Friends{Writer talking to self}

Should be people who believe in you at least as much as they should have their offspring. Theres an older lady a friend I question With each chat I come away with take away Not the normal ‘yeah good left overs!’ Feelings of emptiness A friend should be someone sharing a marvelous gift you boughtContinue reading “Friends{Writer talking to self}”

A concept or a want

Attached to feeling Want, desire Fullfillment Missing, longing Home Those there know you not! You were young longings filled you Who beside you knew you? Grow up you did Innerstrength still emotions yours Others changed too People still attached pass to you If like , me bullied scapegoated If others family concept remained same OthersContinue reading “A concept or a want”


Sweat glistens off her Lower back Only five feet two Eyes of blue Twinkle they do Eyes of blue Stars dim in comparison Years fill memories Her kiss still hurns within me My tears soaked my pillowcase Her fault My fault No ones fault Gone Still gone Wish a myth Knelling down Laying violet irisesContinue reading “Stunning”

Chapter 14,15,16,17,18,19, Teddy & Co. Cynthia Voigt

Heart warming tale of thrown away toys on an Island. I often feel books give me a home.

Chapter 30,See me! Nicholas Sparks


Chapter 13&14b,The Christmas dog by Melody Carlson

Chapter 5b,The Christmas dog by Melody Carlson

End Lancaster County Amish Christmas Suzanne Woods Fisher