Half three has struck, Time to frolic is Gone, The clock with no battery has ticked, I have bidded you’ll goodnight, Head in my red hood, My favorite old red sweatshirt with ripped pocket, Time for one more scenic stroll, Little room down the hall, Then to the kitchen to click off the fan, TimeContinue reading “Goodnight”

Vintage Mustang

No judge of ancient car flesh, Looked like at least sixty something, Picking up paper work for heating assistance, I wanted to ask, She was white with black trim, These are expensive collector cars to maintain, I thought it was weird that a newer model followed me from Independence,Iowa to Quasqueton,Iowa, Two In one day,Continue reading “Vintage Mustang”


Not big wheels, Not long hauls, Picking up pets, Taking them home, Tired of human needy, Animals are appreciative, Show trust, Have heart,

Walk I shall always recall

Strolling to Bear Lake through our woods, In fall Lee Ann removing my slivers, Uncle Norm made the best sling shots, Always used saved inner tubes that no longer floated, The tree house built by cousins and one short time brother in law, John Cook,Robbie and Julie’s dad, How the meadow changed from huge withContinue reading “Walk I shall always recall”


Horns are not! Children crying are not, Google is not, Pipe organs can be when played well, Singers can be, Chandeliers can be, Bells can be, Sex can be, Vista’s can be, Words are, Destruction can be, Wars or not, A book can be, Arguments never are, The share word is melodious thank you forContinue reading “Melodious”

Big Foot

Like , Big Foot, Ever see “Harry and the Henderson’s? The very end when all are friends again, And the trapper finally figured out the secret of Big foot wasn’t his size, Or we should not distroy just because we can’t find, Or don’t understand! And no animal deserves the disrespect of mutilating a bodyContinue reading “Big Foot”


We were taught at Mt. Rushmore ‘Add on Sales!’ Is it a positive move to mention a sale all the time? Surely no one wants to make a paying client uncomfortable? Today I faced that delema, I was literally on the way to the post office with a purchased book, I thought better of mentionContinue reading “Business”

Electric chair paradise or trap?

This afternoon my oldest cat fell upon the floor, The cord disengaged, You was in electric chair no power no go, So there I was with my legs up in the air, It’s much like sex in a geo if you’re 6-ft, The condumdrone(sounds like this) how do I get out of the chair toContinue reading “Electric chair paradise or trap?”

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