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Sexiest thing

Might surprise you,

Two months ago I wish I had not bought Hot Pockets,

Eighteen for a reasonable amount

Their nothing sauce and air in a pocket,

Starving this week,

Just found one I had not ate,

Was delicious,

Like Red Skelton in his bum skit,

Ketchup soup,

Women are lovely,

Women are great,

But poor the sexiest is food

A fridge and a freezer,

And cupboards full,

Now baby foods not sex,

But I’m tired of nuts,

Food not hunger is in,

Hope the president enjoys his cake,

Poor don’t get it,

Independence Iowa one trip food bank per month,

All I have from that monthly trip,

One can of applesauce,

Got tea,

Got water,

Tomorrow with my commit,

I’m cleaning out my tall,

Big ass fridge and shutting it off,

My pans will leave the oven I have Never in two years used,

Told land lord when they connected it,

I will Never use it,

Alliant Energy would not come and turn it off,Alliant Energy all summer long,

Charges me twenty-one dollars a month fir gas I didn’t use just because it came to my home,

Before you inquire Why I never call abd asked them to turn it off

I did,

You know what I was told,

Get a wrench and do it yourself!

What Ass Holes,

Sexy is Solar that if you live in a mobile trailer and rent the land,

Not even American of many generations qualify for me Solar power,

A commodity that will not just benefit me,

The crappy Alliant energy would buy my excess energy,

I’d in turn have a water heater Not from 1993,

A new Solar furnace,

Insulation do I could stop freezing the seven months winter is in Iowa,

Pay off my home,

Buy a piece of land in Sawyer County in northern Wisconsin,

The reason when tornados go through a trailer home park and people die,

We have No place to go,

Aliens to America have a place to go,

We,I stay with my cats,

My blood kin was fed lies by my.narcississtic half sister,

And they licked it all up,

I”d rather die with those that love me then without them,

Sell books and raise Walleyes,

American uses only twenty percent of our own fish,


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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