Listening for lions by Gloria Whelan,a National Book Award

About the daughter twelve years old,orphaned by her missionary parents in Africa.

Real Vamps don’t drink O-Neg by Tawny Taylor

Fun romp,mix of love and naughtiness while a secretary falls fir the nan of her dreams while trying ro save her best friend. Really good straight romance.

Chapter 28,Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin Book 5,Bran

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques

Jon Snow

Great Character, Good guy, George R.R.Martin wrote with no further book in mine, Killing left n right my favorites, I would never read his sixth, If a sixth in series came, People read a book in a series to see fan favorites, Killed Ned, Killed Brianna, Killed Lady(wolf one), Robb and his wolf, Now Ghost,Continue reading “Jon Snow”

Chapter 42, Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin,Jon,Book 5

Dreadful acts- Phillip Argagh

Wonderfully creative Episode 2a, Episode 3a, Episode 3b Episode 4, Episode 5a, Episode 5b, Episode 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8,9,10a, Chapter 8,9,10b, End of Chapter 10,

Best Green Bay Packers vs. Redskins football game commercial

Actually there were three pretty good commercials today. One stands out particularly it was Amazon.It showed care and concern. The brief Amazon vehicle showed care and concern of their employee base. Its important in a business to be as concern for the well-being of the employees as the customer. The premises dealt with an employeeContinue reading “Best Green Bay Packers vs. Redskins football game commercial”

Chapter 14,Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin

Book 5, Game of Thorne’s,Jon Chapter 14a, Chapter 14b, Chapter 14c,

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