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Funniest thing during Vikings game

Was Molly, Whose Molly, Well Molly is three months old, Purrfect grey and white Main Coon, Stretched out on my PS3, Striking players on the screen with her little paw, It was a hoot, Vikings played well but not the best, Molly was cute and sweet all through the game,


That’s how a full day with my adopted sister feels like, It was a dampish day, My bronchitis tires the hell out of me, Took something for pain, I out our saved frozen white kitten from the Amish in a red Kwik Star bag, My mind was on inside, Had the new Charlene Harris SookiContinue reading “Crumpled”

You teach with love

Three thoughts, Humans and animals come to you first, Then they learn, Gentling down first step, Cats,horses you pay them no mind, They desire to be in your space, Then they look at you all the time, They hunger for your attention, You teach not with a rod, Only with love, But kindness and love,Continue reading “You teach with love”

Pretty Bird and Miss Sadie

Pretty is a bird, Sadie all grey calico, Sadie is an inside cat, Only saw cats through window, Now Pretty Martin, Or the bird now lives with us, The Heike’s She sits and watches Pretty, He is a male bird named Pretty, In the human world his names Sue, Other kitties area interested sitting onContinue reading “Pretty Bird and Miss Sadie”


When in the bathroom were you followed? I look to my left there’s Dude, Only one cat in bathroom that’s good, Really hate poophing in a crowd, Shoot I was wrong, Dude and Sadie were both beside me, With yourself is best with two cats feels like the pubic bathroom, Except when they are thereContinue reading “Firfamily”

The great migration

Martin/Heike, Kitties,turtle and one bird, The initial move was minus four cats, Rolling Thunder animal rescue assisted with that by loaning me three live traps, Lulu is all white and fifteen years old female, Boots black and white male very sweet also fifteen, Louis long hair black stud male this years kitten, Dude fixed maleContinue reading “The great migration”

Dressed in White

Long white gloves, Fine white coat, New bouncer in town, Sadie in her best grey calico fur, Raced across Val’s mom’s brass wall hanging resting on the floor, Rattle rattle, Grawl, the brawl noise is heard, Loud drawn out! Only one us left in the room, Looking so fine, Watch out all you cats! ‘Lulu’sContinue reading “Dressed in White”

All Night long,all night, I heard in kitty talk-

‘Mom whose that white cat!’ ‘There’s a big Tom in your room!’ ‘He is handsome!’ ‘I saw him first!’ ‘Why’d you bring those home!’ ‘Don’t you love us anymore!’ ‘Where’d that bird go? Cats say the darndess things!


Words that sound the same are amusing unless in a spelling test, Today the twenty-first of December started at one below zero got to fourteen above trust me at sixty-four cold is cold, I heard the other day from Penny there is still a Maid Right hamburger joint in Waterloo,Iowa, Those are in Andy GriffithContinue reading “Hi,high,”


Good natured fun, Darn right silliness, Recalling family who died we in Dachau, A young man in winters northern cold last night missed a signal, No matter how far he goes on his career he will forever be that guy who missed his quarterback rubbing his forearm, At the time Walmart’s camera shot that nuanceContinue reading “Remembered”