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Two pair of long pants

Both wet, Both washed, Book to go to Oregon, Find book, Wear wet pants, Box in backseat, No food, Hate that too, Got cheese and crackers, Naps done, Got to go,

Two Need

At home real employment, One worked fifteen years on legs, Standing on concrete, Not wandering around, In one location, Needs a knee replaced, Not possible, Ulcer behind knees, Was better when forced onto temporary disability, Now she is back to work, Can’t get sick, Catholic hospital in Waterloo,Iowa saw to that, See due to forcedContinue reading “Two Need”


Phone rings

I can not answer! So why can it ring ? I hear only the ring, No voice, The see I picked up the phone, Hear nothing! That sucks to the millionth power! Thanks verizon!

Job alerts

Now they are coming from Oregan, How does Iowa resemble Oregon or northern Iowa, The job site’s wonder why I have not replied, I’m from Waukon,IA, Born in Storm Lake,Iowa, Live just now in Quasqueton,Iowa, Want to be nearer Waukon, My nephews are there, They need to remember who I am, That I’m not theContinue reading “Job alerts”

What’s funny Val?

A verizon phone with all the technology today that takes whatever you write, And in a blink of an eye it vanishes leaving what appears to be a white board nothing you texted remains, Voice mail the same talk more then forty seconds ‘Bingo zappo! Gone in a nanosecond! Cost me sixty five dollars toContinue reading “What’s funny Val?”

Rushes past

Years, Hours, Moments, Fell asleep briefly, Life passes, Your a child failing at races, Your dad’s disappointed, All you recall is the punishment, Grade school seems a brief instance, Imagination saved some of us, Even at eight last one picked stings, Some teaches use you like an experiment in square dancing Val Heike tallest forthContinue reading “Rushes past”

Still waters run deep

Writers we are those still waters, Its like being a medium, I dated one once, Their like you and me special in their differences, People sometimes assume you can’t be a writer infamous, Still why are plummers really plummets they aren’t famous, If doing a thing makes someone that then I’m a writer, I haveContinue reading “Still waters run deep”

Ten more

No one would have, Could have imagined, A friend I thought more before said WordPress ‘who would read you?’ Jokes on her evidently and thankyou all from the bottom of a simply poets heart nine hundred and ninety people read me, Meek and mild, Innocent of a bully family members lies, My Jewishness is showing,Continue reading “Ten more”

Morning writers of WordPress

Howdy, Need your opinion I’m reading a book by Victoria Laurie and chapter two is twenty-nine pages long. Sorry but to me just a beginner in fiction that seems really long. Can maybe someone weigh in and give me your opinion, I know I’m the queen of long ass thoughts for a poet but puttingContinue reading “Morning writers of WordPress”

Sold three books

Hardest part of selling books is finding them in extremely heavy totes not reinjuring auntie Val, That’s me in case your wondering, Of course with a narcississist for a half sister gifted liar blood family christians don’t talk to me, I want all they stood from me, So I write and sell books, And safeContinue reading “Sold three books”