky Boots,’ From Jolly ole England, America would would have never backed a young man simply trying to save his family business, Or the storyContinue reading “Sleepie Head”

Orange eyes

Really set off a corner, Darkness is swell, Wondering where Chester has gone to, Then my sleepie eyes focus, There he is, Sitting on that huge ugly old electrical chair in two sixteen I paid Judy twenty-five for, Lost on the darkness of the corner, Except for his golden orange globes, My little Chester,

No plastic bag

No money, No wormer, Death scream, We lost out Theodora ‘Teddi’ this morning, She ate turkey, Slept two nights in cupboard, I knew she felt bad, I tried, No plastic bag to place my little girl in, She like so many others will roam within the walls of my heart for eternity, Tears splashing fromContinue reading “No plastic bag”

A wave,

A wave and a hello, A hello and a smile, A hug and hi, A Christmas dressed bear with her teddy, A how you going Val, How’s your family Jean, She tells me they play bingo here Val, If you win they give out title candy bars, I took Jean in Fudge cycles and raisins,Continue reading “A wave,”

My chair,

My chair is electric there are two vents in my office bedroom, As you walk though the door on the floor, I never feel any heat from there, I sat on Sherry’s bed with Emily on my legs, Penny was crying, Toward me she came, Chatting a way leading a parade, Walked last the firstContinue reading “My chair,”

An invitation

Today I received the second best gift this year, Not wrapped, No ribbon, No matter, No matter, I get to share a meal, With a family, Its been nine years since I had a place, At a table to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought when I brought Sherry with mom’s money to Iowa we would beContinue reading “An invitation”


Brought my black cat to the den to sit with us in his travel kennel last night, It just upset him, So I lugged him back, Made a new bed, Covered him up the cage with a sheet and a bedsheet, His legs are moving, He has no strength in them to stand, His appeititeContinue reading “No,no,NO!”


How simple is this, Find the church, Like magic decided you want to marry people, Bingo, Bango, Lemon squezzy, That reminds me I have orange juice in the kitchen, When Sherry and I sought a place to wed we hit a brick wall, No church in Georgia or Iowa would, How open minded, Godly isContinue reading “Marrying”